Thursday, April 28, 2005

Morning Madness

I have not laughed so hard in weeks. I guess PLO8 could be a "different" kind of experience if you have never played it before.

First sign that it was going to be an interesting tournament? Jsaw asking what is a low and then after a very brief explanation claimed he had it all mastered.

A very few minutes into the tournament Jsaw types:
"No one ever folds in this game pre-flop! How can you win with 7 people seeing the flop!"
After a brief pause: "I guess AK is not a good starting hand in Omaha".
Followed by one of the very many times of: "This game $%#@ sucks!"

9 minutes in: Jsaw is ALL IN! Splits pot.
14 minutes in: I flop Quad tens vs. a rivered set and now sitting in 6th. (As a side note, 3 hours of playing last night at AP and JetSet saw 4 flopped quads)
18 minutes in: Jsaw is ALL IN again. Sweeps and is in 12th.

Friend-Good Job. Nice Hand
Jsaw - Really?

32 minutes in: Jsaw is ALL IN. Splits and is in 11th
41 minutes in: Jsaw is in 5th! I am holding steady at 10th and at this point I am sitting in my dark house trying not to wake anyone with my laughing. The friend that started it all is in 19th.
42 minutes in: Yes, 1 minute later, Jsaw is ALL IN. Loses and drops to last.

Jsaw-What happened?
Friend-You Got sucked out
Jsaw-At least in Holdem I know when I get sucked out on. This game #@$!^ sucks

48 minutes in: I'm out on a unreal river suck out that gave him runner runner flush and a 2-6 low vs. my A-7 low and top set. 24th

52 minutes in: Jsaw is ALL IN. Doesn't survive and finishes 20th. To be honest he got sucked out on river also.

Jsaw-I lost, don't know why. This game $%#$% sucks!

Our friend, who started this whole mess, keeping us up and maybe ruining Jsaw's gusto forever for PLO8? He won. I tell you what though, the best $1 I spent in a long time. I railed until 4 left and couldn't stay awake. Our friend had a 2:1 chip lead on second place and was really runnng the table.

So I had a good time,added another notch on the learning belt and got to sleep till noon!

Till Next Time!

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jsaw said...

Omaha...nah kids might read this.