Friday, October 12, 2007

Ultimate Bet - Big Payoff For Bad Beat

If you've had much experience playing online poker, you've probably heard of something called the Bad Beat Jackpot. If you haven't heard of it, you're playing at the wrong online poker room.

A Bad Beat Jackpot is awarded when a Texas Hold'Em player at a 'Bad Beat' Table achieves a hand of 4-8's or better, but loses to a higher ranking poker hand. Not only does the player with the Bad Beat win, every player at the table gets a cut of the prize.

On October 9th, at 8:58am ET, Ultimate Bet online poker player 'DADDYHOUSE' did just that. Losing a hand of 4-8's to his opponents 4-Q's, DADDYHOUSE released the largest Bad Beat Jackpot prize Ultimate Bet has ever seen - $234,812.04.

DADDYHOUSE was immediately rewarded $76,313.92, while his winning opponent was granted $38,156.95. Each player at the 'Bad Beat' table was also awarded a generous $1,603.13. To top it all off, the online poker room also awards any player at any Bad Beat Table currently playing the same online poker game with the same stakes. For this reason, 42 other players also received a chunk of the jackpot, $603.13 each.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is divided as follows: 25% to the next Bad Beat Jackpot - 10% To Administrative fees - 65% to the winners. Of the 65%, half goes to the Bad Beat player, 1/4th to the winner of the Bad Beat hand, and the remainder divided amongst other qualifying players.

What have we learned from this? Well, if you play online poker at Ultimate Bet, you should be playing a 'Bad Beat' Table (marked in red in the Lobby). If not, maybe you should consider joining Ultimate Bet or another online poker room that offers an enormous prize for losing such a good hand ;)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Online Bingo Info At

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What I observed to be the most valuable aspect of Bingo-Girl is not just the level of information available, but the ease of navigation. You'll find everything you're looking for quickly without clicking through various links to hunt down the desired information. US players looking for a good online bingo hall are especially encouraged to visit, as nearly every Bingo site reviewed accepts US players.

It is obvious that the webmaster of has extensive experience and knowledge in the online bingo community, making it well worth any bingo enthusiasts time, novice or veteran, to pay a visit.

Win 5 Years Entry To The Irish Poker Open

PaddyPower Poker, as the lead sponsor, is offering qualifiers to one of Europe's oldest No-Limit Hold'Em poker event, the Irish Poker Open. There's nothing new about that fact, however, they've spiced things up for their members this year.

Any PaddyPower Poker player who goes on to win the Irish Poker Open, Ireland's largest poker tournament, will be generously rewarded with paid entry to the major poker event for the next 5 years! Should none of PaddyPower Poker's players goes on to win the event, the online poker room's member who makes it the farthest in the poker tournament will receive entry to the 2008 Irish Poker Open.

Members of PaddyPower Poker are gearing up to take down the Irish Poker Open, with the 5-year prize package worth approximately $43,000, not including the $8,500 package they'll already have received for winning the online poker room's qualifier.

Last year's PaddyPower Poker qualifier winner, Thomas Finneran, skillfully carved his way through the crowd of 708 participants to finish 7th place, taking home €75,000 for his efforts.

Among the 708 entries to the Irish Poker Open were Phil Laak, Dan Harrington, Mike Sexton, Jennifer Tilly, Andy Black, Carlos Mortensen and Antonio Esfandiari. The final heads-up action came down to Rolande De Wolfe, who was eventually bested by Marty Smyth to pocket a 1st place prize pool of €650,000.