Thursday, December 16, 2004

Steady Progress

First: Vegas reports from the Blogger tournament. My favorite has been Maudie's. A three part story that was terrific. All the others were great too but you have to have a favorite. You can go to Iggy's to find links to all the reports.

Second: For those who visit my
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Been slow going with
Ultimate Bets bonus but been going well. Up $100 with $50 to go on $100 bonus. Tonight was a test of my will and patience. Won $24 this afternoon and needed $7.25 to top the $100 win mark. So I sat down ready for a short session and early bed. NOPE! First big loss was K4s in BB. All fold and SB completes. Flop comes 4A4(r). Turn is T and river is 9. He caps river and turns over 94o for boat! Don't fault the play but that was just the beginning. Most of my good cards got smacked around and I will save you the gory details until I look down and find myself down 26 bb's. I decide enough is enough and I will fight again tomorrow. So I click off auto post and play out the remaining 7 hands. By the time the BB comes around I had won 5 of the seven "last" hands and found myself down only 15 bb's.

So I did the prudent thing. I stayed. Couple small wins in the next couple rounds see's me about 12 bb's back when I get TT back to back. One gets folded to me on turn with rag board, the other gets a raise from the BB and 4 see flop of 8TA(r). BB bets out and I just call to keep as many on board as possible. 2 fold and the turn is a 2 completing the rainbow. BB caps the turn and I begin to feel an AA ruining my comeback.(Just been one of those nights!) River is a 2 and he 3 bets, I wimp out and just call and he flips over 88! After one more round I leave dead even but felt good about it!

Everything has been a grind lately but at least I am finishing each night with small wins. It's time for a "deck in the face" night! Hadn't had one in a month. One of those that make you feel invincible. That would be a great way to end the week.

Until the next update:

He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much.

Bessie A. Stanley

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