Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bonus Money Everywhere!

Perfect month to rebuild a bankroll. I had to cash out at the end of Febuary and left myself $600 to start the month with. Figured with an Absolute, Party and Empire reloads I should be able to double my bankroll in March and be OK again.

Well, here is how it has gone so far and the plan for the future:

1) Absolute Poker gotten a 25%, 15% and 20% reload so far. Total $405 with $305 left to clear

2) Party Poker and a 20% reload. Cleared!

3) Poker Room and a 30% reload. Total $180 and haven't started to clear yet.

4)Poker Stars and a 20% reload. No way I am missing this! Deposited today for max $120.

Still to do:

1) Noble Poker First time 100% up to $300. Have till end of month to deposit.

2) Ultimate Bet reload 25% up to $100. Have till March 17th to deposit.

3) Paradise Poker First time 50% up to $100. I have till March 20th to deposit.

4) Interpoker $90 monthly reload.

5) Full Tilt Poker 50% reload up to $300 and still have big part of first time deposit bonus still there.

Need help? $1995 worth of bonus money(including all of Full Tilt I have)on $600 starting bankroll. I am still expecting an Empire reload and another Absolute Poker reload (or 2). Good thing is Ultimate Bet, Poker Stars and Paradise (I think) don't expire so I will get to them last. Full Tilt will, by far, take the longest. Will have A LOT of bonus money there. Better than I could have ever imagined. Top it off, Star Luck gave me a free $5 yesterday and I have "Black Jacked" it up to $30 so far. Yea, got a good early run!

The blogger Horseshoe tourney is tommorrow and I asked a friend for a $6 transfer to play. All my money is being used to capture these bonuses and I will not get around to Full Tilt in time. I will for sure be there to rail and laugh at you guys giving Felicia all your money or I will be there donating to the Felicia fund myself. By the way Felicia, if you are slumming and come across this blog, I want you to know that picture scares me! LOL!


No word on the 20" monitor yet, was hoping for yesterday but no phone call telling me to come pick it up. That would sure come in handy about right now. I have even rearranged my little poker corner and will have a better set up when it gets here.

I have sworn off NL games till I finish Dan Harrington's book. So far, about 125 pages in, it is fantastic. So many little details I have been missing so far, should really improve my game. Should have it down pat just in time for second volume to come.


On the poker front, all is going steady. I haven't had a real rush of cards or a real bad run lately. Just hanging around a steady 1.58bb/hour rate. I feel in control of my game. Getting good reads on my opponents and it helps that my big PP's are holding up, ect. I was thrown off once yesterday when I capped the betting pre flop with AA and 4 saw the flop, one all in. I bet the 678(r) flop and lost one. Turn was a J, I bet and was called. River was a 5 and I bet and was called. Lost both main pot and side pot to All In - 9To and calling me down....44 for rivered gut shot straight.

No biggie though, I got it back and some before session was over. Which is about what all my sessions have been like lately. Down early, hanging in there and finishing in the positive which has all come together for a nice steady growth so far this month. Add to that the bonus money and it looks like March will be one of my best months ever. Couldn't have come at a better time.

Till Next Time!

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Not Sure I Have Any More Room

Ultimate Bet says:

It's time to RELOAD! Over the next few days we'll be offering our players the opportunity to take advantage of our 25% Redeposit Bonus and fill their pockets with a little extra green! Claim your bonus when you make a deposit of $25 or more, anytime between 11AM ET Thursday March 10th and 11PM ET Thursday March 17th, we'll give you 25% of that deposit up to $100 in Bonus Dollars.

Who am I kidding. I'll get it. That would mean I have turned my $600 into $2000 in bonus money in the last 15 days. What a month to chase bonuses! (I know Absolute isn't done yet...maybe 1 or 2 more reloads there)

I am holding my own at Absolute Poker. Not up big but a little over even and clearing bonus. Not going as fast as I had hoped so I will have to change my master plan again. May just have to withdraw and go get others and come back. I'm suppose to have a 20" monitor coming in tomorrow which will allow me to play more tables. I know, I hate ABC mutli table poker BUT I also have to clear these bonuses. If I play two different sites and two tables each....maybe I can fool myself into thinking I am not 4 tabling.

Been in a little funk lately about playing again. Will have to work through this one on the fly though. Too much money out there now to take a break. Today helped some. Playing $1/$2 at AP because the way there rake structure is it seems I get more raked hands at this limit. Bought in and folded - folded - folded. Got AA....cracked my TWO people with a gut shot. (One had a flush draw also so not too bad) Folded - Folded - Folded - AQ beat by AK and down to $2.75. Got ready to reload when SB tried to steal my BB and I reraised all in with K9s. Doubled up. In the next 9 hands, doubled again. Thought I would play till I got back to even and make it a game. Table was good, so why not. Know what, it was fun. Got within 25 cents of even and AQ busted by AK AGAIN but I kept going. Last hand UTG, QJs....Flopped top pair, turned trips and rivered a full house with 3 calling to river....left up $1. WOOT!

I know, sad being excited about $1. It was fun though. Even chatted it up some. Not much in the way of Omaha at AP so it changed the pace for me a little. Enjoyed it. So many bonus chasers there now, all the tables are tight and gets boring real fast. Well, off I go to clear some more!

Since it is all the rage: Go make a South Park character.
Thanks April

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Plan

WOW! The killer bonus month continues!

Cleared Party Poker Sunday with +40 and Bonus. So now I have Absolute Poker to clear and Poker Room. Withdrew my money from Party on Sunday at 10am EST. In my Neteller at 12pm Sunday! Great Service!

So before I go back to Absolute Poker and was gonna wait till Wednesday. They have been doing a lot of reload promos lately and I had a feeling. Monday I got a $25 bonus to deposit $50 in the mail from them and then this AM....20% reload till Thurday! So now I have $400 in bonus money to clear there!

So now what? Still on hit list:

Interpoker - $90 monthly reload

Noble Poker - 100% up to $300. Never played here but sounds like good bonus. T&C looks reasonable.

Paradise Poker - 50% up to $100

Full Tilt Poker - 50% reload up to $300. Still have some original bonus there also.

I still have to eat and sleep!

Plan of attack:

Clear AP by Friday. (approx: 4000 raked hands)

Deposit into Paradise( I have till 20th) and Full Tilt by Sunday (So I can add to the dead money on "March 13th, 9pm EST WPBT HORSE Tournament password = thehammer" event)

Then Interpoker by 25th and finally start on Poker Room. Interpoker usually takes me about 2 days to clear and that will leave a month to clear Poker Room.

And then April will start and lets see what hapens!