Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Almost Zero

I have not played any poker since my last post. Well, almost none. I have enjoyed the time "off". I did indulge in two headhunter tournaments at JetSet. I like them. One was with the 72os Crew , it was my first headhunter and was real fun. I finished 22nd when I floped a straight vs. trips and he hit runner runner full house. OUCH!

Last night I played a HH Sit N Go. Got ZERO cards for the whole thing except for maybe three hands and limped into third for a money finish. No heads though. So I think I will try some more of these. The concept for those who do not now is that each player starts the Sit N Go or Tournament with a bounty and if you take that person out, you win the bounty. Plus if you finish ITM, you win that also. Each players bounty is different based on JetSet's tournament leader board. The higher up the leader board they are, the more they are worth. Very cool concept and makes the game a lot more interesting.

Interesting news:
A women in Mecklenburg County, N.C., attempted to chase snakes out of a couch on her front porch by dousing the nest with lighter fluid, but then an accidentally dropped match set a fire large enough that she had to jump out a window to safety.

True story....out of newspaper.
So many jokes, so little time.

Till Next Time!