Saturday, April 30, 2005

Another New Experience

As I pay my final dues to the bonus police at AP, (at least till next email saying get it now or else) I am playing $1/$2 trying to get raked hands in when a friend stops by, Dorian, says Hi and proceeds to a 7 stud H/L table. The table I was at had just filled up so I was feeling it out and I was doing OK until I got TT vs. JJ vs. QQ and was stuck. So my short "just clear the next bonus level" session just got longer. I pulled up Dorian's table and was watching. I got back to even eventually and the curiosity got to me.

I sat at a .25/.50 7 card stud H/L table. I figured I couldn't go to wrong at this level. I couldn't help but to think of Felicia as my first cards were dealt. The long and short of it was I split my first hand, got down $4 and ended up +$2. As most have read, Omaha H/L is my game I am trying to expand to next. So 7 stud may have to wait BUT it was fun to play. Almost say it was addicting after a while. A "pay attention" game for sure. Knowing what cards were folded is a very apparant plus. After a hour or so of .25/.50 7 stud H/L, I have no great wisdom to past on except that it made a big enough impression to play again.


Couple thing before I go:

WPBT WSOP Satellite Tournament
Poker Stars
May 1st, 7pm EST
$30 + 3 No-limit
One WSOP seat awarded for every 50 players
Password = the same as last time

Find out what sites are offering what as far as WSOP Qualifiers: WSOP Reports

Till Next Time!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Morning Madness

I have not laughed so hard in weeks. I guess PLO8 could be a "different" kind of experience if you have never played it before.

First sign that it was going to be an interesting tournament? Jsaw asking what is a low and then after a very brief explanation claimed he had it all mastered.

A very few minutes into the tournament Jsaw types:
"No one ever folds in this game pre-flop! How can you win with 7 people seeing the flop!"
After a brief pause: "I guess AK is not a good starting hand in Omaha".
Followed by one of the very many times of: "This game $%#@ sucks!"

9 minutes in: Jsaw is ALL IN! Splits pot.
14 minutes in: I flop Quad tens vs. a rivered set and now sitting in 6th. (As a side note, 3 hours of playing last night at AP and JetSet saw 4 flopped quads)
18 minutes in: Jsaw is ALL IN again. Sweeps and is in 12th.

Friend-Good Job. Nice Hand
Jsaw - Really?

32 minutes in: Jsaw is ALL IN. Splits and is in 11th
41 minutes in: Jsaw is in 5th! I am holding steady at 10th and at this point I am sitting in my dark house trying not to wake anyone with my laughing. The friend that started it all is in 19th.
42 minutes in: Yes, 1 minute later, Jsaw is ALL IN. Loses and drops to last.

Jsaw-What happened?
Friend-You Got sucked out
Jsaw-At least in Holdem I know when I get sucked out on. This game #@$!^ sucks

48 minutes in: I'm out on a unreal river suck out that gave him runner runner flush and a 2-6 low vs. my A-7 low and top set. 24th

52 minutes in: Jsaw is ALL IN. Doesn't survive and finishes 20th. To be honest he got sucked out on river also.

Jsaw-I lost, don't know why. This game $%#$% sucks!

Our friend, who started this whole mess, keeping us up and maybe ruining Jsaw's gusto forever for PLO8? He won. I tell you what though, the best $1 I spent in a long time. I railed until 4 left and couldn't stay awake. Our friend had a 2:1 chip lead on second place and was really runnng the table.

So I had a good time,added another notch on the learning belt and got to sleep till noon!

Till Next Time!

Caught Up In The Moment

I am not a young man. Though I have not crossed the 40 mile mark yet, I can see it. It is getting closer by the day. As I write this though I guess even an old dog can still have a few moments "like the old days".

I was at an Absolute Poker table tonight with Jsaw. We are at a $1/$2 table paying are dues to get the email police off our back about expiring bonuses. It is rolling up on 12:30am and my time to call it a night. See, part of my stay at home dad duties is getting the kids off in the AM which is about 7. I am down about $10 but getting ready to clear another block of bonus money. There is no polite way to put this so I will just blurt it out. Jsaw is getting killed. At one point he is tapping so hard on the aquarium that water is spilling out the top. I mention I am going to stay for the few raked hands needed to clear the next $10 bonus, I hold my own and down about $14 when these two players sit down and start going crazy. I start thinking, one hand, please just one hand. Jsaw gets his AK sucked out on bad and leaves. I stay for three more hands and get that one hand. I leave up a little, the bonus and 1/3 of the way done towards my next release.

In the mean time, another friend comes home from work and delighted to see us still up, reminds us of the 3am PLO8 $1 tourney. So here I am 7 minutes till 3 and registered for the tournament. Jsaw's Omaha experience consists of one SnG he played that he thought was a NL Holdem. Finished in the money in that one so he is good to go. My experience is documented in the posts below.

So looks like an all nighter for me. Like I said I am getting older so it will be Pepsi and doughnuts keeping the sugar going. Later this evening when I wake up, I will post the results.

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Minor Success

Played in my first PLO8 tourney on JetSet yesterday. This was my first experience with JetSet and I really like their tourney software. It updates you position after every hand right there on the table. It was fast and had no problems at all.

101 entered this $1 tournament and I finished 16th! Made a cool 41 cents! There is something about a game that your real bad cards can win you half the pot that appeals to me. Like I said earlier I have a lot to learn but it is a good devient from grinding at Holdem all day. Seems like JetSet runs one of these every night at 18:00 so I guess I will try to make it a regular routine.

Absolute Poker emailed me and said you have till the 9th to clear $35 worth of bonus or it expires so I am currently doing that. Just when I thought I could get away for a while, they pull me back in.


Missed the WSOP Poker Stars Event. Thought I could make it last minute but missed it by about 15 minutes. Congrats to Bob for winning and can you imagine the gallary he will have at the satellite and the WSOP. (Of course he will win the Satellite!) Go read Pauly for a great blow by blow of the event.

Got to love Iggy! He is doing another one May 1st!:

Poker Stars
7pm EST
$30 + 3 No-limit
One WSOP seat awarded for every 50 players
Password = the same as last time

Glad to see Felicia posting again. Hope you are feeling much much better!

Till Next Time!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Weekend of Distractions

Man this one fun!

Getting ready to go!!

Friend raced trucks!!!