Friday, December 17, 2004

Sequal..Better than 1st!

Congrats to Otis for getting what seems to be a fantastic gig.

After reading
Chris's blog about the crypto bonuses I decided to go get the $100 from Interpoker.

Original Production:

First time at IP was a little culture shock for me. First, all the buttons were backwards! Got over that one rather quickly. Second, the play was a little more "loose" than I was used to and in my first session I lost KK to AA(he never bet out or raised), turned nut flush and lost to runner runner full house (K6o) and lost flopped full house to runner runner quads(and learned about unlimited raises when heads up). Down about 30 bb's in first session and wanted out bad! Went to 6 max tables the next night and just played out the bonus. Ended up 20 bb's + the bonus which eleviated some of the bad taste I had but hadn't been back.


So went back tonight to get $100 and see if I could hit the $10 KK bonus they were running. Was holding my own when I got KQo in BB. 3 limp and I see a free flop of KJQ(r). I bet all 3 call. Turn was a blank and I bet, all 3 call river was a 9 and I knew it was bad. I check 1 bet - 2 call and I fold. (YES FOLD! I knew it) ALL THREE HAD A TEN!. QTo (I understand)JTs(I understand)T6o(WTF!) and I think, 6 max and out again!

I was 2 tabling it and that put me about even for the night. Then...SMACK! What was that you ask? The deck...hitting me square in the face! AA at one table held up for a 5 bb pot, 2 hands later AA on other table held up for 10 bb's. KQs turned the nut straight and rivered the flush for 22 bb pot! And then KK! Yahoo...$10 bonus and won a 12 bb pot! Both tables hitting like crazy for about 25-30 hands. It cooled off which was expected and I quit after 3 hours with 1 bonus KK and 35 bb gain!

I knew one of these nights were coming. I could feel it. I know that may sound funnny but I have been playing good poker for about a week and making little gains here and there, so I knew the night was coming. So for one night, I am invincible. Tomorrow I will be Clark Kent again and start over.

Another thing Chris and I have in common is I have $48 more bonus to clear at
Ultimate Bet , $100 more to clear at Absolute Poker and probably half done with Interpoker. One thing I don't like is that you have to either play till you get it or ask support how many hands you have. Think I may wait till $10 AA night to finish up there.

Then it is Full Tilt and I'm done bonus chasing for a while. Leaning towards Ultimate Bet as my home base and the factor that is swaying me is that I can use UB points to enter real money tourneys. 1300 UB points gets me in the $5 MTT they have every night, so thats about a weeks worth of points and allows me to play a MTT once a week for free.

Don't forget tomorrows
Bet365 $5000 freeroll! I'll be there.

Thats about it for tonight:

I don't really trust a sane person.

Lyle Alzado

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Steady Progress

First: Vegas reports from the Blogger tournament. My favorite has been Maudie's. A three part story that was terrific. All the others were great too but you have to have a favorite. You can go to Iggy's to find links to all the reports.

Second: For those who visit my
site, please take the time to go to the new and improved Poker Store for good deals on books, chips and more!

Been slow going with
Ultimate Bets bonus but been going well. Up $100 with $50 to go on $100 bonus. Tonight was a test of my will and patience. Won $24 this afternoon and needed $7.25 to top the $100 win mark. So I sat down ready for a short session and early bed. NOPE! First big loss was K4s in BB. All fold and SB completes. Flop comes 4A4(r). Turn is T and river is 9. He caps river and turns over 94o for boat! Don't fault the play but that was just the beginning. Most of my good cards got smacked around and I will save you the gory details until I look down and find myself down 26 bb's. I decide enough is enough and I will fight again tomorrow. So I click off auto post and play out the remaining 7 hands. By the time the BB comes around I had won 5 of the seven "last" hands and found myself down only 15 bb's.

So I did the prudent thing. I stayed. Couple small wins in the next couple rounds see's me about 12 bb's back when I get TT back to back. One gets folded to me on turn with rag board, the other gets a raise from the BB and 4 see flop of 8TA(r). BB bets out and I just call to keep as many on board as possible. 2 fold and the turn is a 2 completing the rainbow. BB caps the turn and I begin to feel an AA ruining my comeback.(Just been one of those nights!) River is a 2 and he 3 bets, I wimp out and just call and he flips over 88! After one more round I leave dead even but felt good about it!

Everything has been a grind lately but at least I am finishing each night with small wins. It's time for a "deck in the face" night! Hadn't had one in a month. One of those that make you feel invincible. That would be a great way to end the week.

Until the next update:

He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much.

Bessie A. Stanley

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

New Experiences

First off: Welcome Back Vegas Tourney Bloggers. Sounds like most had a good time.

Second: For all those from
4Flush reading the site I have added one more Monday. JetSet is now on the calendar and they are offering a great 30% sign up bonus up to $225! Limited Time so hurry!

Well I have a couple new experiences for early this week. One is snow! Now for some you may laugh but this is out first for the year. Just a little dusting, perfect snow if you ask me, enough to know it did snow and gone in hours.

The other was multi tabling. As I posted last, I was going to do this at the $1/$2 tables instead of moving up. I have a wireless network setup at home and play off my laptop. So if I'm needed to vacate a room for family reasons I just get up and move. I have a spot I play in 99% of the time so I hooked up a 15" monitor I had in garage to see if it would do the job. Everything works seamlessly so with no more excuses, two tabling it was.

I first tried it at
Absolute Poker and I love the site, love the bonuses but damn the programming is bad. Lagged so much with two tables it was more frustrating than anything else. Was profitable $30 for the hour I hung in there. Since I am working off two bonuses, decided to go to UltimateBet and work on it. It worked great but the cards were crap. Lost -$23. So all in all was a great experience and finished up for the day.

At UB I had Ultimate History running. Its a auto HH program for UB you can get at
Poker Tracker Site (About half way down under UB) and Game Time Plus 1.3. Made life great. Auto HH's, auto PT updates and auto game time updates! I can see the need even more multi tabling. If you play UB the Auto HH is a must. Makes getting HH's cake!

I have bonus chased and played myself from $150 to $1200 in 6 weeks at $1/$2. So I am now at the BR to play $2/$4 again which was my attended goal. But atlas, all things change. $3/$6 is my new target by end of year. Then after that, bonus chasing will be over except for really good ones. I am hoping the Full Tilt will be the last one and put me over the top. OK, I'm iffy on the end of the year thing with Full Tilt, but will try and play enough.

By January I have to pick a home site.

Party Poker I know is the popular choice as well as its skins so that is obviously top two choice, the other is Ultimate Bet. If you haven't played UB there are about 12,000 a nite their and have great software. Game and tourney selections are also good. I guess you can compare Party like fishing in an ocean and UB fishing in a big lake! I'm not sure I can afford deep sea fishing yet.

Till next time:

"Whether he likes it or not, a man's character is stripped bare at the poker table; if the other players read him better than he does, he has only himself to blame. Unless he is both able and prepared to see himself as others do, flaws and all, he will be a loser in cards, as in life." -- Anthony Holden (from "Big Deal")