Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Minor Success

Played in my first PLO8 tourney on JetSet yesterday. This was my first experience with JetSet and I really like their tourney software. It updates you position after every hand right there on the table. It was fast and had no problems at all.

101 entered this $1 tournament and I finished 16th! Made a cool 41 cents! There is something about a game that your real bad cards can win you half the pot that appeals to me. Like I said earlier I have a lot to learn but it is a good devient from grinding at Holdem all day. Seems like JetSet runs one of these every night at 18:00 so I guess I will try to make it a regular routine.

Absolute Poker emailed me and said you have till the 9th to clear $35 worth of bonus or it expires so I am currently doing that. Just when I thought I could get away for a while, they pull me back in.


Missed the WSOP Poker Stars Event. Thought I could make it last minute but missed it by about 15 minutes. Congrats to Bob for winning and can you imagine the gallary he will have at the satellite and the WSOP. (Of course he will win the Satellite!) Go read Pauly for a great blow by blow of the event.

Got to love Iggy! He is doing another one May 1st!:

Poker Stars
7pm EST
$30 + 3 No-limit
One WSOP seat awarded for every 50 players
Password = the same as last time

Glad to see Felicia posting again. Hope you are feeling much much better!

Till Next Time!

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