Saturday, May 12, 2007 offers in-depth Online Poker reviews of all the highest rated poker rooms online. The poker review website is easy to navigate and presents more than just online poker room reviews, it also provides information and tools any poker enthusiast would find useful!

Poker Room Reviews provides online poker players detailed information about the most important aspects of an online poker room. Each overview provides poker room traffic stats, poker player quality, information about poker room software, available deposit bonuses / promotions and customer support. The individual categories are given a rating, 0-10. The average of these numbers determines the overall score of the poker room, ranging from 0-100%.

Full reviews offer more descriptive information, like the history of the online poker room and the volume of player traffic at peak hours for ring-games and tournaments. Quality of Players describes the level of competition one can expect to find at the online poker room at lower and higher limits of play. A table provides a list of all games the online poker room offers, which may include games like Texas Hold'Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. Software and features are also covered, detailing the speed, functionality and statistical ratings of the online poker platform. Current sign-up bonuses, along with promotional codes needed to acquire the bonus, and other promotional information about each poker room is also listed and finally customer support is rated by reliability, speed and methods available.

Also available on this site is Poker Site resources, such as all poker game rules and several casino games as well. Odds Calculators are supplied to help determine likely outcomes by evaluating all cards remaining in the deck. You can even test your knowledge of individual poker and casino games by clicking any of the quizzes, found under each game section.

A Poker Glossary is available to help new players learn poker lingo associated with online poker, such as chat terms and hand nicknames, like “pocket rockets”. Several games listed under Resources contain free download-able versions of the poker and/or casino game, giving players a chance to try them out risk-free.

This online poker room review site has been building Poker Site Reviews since 2005. For in-depth information and ratings of the highest quality poker rooms on the Internet today, visit

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