Saturday, June 30, 2007

We have tickets!

Well, we may be sleeping on the street, and in search of food banks, but... we have tickets! We'll be taking a flight from Portland on the 5th, leaving at "Oh God - Thirty" and arriving in Vegas before noon!

My Mommy works for Mesa Airlines, she got us buddy passes, meaning we get to fly cheaper, not free, but LOTS cheaper, using her buddy passes. The flight will actually be a United Express flight I do believe, possibly an America West flight, as both code share with Mesa. For about $200.00 we're flying! No turning back now..

Thanks Mommy!

Friday, June 29, 2007

LadyHoldem's Trip to Vegas

For those of you who don't know me, online, I'm LadyHoldem! Today I was writing some poker articles for a client of mine, with my friend Amber, when she came across an article about auditions for a reality TV show for poker players, I'm a mom, and not the littlest mom in the world now, but auditioning for a reality TV show just sounds like fun!

So, I decided I want to go.. can't say that I really have a plan aside from that, but Amber, Becca and I are going to go to Vegas on the 5th of July and audition for Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker II. We'll work out the details here shortly, the small stuff like tickets, a place to sleep and food, and I'll be blogging my entire adventure here! If you'd like to buy a link, a review, or a banner spot on the blog, or just make a donation to our little adventure, send me an email at :) !

We're accepting sponsors for poker tournaments, outings whatever, if you'd like us to review a particular location, hotel, or service in Vegas, that's what we do, let us know!