Monday, October 24, 2005

New Job

Not really but I am now on the morning grandpa watch. I go over at 9am and stay till 3pm. I can't understand how a man that sleeps more than is awake can tire me out so. That 2 hours time he is awake is non stop action.

He gets real confused when we keep giving him medicine. He asked today that since he doen't hurt any more, why does he need medicine? I tried to explain to him that it is because of the medicine that he doesn't hurt. I try hard not to lie to him any when he is in a coherent state. He understands that he has cancer and is not going to be around much longer (when the medicine isn't messing with him). So after a rather lengthy explanation by me today as to why he was taking the medicine, he just looked at me and said "Oh" and went back to sleep.

I realized today that there is a good chance I will be there when he passes away. That bothered me for a moment. Not sure why.

I'm not playing any poker right now. Don't think I could concentrate. I am taking books with me and re-reading them though. Small Stakes Holdem now. Trying to stay as sharp as I can.

Thanks to all that have emailed their support and I will be getting back to poker real soon.

Till Next Time!