Sunday, November 02, 2008

World Series of Poker Day 2 Circuit at Hammond. Final Table today, Steve Billrakis Holds Lead

The second day of the WSOP Circuit championship is being hosted this year by the Horse Shoe Casino Hammond located in Hammond, Indiana, got underway at 2 O'clock yesterday afternoon.

Steve Billirakis, known here on the interwebs as MrSmokey1, ground up a decent sized chip lead over the of the field and though that lead shifted hands a few times as the days game was played, at the end of the day, MrSmokey1 had 100k on his oppenants.

It was hardly an easy feat either! In fact hand to hand play alone drug on for an hour. Before that however, we witnessed Brett Richey make his way to the rail today underneath the glimmering light of the new overhead chandliers. when his pocket 88 missed up against Jason DeWitt's pocket pair of tens. Mr. Hamrick who you should recollect as the 2008 World Series of Poker main events bubble boy shoved his stack into the middle of the felt right in time to take a shot at maintainingthe bubble boy title.

At This point there were twenty-two remaining players, Mr. Hamrick pushed his diminished chipstack in with top pair. Two cards were left to come and our Bubble Boy was met by Dustin Woolf'slowest pair.. with a flush draw.

The turn strengthened Dean's hand, giving him two pair, but , and to demonstrate that, Lady Luck multiplied Dustin Woolf'souts, blessing him not only the flush draw, but an open ended straight draw to boot.

Lady Luck smiled that saucy smile as the final card landed on the felt, and Dustin 'neverwin' Woolf drew the little wheel. Our boy Dean finished on the bubble again, merely 3 opponents away from the cash.

Hand for Hand tournament play commenced as the players waited for the bubble to burst, and the money to begin rolling in, hand to hand play continued over the next hour.

At Long Last, onetime NBA Basketball player Kenneth Norman shoved his stack into the middle. He didn't make it.

We finished today with three big names in the lead, Steve Billrakis having the heavy stack once again. Steve Billrakis holding 754,000. in poker chips. That left him with a 100,000 chip lead overJustin DeWitt who sustained the 2nd highest chip advantage, holding 651,000 in event chips. in third we left Dustin Woolf who will resume tomorrows play with 419,000 in chips.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Online Poker Rooms: Where Are The WSOPE Satellites?

With the World Series of Poker Europe nipping at our heels, there is one question that seems to be bugging online poker players as a whole: Where are the WSOPE Satellites and Qualifiers?

Apparently, they’re supposed to be exclusively on Betfair Poker – the sponsor of WSOP Europe - however, Full Tilt Poker has somehow managed to get in on the action. I did take notice of Full Tilt Poker’s promotional campaign, where the online poker room managed to present their satellites and qualifiers without ever using the words “World Series of Poker Europe”, “WSOP Europe” or even “WSOPE”. Instead, Full Tilt Poker is deeming its promotion “European Series 2008”.

I can only assume that online poker rooms are not allowed to use this trademark name on their web site, therefore have not bothered to offer sending their players to Europe’s most lucrative live poker tournament.

Then again, maybe they’ve shied away from the expensive aspect of WSOPE prize packages. After all, the original, North American World Series of Poker costs $10,000 to buy-in. WSOP Europe costs £10,000 to buy-in. That may seem like the same price, but in reality, due to currency conversion rates, it’s actually near double the cost. £10,000 GBP rounds out to roughly $20,000 in USD; $19,969.25 to be exact.

Somehow I seriously doubt cost had anything to do with it. PokerStars, for example, sent more than 2,000 of its players to the WSOP this year. I doubt they’d mind sending a few more to London.

Whatever the case may be, Full Tilt Poker is offering daily satellites and weekly qualifiers to the “European Series 2008”. Satellites start at only $1 or 50 poker points, awarding entry to the weekly qualifiers, or buy-in directly for $500+$35.

Full Tilt Poker will be awarding $25,000 prize packages to the WSOPE - I mean, "European Series 2008" - each week until August 31, 2008.

The WSOPE will kick off September 19th, running 4 bracelet events and 5 non-bracelet events up until the end of the final, 5-day event – World Championship NL Hold’em – on October 2nd.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Full Tilt Poker Knockout (Bounty) Tournaments

Among the many types of online poker tournaments hosted by Full Tilt Poker, the ones that are growing at the fastest rate in popularity are Knockout Tournaments. In these tournaments, a portion of each player’s buy-in goes to the Knockout Bounty on his head. Every time you are able to knock a player out of the tournament, you are awarded that player’s Knockout Bounty.

These tournaments can greatly change a player’s expected profit in a tournament. With a normal tournament, there is a high variation in your daily profits because of the nature of the tournament’s payout structure.

The best tournament players in the world can only expect to finish in the money 25%-30% of the time. Even if a player is fortunate enough to eliminate several opponents from the tournament and play for hours without losing a hand, it is still possible for that player to be eliminated from the tournament without making the money bubble.

Full Tilt Poker's Knockout tournaments allow players to eliminate some of the negative swings that have always been a part of tournament poker. It is common for a player who is knocked out early in the tournament to still recoup some of their buy-in before they are eliminated. Even if you are knocked out of the tournament prior to making the money bubble, you can take a substantial profit with you.

A great example of Knockout tournaments at Full Tilt Poker would be the weekly Sunday Brawl, played every weekend at 2:00 p.m. ET for a guaranteed prize pool of at least $250,000. The buy-in is $240 + $16. $200 of each player’s buy-in goes to the prize pool. Another $40 is the Knockout Bounty on that player’s head. The remaining $16 is of course the tournament fee.

By this tournament structure, any player who can knock out 7 players, worth $280, before being eliminated will have won back their entire buy-in and fee, plus take home a small profit. With an average of between 1,500 and 2,000 players entering the Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl each week, players with absolutely any skill at all should have no trouble accomplishing this feat. In addition, averaging that many participants often raises the guaranteed prize pool well above $250k!

Full Tilt Poker is also host to some other great tournament structures including Shootout tournaments, Freeroll tournaments and a vast array of satellites into the world’s largest poker events (WSOP, WTP, EPT, WSOPE, Aussie Millions, etc).