Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Poker Quest has started!

First off I would like to point you to the Poker Quest . Trying to start with $100 and .25/.50 limit and work it up to $100,000. So far it has been enjoyable.

Back to Back Final tables tonight.

At Poker.com I played in a WSOP satellite where the top 5 go to the last WSOP tournament on July 15th. I finished 3rd! So I have a pass into the last qualifier. What a wild ride it will be if I make it into the WSOP weeks before it starts!

Poker Freeroll Tour is offering low buy in events ($1) at CD Poker and Poker.com so I deposited a few weeks ago at Poker.com. Had a $500 depositors freeroll tonight and finished 8th for $20. I must say the final table has been hard to find lately and to make back to back ones was an awesome feeling. I am pretty amped up! I played well I think. I got good cards in good locations and made the best of it. Was solid in the WSOP and after 6th went out we all just went all in every hand till done.

In the $500 tournament I doubled twice early in about three hands with KK and AT. Found myself the leader and stayed top 3 for a long while. With about 23 left I got QQ and lost to KK and then KK flopped a set that ran into a flopped flush draw that went all in and hit on river. That found me floundering around 20th with almost no time left. I got EXTREMELY lucky though when I went all in with KQ in EP and no one called then UTG went all in with QJs and was called by KQ. I rivered the miracle gut shot and that propelled me into final table. Shortstacked , I just held on for as high a finish as I could muster.

I hope that keeps up Saturday for the WSOP!

Till Next Time!