Sunday, November 02, 2008

World Series of Poker Day 2 Circuit at Hammond. Final Table today, Steve Billrakis Holds Lead

The second day of the WSOP Circuit championship is being hosted this year by the Horse Shoe Casino Hammond located in Hammond, Indiana, got underway at 2 O'clock yesterday afternoon.

Steve Billirakis, known here on the interwebs as MrSmokey1, ground up a decent sized chip lead over the of the field and though that lead shifted hands a few times as the days game was played, at the end of the day, MrSmokey1 had 100k on his oppenants.

It was hardly an easy feat either! In fact hand to hand play alone drug on for an hour. Before that however, we witnessed Brett Richey make his way to the rail today underneath the glimmering light of the new overhead chandliers. when his pocket 88 missed up against Jason DeWitt's pocket pair of tens. Mr. Hamrick who you should recollect as the 2008 World Series of Poker main events bubble boy shoved his stack into the middle of the felt right in time to take a shot at maintainingthe bubble boy title.

At This point there were twenty-two remaining players, Mr. Hamrick pushed his diminished chipstack in with top pair. Two cards were left to come and our Bubble Boy was met by Dustin Woolf'slowest pair.. with a flush draw.

The turn strengthened Dean's hand, giving him two pair, but , and to demonstrate that, Lady Luck multiplied Dustin Woolf'souts, blessing him not only the flush draw, but an open ended straight draw to boot.

Lady Luck smiled that saucy smile as the final card landed on the felt, and Dustin 'neverwin' Woolf drew the little wheel. Our boy Dean finished on the bubble again, merely 3 opponents away from the cash.

Hand for Hand tournament play commenced as the players waited for the bubble to burst, and the money to begin rolling in, hand to hand play continued over the next hour.

At Long Last, onetime NBA Basketball player Kenneth Norman shoved his stack into the middle. He didn't make it.

We finished today with three big names in the lead, Steve Billrakis having the heavy stack once again. Steve Billrakis holding 754,000. in poker chips. That left him with a 100,000 chip lead overJustin DeWitt who sustained the 2nd highest chip advantage, holding 651,000 in event chips. in third we left Dustin Woolf who will resume tomorrows play with 419,000 in chips.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Online Poker Rooms: Where Are The WSOPE Satellites?

With the World Series of Poker Europe nipping at our heels, there is one question that seems to be bugging online poker players as a whole: Where are the WSOPE Satellites and Qualifiers?

Apparently, they’re supposed to be exclusively on Betfair Poker – the sponsor of WSOP Europe - however, Full Tilt Poker has somehow managed to get in on the action. I did take notice of Full Tilt Poker’s promotional campaign, where the online poker room managed to present their satellites and qualifiers without ever using the words “World Series of Poker Europe”, “WSOP Europe” or even “WSOPE”. Instead, Full Tilt Poker is deeming its promotion “European Series 2008”.

I can only assume that online poker rooms are not allowed to use this trademark name on their web site, therefore have not bothered to offer sending their players to Europe’s most lucrative live poker tournament.

Then again, maybe they’ve shied away from the expensive aspect of WSOPE prize packages. After all, the original, North American World Series of Poker costs $10,000 to buy-in. WSOP Europe costs £10,000 to buy-in. That may seem like the same price, but in reality, due to currency conversion rates, it’s actually near double the cost. £10,000 GBP rounds out to roughly $20,000 in USD; $19,969.25 to be exact.

Somehow I seriously doubt cost had anything to do with it. PokerStars, for example, sent more than 2,000 of its players to the WSOP this year. I doubt they’d mind sending a few more to London.

Whatever the case may be, Full Tilt Poker is offering daily satellites and weekly qualifiers to the “European Series 2008”. Satellites start at only $1 or 50 poker points, awarding entry to the weekly qualifiers, or buy-in directly for $500+$35.

Full Tilt Poker will be awarding $25,000 prize packages to the WSOPE - I mean, "European Series 2008" - each week until August 31, 2008.

The WSOPE will kick off September 19th, running 4 bracelet events and 5 non-bracelet events up until the end of the final, 5-day event – World Championship NL Hold’em – on October 2nd.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Full Tilt Poker Knockout (Bounty) Tournaments

Among the many types of online poker tournaments hosted by Full Tilt Poker, the ones that are growing at the fastest rate in popularity are Knockout Tournaments. In these tournaments, a portion of each player’s buy-in goes to the Knockout Bounty on his head. Every time you are able to knock a player out of the tournament, you are awarded that player’s Knockout Bounty.

These tournaments can greatly change a player’s expected profit in a tournament. With a normal tournament, there is a high variation in your daily profits because of the nature of the tournament’s payout structure.

The best tournament players in the world can only expect to finish in the money 25%-30% of the time. Even if a player is fortunate enough to eliminate several opponents from the tournament and play for hours without losing a hand, it is still possible for that player to be eliminated from the tournament without making the money bubble.

Full Tilt Poker's Knockout tournaments allow players to eliminate some of the negative swings that have always been a part of tournament poker. It is common for a player who is knocked out early in the tournament to still recoup some of their buy-in before they are eliminated. Even if you are knocked out of the tournament prior to making the money bubble, you can take a substantial profit with you.

A great example of Knockout tournaments at Full Tilt Poker would be the weekly Sunday Brawl, played every weekend at 2:00 p.m. ET for a guaranteed prize pool of at least $250,000. The buy-in is $240 + $16. $200 of each player’s buy-in goes to the prize pool. Another $40 is the Knockout Bounty on that player’s head. The remaining $16 is of course the tournament fee.

By this tournament structure, any player who can knock out 7 players, worth $280, before being eliminated will have won back their entire buy-in and fee, plus take home a small profit. With an average of between 1,500 and 2,000 players entering the Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl each week, players with absolutely any skill at all should have no trouble accomplishing this feat. In addition, averaging that many participants often raises the guaranteed prize pool well above $250k!

Full Tilt Poker is also host to some other great tournament structures including Shootout tournaments, Freeroll tournaments and a vast array of satellites into the world’s largest poker events (WSOP, WTP, EPT, WSOPE, Aussie Millions, etc).

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Great New Site for a Pokerstars Marketing Code!

I was browsing the internet the other day for good sites regarding the Pokerstars online poker room when I came across this great site When I got to the site I was happy to see that they offer the best Pokerstars Marketing Code for when you register and you will receive a $50 first deposit bonus as well as an entry every month to a $17,000 free roll called 'Weekend with Daniel Negreanu'.

If you are not really interested in the free rolls, but you would still like to get a 100% match first deposit bonus, you can also click the tab for the Pokerstars Promo Code page which will give you a quick and easy way to register a new account at Pokerstars and receive a 100% match bonus of either $25 or $50.

As English is not my first language, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that this site unlike many others also offers a page of instructions in Spanish! Now this is a rare gem! If Spanish is your native language you will be happy to see that they have a great Pokerstars Codigo page to accommodate you!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

PokerZentrale – German Online Poker Forum w/ Special Full Tilt Bonus is an online poker forum and resource guide aimed at German online poker players. In fact, it’s one of the largest German online poker forums in the world. The site focuses mainly on the Full Tilt Poker room, including a special full tilt bonus, but there’s a little something for every online poker player, from novices to veterans.

Visitors to the online poker site will find a lot of information on Full Tilt Poker, including an online poker bonus exclusive to members who sign up an account with Full Tilt via PokerZentrale. The player gets the same 100%/$600 welcome bonus offered by Full Tilt Poker, with an additional $50 bonus from PokerZentrale upon collecting 100 FPP at Full Tilt.

Other PokerZentrale member benefits include regular private league tournaments, held 8 times per month at Full Tilt Poker, exclusive to members of the PokerZentrale forum. These team battle league tournaments hold up to 10 members per team, paying out prizes of €500, €150 and €75 to the top three winners respectively.

Community members of PokerZentrale are also privileged to 4 exclusive Freerolls per month at Full Tilt Poker, with prize pools of €300 a piece.

Aside from the obvious benefits to new and old members of Full Tilt Poker, the PokerZentrale Forum has regular discussions on various online poker related topics. The most notable and informative topics are based on poker strategies, conveniently categorized by beginner poker strategies, intermediate poker strategies and advanced poker strategies.

The forum also discusses topics like Hand Histories and how to analyze them most effectively. You’ll find topics on poker books, poker videos, poker news and gambling addictions. Visitors will even find registration for free poker coaching.

Being one of the largest German poker forums on the Internet, the community is very active and always coming up with new ideas, strategies and advice for online poker players. The easy navigation and user-friendly interface only add to the benefits of PokerZentrale.

For more information on how to take advantage of the special Full Tilt Bonus offer to members of the German online poker forum, visit the full tilt bonuscode page.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008’s innovative offering keeps players coming in. continues to grow at record pace and is set to hit 1.75 million registered users this week.

State-of-the-art graphics, deeply engaging gameplay, an advanced community and televised tournaments have all proven irresistible to players. The impressive growth is the fastest in online poker room history and has seen the site rise above major competitors, including Cryptologic and Ladbrokes, in online rankings.

Marketing Director, Simon Prodger said, “At we always strive to produce a better overall online poker experience. We are delighted with our growing user-base and there are more developments on the horizon for our players”, has also stayed completely out of the US and has never accepted cash bets from American players. It is currently ranked 17th on

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Introduction To Mobile Casino Games

If you’ve ever played at an online casino, you’ve probably wondered how they pack all of that information and snazzy graphical interface into the minute screen of a cell phone. The game play simply couldn’t be the same, right? The fact is, mobile casino games are almost exactly the same as online casino games, but with less pizzazz clogging up the screen.

The first step is to find an online casino that also provides mobile casino games. There are plenty of them out there, but as an example, let’s try William Hill, a highly reputable online and mobile casino operator.

The initial process is the same – register an account, login to the account, choose to download the software (a link will be sent to your cell phone, follow it to download), and then agree to the installation process. Of course, the file size is much smaller compared to an online casino, and with wireless connection speed, much faster as well.

Now all you need to do is login to your mobile casino account. Simply scroll through your phone to the William Hill icon (or whichever mobile casino you’ve downloaded) and choose to open it. You will asked to enter your login name and password and press submit. This process is faster on the newer cellular phones with a full keypad, but the older ones will work just fine.

Another alternative would be to visit the online casino, click over to the mobile casino section and enter your phone number in the area provided. The online casino will send a link to your phone to start the process. You can register a username and password over the computer if you wish.

Of course, if the online casino industry has innovated, you can be sure they’re not the only ones. Poker enthusiasts and punters will find a full line-up of Mobile Poker and Mobile Sports Betting operators to suit your needs on-the-go.

If you’re not sure whether your cell phone is compatible with mobile casinos, call your mobile service provider. If the answer is no, it’s usually a quick update process to resolve the issue, rather than the need to trade in your cell few for a more advanced model. Of course, if you win big at the mobile casinos, you just may decide to upgrade to the latest, sleekest version, if only to reward yourself for a job well done!

Virtual Worlds Collide; Online Casinos Meet Mobile Casinos

Press Release
Pennsylvania, June 11,, an online resource guide for mobile casino gamers, proudly announces the expansion of its web site. Visitors will now find a comprehensive list of tutorials including an informative Introduction to Mobile Casinos for new users, along with a steadily growing list of mobile casino operators, complete with detailed reviews.

For anyone who has gambled at online casinos, the idea of a mobile casino is, quite simply, logical. A successful business requires constant innovation and expansion into new ideas and forms of technology. That’s exactly what happened when the multi-billion dollar online casino industry sought to find a new avenue of success through advanced modernization; and thus, Mobile Casinos were born.

Mobile phones are much more popular than they were 10 years ago, when everyone was bragging about their new computer, or saving up to buy one. Now both computers and cellular phones are considered ‘the norm’. As the online and mobile casino industries increase in volume, it is only natural that more and more mobile phone owners will want to take a shot at mobile casino games.

The biggest aspect holding us back from entering a mobile casino is the expected difficulties. Is it hard to register? Is it safe to deposit? What are the games like? Do I need special software? It will probably lag on my phone, right? In actuality, it’s not nearly as difficult as one might think. All of these questions and more are answered in the online resource guide to mobile casinos.

Take for example the William Hill mobile casino. The Mobile Casinos web site guides users through the entire process of opening an account, from start to finish. There are only 4 steps involved; register, login, download and install. For anyone who has enjoyed a romp at the William Hill online casino, you’ll find the mobile version to be very familiar and conveniently accommodating, especially since you can play anywhere that your cellular phone can follow.

Of course online casinos aren’t the only gambling businesses seeking out this new form of profiteering entertainment. The mobile gaming industry is global, in both the regional aspect and the broad spectrum of possibilities. In typical follow-the-leader fashion, expanded its own database to encompass all mobile gaming options.

While Mobile Casinos are still the main focus, visitors will find detailed and informative reviews for both Mobile Poker rooms and Mobile Sports Betting operations. is constantly being updated to provide the most current facts and figures, along with new companies entering into the mobile casino and gaming business.

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Making The Most Of Online Casino Bonuses

The online casino industry is a yearly multi-billion dollar business, thus to stay competitive, every reputable online casino offers a full line of promotional features. With the focus being to draw in new customers, the first promotion on each casinos list is going to be new player casino bonuses.

There are many different types of online casino bonuses offered by various operators, ranging from percentage based matching bonuses, to high-roller bonuses, to no deposit casino bonuses. Each is designed to suit the needs and preferences of the online casino itself, as well as individual players.

A percentage-based casino bonus is one that requires the player to make an initial deposit, then matches that player’s deposit by the specified percentage. For example, a 100% deposit bonus would grant the player an exact match of their first deposit (i.e. deposit $100, play with $200). Most of these bonuses are capped at a certain amount, such as 100% up to $500, so be sure to know the maximum bonus allowed before depositing. In the same token, a minimum deposit may be required, though this is commonly low (i.e. $10 - $25).

High-roller bonuses work in much the same way, but require the player to deposit a much larger sum of money to receive the bonus. For example, depositing $300+ may grant a 200% bonus up to $1,000, instead of the typical 100% up to $500.

Perhaps the most popular casino bonus is what is commonly referred to as a ‘No Deposit Casino Bonus’. These are bonuses awarded to new players without having to make a deposit first. Microgaming Casinos are very well known for these types of casino bonuses.

What makes a no deposit casino bonus so popular is that the player has an opportunity to win real money without actually risking anything in the process. There are generally two types of no deposit casino bonuses. The first is a free trial offer with a small bonus amount. The second is a free play time bonus, usually with a much larger bonus attached.

Free trial bonuses award a small amount, typically $5 to $50, to play free casino games. The player has a chance to win real money, while also checking out the software and overall game play at the online casino. The bonus money cannot be withdrawn, but the winnings can, so long as the right conditions are met. Often times, this requires a small initial deposit to confirm the player’s identity, plus play-through of the deposit amount. If the player has already won a nice amount with the free trial bonus, they are still essentially risking nothing to do so.

Free play time bonuses are a quick way to earn free casino cash, packed with fast-paced excitement. The player is given a large bonus, $500 - $1,000, with which to place a certain number of wagers in a given amount of time; 100 wagers in one hour is the most common. There will only be a few games at most to choose from, played out in a separate mini-window. Should the player complete the task and end with a small profit, usually $20, they are allowed to keep the bonus money and winnings.

While veteran online casino gamers are well aware of these lucrative casino bonuses, those new to the online casino community would do well to become educated in the various online casino bonuses on offer. As a golden rule, always be sure to read the fine print before taking advantage of any online casino bonuses.

Online Casino Bonus Mega-Resource At

Press Release
Pennsylvania, June 10,, an all-inclusive online casino bonus resource guide, proudly announces its latest update that includes increased navigational ease and a full range of more than 180 online casinos. Launched in 2003, the online gaming database is dedicated to providing Internet gamers with the latest and great bonus offers from online casinos, as well as poker rooms and bingo halls, with a complete user-supplied rating system.

While the main focus of BonusRating is casino bonuses in general, there are many different types of bonus offers up for grabs. The most popular casino bonuses among veterans (and new players who bother to do a little research first) are no deposit casino bonuses.

A no deposit casino bonus is one that grants the player free money to place wagers with, but does not require the player to make a real money deposit first. What makes these no deposit casino bonuses so enormously favored is that with a little luck and good bankroll management, a player has the potential to win a substantial sum of money without ever risking a single cent of their own money.

At BonusRating, users will find nearly 60 online gaming sites with no deposit casino bonuses awarding free casino games. That’s 1/3 of the entire index, resulting in one of the world wide web’s most comprehensive online casino bonus databases.

One of the most unique features of BonusRating is the actual rating system itself. The webmaster of the site does not rate each casino bonus, expecting visitors to trust their opinion. All ratings are based on the actual ratings of the web sites’ visitors, ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Any visitor who uses the web site to find casino bonuses is asked (but not required) to rate the bonus afterwards so that BonusRating can continue to maintain an accurate, unbiased online casino bonus resource.

The web site is well organized, allowing visitors to sort their results by several key categories, as well as sub categories. Users can search all bonuses, or by bonus type - no deposit, monthly bonuses, high-roller bonuses, and percentages (50%, 100%, 150% or 200%). Under the software category, users can sort through Playtech, Cryptologic, RTG (RealTimeGaming), BossMedia and Microgaming Casinos, or proprietary casino (company-owned software brands).

In addition, every online casino on the list depicts a colored circle that attests to the acceptance of USA player deposits. A green circle means US players are accepted, a red circle means US players are not accepted, and a yellow circle means only US players from specific states are accepted. is a free web site open to anyone with access to the Internet. There is no registration or subscription required. Other beneficial aspects of the online casino portal include online poker and bingo bonuses, casinos that accept USA deposits, a section for new additions (for frequent visitors), a fun gambling poll and an informative newsletter.

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Win At Online Casinos Without Risking Real Money

The online casino community can be an exciting thrill ride for gamblers, but it can also be a costly one. In today’s fast-paced, ever growing industry, online casinos strive to offer the most lucrative promotions to draw in more players, and for those who know what to look for, this can be an unlimited source of free casino games with real cash winnings.

The idea is to take advantage of no deposit casino bonuses by using this free money to play and win at online casino games. Many online casinos offer these free casino games bonuses, without requiring the player to download. A deposit may be required in order to cash out any winnings (to confirm identity), but this can wait until the player has already earned a substantial profit, eliminating the risk factor.

No deposit casino bonuses come in two forms; free trials that grant a small bonus amount, and free play time trials that award a very large bonus amount. (Click for a full list of no deposit casinos.)

Free trial no deposit casino bonuses usually range from $5 to $100, allowing the player to get a feel for the software while having a large variety of games to choose from. The actual bonus amount cannot be cashed out, but the winnings can once the player has made a small deposit. Some online casinos may require the player to play-through the initial deposit amount, but with enough money won from the bonus, that can still equal a substantial profit.

A free play time bonus is one that grants the player a very large amount of free casino cash – usually $500 to $1,000 – requiring the player to place a predetermined amount of wagers in a certain amount of time. The player must choose from a small variety of games, played in a separate, mini-view window. If the player completes the mission and finishes with a profit, he keeps the bonus money and the winnings.

As a quick example, I’ll give the typical free play time bonus guidelines. The player is given $500 to play the slots. He must place a minimum of 100 wagers (spin the reels 100+ times) in one hour. If he manages to do so, and finish with a profit of $20 or more, the bonus money is his to keep.

While there are plenty of online gaming sites that offer no deposit casino bonuses, Microgaming Casinos are very well known for these kinds of free casino games. Microgaming is a leading casino software provider with a plethora of online casinos licensing its software.

Veteran players, and especially new players, would do well to take advantage of as many opportunities to play free casino games online via no deposit casino bonuses as possible. There’s nothing to lose, but an unlimited potential for winning real money.

AllGamesCasino Free Casino Games; Play For Free, Win For Real

Press Release
Pennsylvania, June 10, 2007 – is an online casino portal that has spent the last two years compiling promotional descriptions of today’s top rated online casinos, with the goal of supplying visitors with free casino games and valuable no deposit casino bonuses. The idea is to help gamers find a place to play free casino games online and win real money, without ever risking real money.

The site supplies a full range of online casinos that offer new players this opportunity, in one form or another. In order to win money without the risk at an online casino, it must supply a no deposit casino bonus, meaning the player can take advantage of a free bonus without ever making a deposit.

AllGamesCasino supplies a full list of no deposit casinos, including 26 reputable online casinos with free bonuses ranging from $7 to $1,000. Smaller no deposit casino bonuses generally allow the player to use the bonus on a multitude of free casino games whenever they wish, while the higher bonuses (usually $500 and up) are played as instant-play bonuses on a small select of free casino games.

These larger no deposit casino bonuses require the player to place so many wagers within a certain amount of time (example: 100 wagers in an hour), finishing with at least a small profit. If accomplished, the player keeps the money.

No matter which no deposit casino bonus a player chooses, the premise is the same. The player uses the free casino games chips to place wagers and win money. In order to withdraw these winnings, a player may be required to make an initial deposit for the purpose of confirming their identity and correct financial information; but not until the player has already won, still eliminating the risk of betting with their own money.

The AllGamesCasino web site was developed to be user-friendly, therefore offers several ways to sort through the list of no deposit casino bonuses. Visitors can search by bonus type, game type – Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud, Craps and Keno (along with a brief description and rules section for each game) – or by software provider.

Supported software brands include Microgaming casinos, Vegas Technologies casinos, PlayTech casinos, RealTimeGaming (RTG) Casinos and WaterLogic casinos. Upon selecting a software provider, the visitor can read an overview of features typically related with that brand’s casino software platform before going on to the full list.

Lastly, AllGamesCasino also supplies an expansive database of normal online casino bonuses; those that do require a deposit, but match it by a certain percentage to give the player more money to wager in the casino.

With frequent updates offering the most current and accurate information, AllGameCasino caters to both new and veteran online casino gamers. In today’s fast-growing online casino industry, it pays to be educated on the subject of no deposit casino bonuses.

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Online Casino Bonuses; To Deposit Or Not To Deposit

If you’ve ever visited the home page of an online casino, much less signed up an account, you are well aware of the term “online casino bonus”. Every online casino with a hint of reputability offers some kind of online casino bonus for new members, but those with less experience may not be aware of how many casino bonus types are truly available.

In particular, I’m referring to the ever-popular No Deposit Casino Bonuses. As the name implies, these are free chips bonuses awarded to new members of an online casino, without requiring the player to make a deposit.

There are two major aspects of no deposit casino bonuses that new players can take advantage of. The first, and most obvious, is the chance to win without depositing any money into an account. The second advantage off no deposit casino bonuses is the ability to give the software and games a risk-free trial run. One of the most irritating things about joining an online casino is finding out the software is buggy, or the game variety isn’t as large as you’d hoped, after making a deposit.

No deposit casino bonuses come in two distinct varieties, the most popular being No Deposit Casino that award free chips to play any games of the players choosing. For example, a player may receive a $10 or $20 free trial bonus with which to play the slots, the card tables or video poker games at their leisure.

The second no deposit online casino bonus, which is becoming more and more popular in the online casino industry, are known as Free Play Time Bonuses. A free play time bonus is a large bonus of free chips that are used immediately upon signing up a real money account. There is no deposit required, of course, but the player has a certain amount of time to play-through the free bonus chips in hopes of keeping them.

Though not all online casinos offer the exact same deal, here is a typical example of a free play time bonus. Upon signing up an account, the new player receives $500 worth of free chips. When the player chooses to start the free play, he/she is given exactly 1 hour to place 100+ bets on the game provided (usually loading in a separate, small window). If the player succeeds, and finishes with a profit of $20 or more, the player gets to keep the bonus and profit derived from the free play time bonus.

ChipsForFree Offers Complete Line-Up Of No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Press Release
Pennsylvania, June 10, 2007 - has upped its considerable line-up of online casinos that offer no-deposit casino bonuses - free casino chips awarded to new members of an online casino without requiring an initial deposit. As an online casino data resource guide, ChipsForFree is one of the largest, fastest growing suppliers of information regarding these well-favored bonuses.

Valuable online casino bonuses are the largest draw for new players, but the no-deposit varieties are certainly the most preferred. Not only are new players given the chance to win real money without risking anything, they are also given a risk-free opportunity to test the software and playability of the games.

In order to take advantage of these and other free play time bonuses, online casino fans need only sign up a new real money account with any of the no-deposit online casinos listed on the ChipsForFree web site. The free casinos chips are immediately awarded, with no initial deposit required.

ChipsForFree has been supplying online casino bonus details since 2002, with frequent updates to ensure visitors find only the most accurate and up to date information. ChipsForFree currently provides no deposit casino bonuses for more than 30 online casinos, including those licensing the software of Microgaming, PlayTech, RealTimeGaming (RTG), WaterLogic (by CryptoLogic) and others.

Seeking out no deposit casinos at ChipsForFree is made simple, providing a list of categories to sort by. Categories range from free play time casinos and no deposit casinos to software providers and accepted payment methods.

ChipsForFree also caters to US online casino players, as among the plethora of no deposit casinos described on the casino portal, 23 of them continue to accept US player deposits. Another perk for US players is the ability to search by payment method, as described above.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Learning To Play Poker Online

There’s a big difference between playing poker online today and the typical 5 Card Draw games we learned to play as children, with pennies or even candy as the prize. If you’ve ever seen the World Series of Poker, you know the games have changed significantly, consistently mostly of Texas Hold’em, with the occasional Omaha and 7 Card Stud, plus their Hi-Lo variations.

Learning how to play poker online is actually the easiest step in the process of becoming a skilled online poker player. There are plenty of web sites developed with the intention of teaching beginners how to play poker, including the rules of Texas Hold’em and other variations, as well as limits, blinds and betting structures.

When we think of a poker game, we think of a group of friends sitting around the kitchen table, sharing stories and tossing chips into the pot as a way to relax and unwind from the week’s difficulties. However, when it comes to online gaming, simply knowing how to play poker isn’t enough. There is another aspect that draws an average of 66% of all online poker players – tournaments.

Poker tournaments come in all varieties; from sit’n’go tournaments and guaranteed prize pools to Freeroll competitions and satellites to bigger events. It is important to understand the difference between each poker tournament before attempting to enter one, giving the player a much better chance of claiming a prize.

Freeroll tournaments are generally the favorite of beginner poker players, as they do not cost anything to enter, but offer a real prize pool to the winners. Freeroll tournaments are a great way to compile a decent bankroll without investing much, if anything, in the process. They are also a great way to gain experience in poker tournaments without risking anything.

Sit’n’Go poker tournaments are also quite popular, when compared to multi-table tournaments. The biggest difference is that a Sit’n’Go tournament begins as soon as enough players are seated, where as a multi-table has a specific start time scheduled, leaving registered players waiting for the onset of the poker tournament. Sit’n’Go poker tournaments also have less participants, usually 9, 27 or 45 at most (9 per table). A multi-table can allow for 100, 500, 1,000 or even more participants to register. Obviously, for a new poker player especially, it is easier to win a Sit’n’Go – not to mention less time consuming.

Guaranteed prize tournaments (known as GP) have a preset prize pool that will be distributed amongst the top finishers, no matter how many players enter. For example, a GP may have a prize pool of $5,000, and a buy-in of $10. This means it would take 500 entries to pay off the $5,000 prize. If only 200 participants register, the prize is still $5,000. However, should 1,000 players register, the prize is trumped to $10,000. GPs are also a common favorite among online poker players.

With a full understanding of how to play poker, in cash games and tournament style, the final step is to practice your new-found knowledge at an online poker room. There are literally thousands to choose from, but to make it easier, but it is recommended to read unbiased reviews to help assist in finding the most suitable site to play poker online. - No Nonsense Poker Portal Leaves No Stone Unturned

Press Release
Pennsylvania, June 5, 2008 – proudly announces the release of its updated online poker portal, developed with the soul intention of providing an all-encompassing resource for online poker players, new and old. The webmaster of PokerSense has left no stone unturned, supplying valuable, in-depth facts concerning the game of online poker, and a number of today’s most reputable operators.

New online poker players will find a comprehensive poker school that teaches users how to play poker, starting with the basics and fundamentals, then delving further into pot odds and bluffing tactics. The Poker School covers the three most popular games in the online poker industry, Texas Hold’em, Omaha and 7 Card Stud, including the ‘Hi-Lo’ versions of the latter two.

Considering the probable course of events, a poker enthusiast who has just learned how to play poker will next need to know where they can test their new-found skills. PokerSense provides a full list, including detailed reviews, of the best online poker rooms to play poker. Rooms can be viewed by three categories– best overall, poker bonus and reviews.

Each unbiased poker review come complete with a rating system of 1-5 Spades, 5 being best. Poker reviews cover everything from bonuses, traffic, software and network, to rake, customer support, payment methods and US player acceptance. From a poker room’s review page, visitors will find quick-links offering up a full schedule of upcoming tournaments and Freerolls at the online poker room.

Going one step further, PokerSense has developed a searchable poker tournament schedule, also available in two categories, regular tournaments and poker Freerolls (tournaments with a prize pool, but not entry cost). There are a lot of options here for sorting through tournaments. Users can search all poker rooms or a particular site, by game type, limit/blind structure and by the size of the prize pool.

PokerSense also provides frequent poker news updates, detailing all of the latest happenings in the poker industry, both online and offline. A separate page is supplied for World Series of Poker (WSOP) events and news, complete with a 2008 WSOP schedule of events, top prize and bracelet winners, video footage from the 2007 WSOP and a thorough history of today’s most prestigious poker series.

As a fresh online resource, PokerSense has already surpassed the average online poker portal. With the WSOP underway, resulting in an influx of new online poker players from around the world, there was no better time to announce the comprehensive resource guide that is


About PokerSense is an online poker portal dedicated to the provision of constructive resources in the online poker industry. It is the mission of PokerSense to help poker fans learn how to play poker, where to find the best online poker games and poker bonuses, as well as sorting through a plethora of poker tournaments and Freeroll tournament to find the best value. At the same time, users can keep up with industry news and live events, including the WSOP.


For more information

Thursday, May 29, 2008 Reviewed is an online poker portal with a budding array of resources. The site’s goal is to provide poker players with enough information to learn poker, from novice lessons to advanced levels of fine-tuned training.

The articles deal mostly with poker strategy, including No Limit poker games, hand selection in Limit games and how to snuff out a Texas Hold’em bluff through various poker tells. Poker tournament play is also covered. I found the article on “Switching Gears in NL Hold’em” to be especially interesting, giving players a new strategy that can through even the most seasoned poker player for a loop.

A daily influx of online poker news will keep enthusiasts up to date on the latest industry headlines, while an extensive list of ‘Pro Sites’ offers up the web sites of today’s most beloved professional poker players, including Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Phil Gordon, Chris Moneymaker, Clonie Gowen and many more.

Other handy resources at AbsolutePlayersClub include Poker Tools and Videos. An automated Poker Odds Calculator is available on site (under Poker Tools). Browse the videos for some of the most intense action among professional poker players, including Hellmuth/Negreanu and other high stakes showdowns.

Last but not least, once a player has perused the site long enough to gain the knowledge and confidence to take to the tables, visitors of AbsolutePlayersClub will find full scale online poker room reviews. Each review presents an overall rating system of 1-10, based on the rating of each category (software, traffic, variety, competition, tournaments and bonus), as well as general facts about the online poker room.

It appears an "APC Forum" is in the works, which would become yet another valuable asset to visitors of the site. Overall, I think has a good thing going for online poker players. As the site continues to grow, it will only become more inclusive. Keep up the good work!

This has been a sponsored review of

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BackgammonMasters Survey Reveals Players Prefer Cash To Second Life ‘Linden’

Popular online Backgammon operator, Backgammon Masters, ran a poll recently to determine the popularity of playing for 'Linden', a virtual currency found at "Second Life", rather than real cash. BackgammonMasters polled 500 of its non-US members, and the results came down in a landslide.

It turns out that only 20 of the 500 players who participated in the survey had even heard of the ‘Linden’ currency used by Second Life. Of those 20 who were familiar with the online casino virtual currency, only 2 of them showed interest in actually using the ‘Linden’ to place wagers at BackgammonMasters.

The purpose of the survey was to resolve a possible currency option, where BackgammonMasters would allow its players to place wagers in virtual cash, which could then be converted to a multitude of real cash currencies that include US Dollars, Euro, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Czech Koruna, Danish Kroner, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, and the South African Rand – all currencies currently accepted at BackgammonMasters.

According to the survey, international players at the online casino greatly preferred using real currency over the virtual variety, most asserting that it is more exhilarating to play for real money than with ‘Lindens’.

Many players were once left no option but to wait for deposits and cashouts to be converted to the appropriate currency – a costly measure at best - but the sophisticated programming of BackgammonMasters’ online cashier is presently able to convert all accepted currencies, automatically and commission-free. Exchange rates and associated bank fees are a thing of the past. BackgammonMasters instantly converts multi-currency deposits to USD for use in its Backgammon, Blackjack, Poker and Perudo gaming venues.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why Losing Makes You A Winner

A special treat today, from Miss Beth. A guest blogger who specializes in College Poker Tips:

Why Losing Makes You A Winner
By Miss Beth

Many people think that if they suck at poker, they must turn down invitations to Texas hold-um parties. Yet this in fact an incorrect assumption. Losing doesn’t mean you don’t win overall. Even losers can have winners. House parties generally have a $5-$15 buy-in. This doesn’t mean that if you loose the game you leave in the red. All this shows is that you must consume or drink enough to make a profit. If you go to a house that has a $5 buy in, gulp down at least 4 drinks. Don’t believe me? Do the math. Say a six-pack costs $8. 8/6=1and 1/3, or about $1.33. 4x1.33=5.32. Therefore, you have made a $0.32 profit in consumer goods. To further capitalize on being the loser, wait until the game is done then suggest ordering a pizza. Once this idea is popularized, look at the other players and propose that the big winner pay for it since he/she has “taken all of our money.” I guarantee the other losers will enthusiastically back up this idea. The free pizza further adds to your profit for the night while decreasing the big winner’s profit and so it becomes a less desirable position. (I say that to alleviate your jealousy you cheeky monkeys)

Now that we have established that you are not losing money by losing the game, it is time to look at the non-material benefits of losing. If you are in fact playing a game with boys and girls, losing can help you on your way to getting some. That’s right, despite what you have heard, the person with the cash isn’t always the real winner of the night.

Let’s start off with common sense. No one likes the person who takes him/her out in a poker game. Now boys, maybe you could look past your pride if the girl was pretty enough, but, being a girl, I know I would NEVER EVER get over it. That’s right, my contempt for the person who made me lose the last of my money would persevere past the drinks designed to loosen me up. If fact, the more alcohol I consumed would make me more likely to seek out my opponent and insult their looks/clothes/whatever in front of other girls. Once a girl has openly rejected you, you loose desirability to every female spectator. You would have virtually no chance of getting down my skirt or up the shirt of any other girl at the party. So if you are up against someone you think is cute, and you know you have the winning hand, fold. You will probably lose your money anyway in the end, and who wouldn’t pay $5-$15 for some play? I mean, hookers cost, what? At least $25. A side note to boys: Keep in consideration that your standards for “cute” girls change once you consume some drinks; the ugly ones may suddenly transform into desirable females so be nice to them.

Now that you have a potential hook-up in mind, there are two ways you can approach the situation, depending on who was taken out first. If you were the first to lose, tell your hottie that they played a good game but got a bad beat despite of what actually occurred. When they reply, “No, I’m not that good,” simply respond, “Hey, you’re better than me. I lost way before you did.” Then ask them for some of their tricks. Even the worst players have a strategy and it may be the stupidest, most insane thing you’ve ever heard, but pretend that it is the most intelligent piece of advice you can imagine. Following this easy dialogue will get you some goodnight kisses…on various parts of your body.

If the person lost before you, the opening statements are different depending on your gender. Boys: Tell the girl that she played very well but there was nothing she could do. They played the hand correctly but the other player got lucky. This will probably lead into a conversation about her strategies for winning, which you can proclaim are the best you’ve ever heard. Yada, yada, yada, you know the rest. Girls: Tell the boy that even the best poker players lose sometimes, including the world poker tournament players. This will lead into an elaborate discussion of why they lost and you can agree that they are in fact the best poker player you have ever seen. Although both conversations involve admitting your crush lost unfairly, the difference is this: Girls are in touch with reality enough to know that they are only amateur players; guys are so delusional that they are convinced they are the best poker player in the world, nay, the universe! In either case, by following these simple steps, although you lost at poker, you will be the winner in the bedroom.

This Article was written by College Poker Tips. Visit College Poker Tips to get their great advice on No Limit Hold em and Omaha Hi Lo

College Poker Tips is also hosting a Party Poker Fish List, made up of over 30,000 hands and 5,000 players. Use the free statistics to find out who the fish, maniacs and rocks are, and how to play against them.

Thursday, May 22, 2008 - Site Review

As the name implies, is an online poker resource providing free poker book offers as a part of their promotional package. Developing and implementing a winning poker strategy is the key to success, but first one must attain such valuable knowledge.

What drew me to this online poker portal in the first place was the promotion of free poker books. Signing up an account at an online poker room through this site, then collecting enough points to qualify (takes one week on average), grants the player four free poker books. Not just one book, and not the book this web site thinks you should have – no! FreePokerBooks allows the player to select absolutely any book related to the game of poker, with only two conditions; the books must be available on (or, and must not cost more than USD$25 each.

According to the FreePokerBook web site, for a limited time only, players who take advantage of the four free poker books promotion, then go on to collect 3,000 additional points at the specified online poker room, will receive a fifth free poker book.

If you’re new to the game of poker, or playing poker online, check out the Poker Books section for reviews of many top-selling poker books. These detailed reviews will help you out in selecting what free poker books would best suit your needs.

In addition to this free poker book promotion, users will find in-depth reviews of online poker rooms, along with the bonus codes that award the highest possible first-time deposit bonus from each poker site. also provides a poker blog covering all of the hot topics in the offline and online poker industry.

All in all, the ‘four free poker books’ promotion is an amazing deal, really – topped off by all of the other constructive niceties and informative reviews on the web site. You are getting up to $125 worth of poker books, just for doing what you wanted to do anyway – play online poker!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Identity Theft: Online Gambling Sites Becoming Vigilant

Online gambling sites are becoming more aware of, and vigilant towards, cases of identity theft within their operations since the recent 3-year sentencing of Fouda Mourtada. The government of Morocco found Mourtada guilty of identity theft after opening an account with Facebook using a false profile in the name of Moulay Rachid, Prince of Morocco.

Another case in point, BackgammonMasters Mexico discovered false profiles within their system that included Prince William, Tom Cruise and Madonna. The online backgammon operation researched the accounts posing as these famous individuals and found them to be utterly false.

"We've seen a trend in the industry for people to register popular names, as we call them "Gold usernames" such as backgammonking, pokerking, blackjack-king and celebrity names which are just as popular," relayed a spokesperson for the popular backgammon and blackjack site, "We see people in game forums even buying and selling these usernames. For these people it's status, kind of like having a custom license plate. As long as the games are for fun, we are not concerned."

While the cases at BackgammonMasters only involved fun-money players, enjoying free games of Backgammon, Poker and 21 Blackjack, the outright identity theft and ensuing conviction that occurred at a major company like Facebook has perked the ears and sharpened the eyes of many Internet operations.

In the case of Fouda Mourtada, it would seem some governments are more offended than others when it comes to insulting their leaders. A group of petitioners and Human Rights activists felt the 3-year sentence was more harsh than necessary, and after enough signatures were delivered, Mourtada was released, having served only 43 days of his term. Even so, the case has brought online identity theft to the forefront.

Ali Ammar, Mourtada's lawyer, shared his view on the subject, "This is a cultural problem; this is the first time that a Moroccan poses as a very important personality on the Internet. This is already a common practice in European countries."

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Texas Hold'em Heads-Up Poker Strategy

You'll find a plethora of online poker strategies pertaining to Texas Hold'em, but if you're going heads-up against a single opponent, the typical poker strategy must be adjusted. In Heads-Up poker games, players must divert from a numerical strategy to an aggressive mind-attack.

Targeting your opponents emotional stability can be the most effective way to steal their chips, whether it be one folded blind at a time, or a significant stack.

The key element behind this kind of mental attack on your opponent is to be aggressive. Not tight/aggressive, as are most strategic players, but outlandishly aggressive to the point you can dominate the table. This can be achieved in only a few hands. In the meantime, you are also given the opportunity to feel out your competitor's style of play.

If your opponent is trying to be aggressive back at you, become more aggressive and keep trying - soon after, they should relent. Once your opponent becomes passive, you have them right where you want them. They will begin to think, "okay, as soon as I get a monster hand, I'm taking this guy down!" Use this to your advantage, stealing blinds, one after another. It may not seem like much, but every chip they lose give you a two-chip lead over him.

Now that your opponent is just waiting for a big hand to call you, you will know exactly when they have it. Fold out to him. This will really get him upset - again, right where you want him. As your stack becomes significantly larger than his, you can now give him a morsel to chew on. Call his raises, using what was his own stack to give him that hint of confidence back.

By this time, your opponent believes you are so aggressive that you'll call just about anything. This is where you swoop down for the kill. When you know your opponent has something decent, worth betting on in his opinion, but the Flop has hit your hand dead on, you can force him to push all-in. He will be so sure you have nothing that he will be willing to put everything on the line to prove it. Thus is the power of emotional mind control in a heads-up poker strategy!

PurePlay Reviewed - Legal US Online Poker Room

PurePlay is a purely legal online poker room for US players. Their slogan - "Win Big Without The Risk" - references two things; the first is the fact that players never risk their own money at the tables, and the second is that by operating in such a manner, there is no risk of penalty by US law.

In regards to 100% legal US online poker, I give PurePlay two thumbs-up. The software itself runs pretty smooth and is easy enough to navigate. However, there is much lacking that a normal online poker room - one that requires depositing money to bet with - would provide.

Most importantly, these include player stats and live customer support. Members of PurePlay can acquire these features, and more, by paying a monthly membership fee of $19.99. Hence, the site is free, but if you want a better experience, you'll have to pay for it.

A paid VIP membership grants the user player stats, performance ratings, skill based tournaments (based on rating) live customer support and best of all, access to much more lucrative tournaments. Paid members won't have to view advertisement banners from PurePlay's sponsors either.

Let's compare the payouts and tournaments in regards to Free Membership VS. VIP Membership.

Cash Paid Out Over Time: $250,000
Cash Paid Out Monthly: $25,000
Biggest Cash Tournaments: $500
# Of Monthly Tournaments: 3,000

Cash Paid Out Over Time: $2,600,000
Cash Paid Out Monthly: $125,000
Biggest Cash Tournaments: $5,000
# Of Monthly Tournaments: 7,500

It's obviously much more lucrative to pay $19.99/month for the VIP Membership, but is it worth it? Yes, it is well worth it, because if you consider the alternatives, there is no telling how much one would deposit into a pay-to-play online poker room in hopes of winning at the tables. At PurePlay, you know what you're spending every month with the same hopes of a profitable ending. This term of use is what defines PurePlay as legal - players are not gambling (risking something in hopes of a better return) online, therefore breaking no laws.

US players who are wary of playing online poker should certainly give PurePlay a try, at least in the Free Membership zone. PurePlay currently offers a two-week free trial of VIP Membership, as well.

PurePlay may not be nearly as sophisticated as other online poker rooms, but that may change in the near future as the San Francisco based company has just received a substantial financial investment from several backers. This makes three investments since the company was founded in 2004 (launched in late 2005), totaling $15 million invested into the US-legal online poker room, PurePlay.

Monday, May 05, 2008 - Site Review

OnlineBingoChat has been offering up the latest headlines of online bingo rooms for nearly a year now, and has over time become a highly reliable, full-circle portal for all things Bingo. Navigation couldn't be easier, as all sections are categorized, archived and searchable on the directory menu.

OnlineBingoChat has separated it's Online Bingo Rooms into convenient, region-specific categories that include Australia Bingo, UK Bingo and US Bingo sites, as well as news pertaining to Bingo Jackpots and traditional land-based Bingo Halls.

Fans of the game who visit OnlineBingoChat will find Bingo Bonuses to be a hot topic in the headlines, letting players know where and how to find the best free online bingo money on the Internet. Not all free online bingo money comes from bingo bonuses, however, as the site has dug up a few of the hottest free-to-play online bingo sites, where a deposit is never required, but real prizes are up for grabs.

OnlineBingoChat also includes various historical facts about the game of Bingo, such as it's evolution into North America's most consistently played game at a multitude of charitable venues. Discover how the game of Bingo flourished from it's earliest forms in 1530 Italy into one of today's most popular online gaming industries. Last but not least, any fan of Bingo will find entertainment and amusement in the Bingo Fun Facts section, revealing the most interesting little known facts about the game of Bingo.

A nice blend of aesthetics and user-friendliness, truly is a great source of current Bingo news from around the world. This site is well worth a visit to learn the latest goings-ons and upcoming events at your favorite land-based and online bingo rooms.

Friday, May 02, 2008

UltimateBet Donates Aruba Poker Classic Seat

UltimateBet Poker

Online poker room UltimateBet has donated an $8,500 Aruba Poker Classic prize package including a seat in the Main Event, to be awarded to the 2nd place winner of the Kentucky Derby Poker Championship scheduled for tomorrow. Hosting the tournament will be none other than UltimateBet's own poker pro, and 11 time WSOP Bracelet winner, Phil Hellmuth Jr., along with Robert "Mr. Omaha" Williamson III.

The Kentucky Derby Poker Championship is a charity Texas Hold'em tournament that was developed to raise awareness of changes in the climate, and how they are impacting our communities; especially those that are poor and/or underdeveloped. The tournament will kick off at 8:30 p.m. at Caesar's Indiana, Saturday, May 3rd. Environmentally supportive poker players will be gathering from around the country to buy-in to the charitable Hold'em tournament for $2,500.

Phil Hellmuth Jr. and Robert "Mr. Omaha" Williams III will not only be hosting the Kentucky Derby Poker Championship, providing commentary throughout the evening, but as an added entertainment, they will both participate in the event while performing such duties.
Half of the buy-in will go towards the prize pool, while the other half will be donated to a list of charitable organizations, including the Health and Climate Foundation, Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre and the Robby Albarado Foundation. These organizations collectively aid individuals whose lives have been effected by disastrous climates, epidemics, as well as the homeless.

UltimateBet will be awarding the $8,500 Aruba Poker Classic Main Event prize package to the 2nd place winner of the Kentucky Derby Poker Championship. The package includes buy-in, accommodations and travel expenses. The 2008 Aruba Poker Classic is scheduled to run September 27 through October 4, with UltimateBet guaranteeing a minimum $4,000,000 prize pool with at least $1,000,000 going to the 1st place victor.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Backgammon Masters Going For Guinness Gamers World Record

Leading online backgammon site, Backgammon Masters, has announced its application to engrave its name into the Guinness Gamer World Records Book by initiating the 'farthest backgammon dice toss'. Using two specially designed, inflatable dice, a full 1-acre 'backgammon' field and a helicopter, Backgammon Masters expects to make history with this monumental, record-breaking match.

According to Backgammon Masters, here is how it will all go down: Two professional backgammon players will participate in the extraordinary match, seated within a helicopter rising 200-300 feet into the air. A one-acre field will be designed to precisely replicate a traditional backgammon board. The players will drop the large inflatable dice, specially designed to withstand such an impact, from the helicopter onto the backgammon field. Staff members on the field will maneuver the extra large game pieces, as requested by each player via a walkie-talkie system.

Expert helicopter pilot Quentin Smith, famed for his treacherous exploits across the desert and Arctic territories under extreme conditions, will assist in the event to ensure the safety of all involved. Smith is a trained expert in regards to helicopter safety, suitable flight locations and aviation regulations.

Should the event go off as planned, an associate with the Guinness Gamer World Records will document the height of the drops, placing Backgammon Masters into the record books for the farthest backgammon dice toss. The specially designed dice, valued at 1,000 Euro, will be awarded to the winner of the match.

Backgammon Masters will be selling special tickets to the record-breaking event, with all proceeds going to charity. The online Backgammon site has initiated this astonishing attempt in an effort to promote its numerous Backgammon Freeroll Tournaments. Aside from online backgammon games and tournaments, Backgammon Masters also offers blackjack and online poker, at variable stakes and limits for blackjack fans, within its versatile gaming lobby.

Monday, April 28, 2008

BingoPort - Online Bingo Portal Reviewed was developed by two exceptionally experienced webmasters to compile what they desired to be the ultimate UK online bingo resource. After an extensive tour and use of the web site, I firmly believe these guys have accomplished their goal.

Bingo fanatics from around the world will find categorically detailed information as to where to find the best Bingo action at any given time. BingoPort employs a dedicated staff that constantly monitors more than 30 of the top rated online Bingo sites in a stringent effort to display live, real-time statistics for each online Bingo site, including current player volume, pot size and jackpot size.

Members of BingoPort are privileged to the promotions of all associated bingo sites within a single bingo community. As a part of the BingoPort community, users will also have access to real player reviews of each online Bingo site, along with the ability to rate and review the sites themselves. This kind of forum-based activity is perhaps the only way to discover the truest overall experience encountered by a versatile group of online Bingo fans.

Bingo Port also rewards its members with 'Port Points'. Every time users do something within the BingoPort community, they are awarded these special points, which can earn the member extra bingo cash, bingo bonuses and/or bingo merchandise. The online bingo portal has recently developed an awesome 'Wicked Wheel' that members can spin and gain extra Port Points when they are running low.

BingoPort is not just for real-money players either. The site offers a complete section on Free Bingo sites, including both 90-Ball Bingo and 75-Ball Bingo. Like the real-money Bingo sections, the Free Bingo area also provides current game stats that include number of players, last prize and the CM on duty.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kool New Rakeback VIP Program! is a poker 'Rakeback Provider' that allows online poker players to receive a portion of their contributed rake back into their pockets. But that isn't all. RakeVIP takes special care of their players, offering them special VIP perks.

Online poker rooms fund their operation by taking a small percentage, usually 5% up to $3, of each pot; this is called the 'Rake'. When a player receives a 'Rakeback', they are essentially getting a percentage of the rake they contributed handed back to them.

RakeVIP, as a rakeback provider, is a single destination for online poker players to sign-up for rakeback from a host of today's most popular online poker rooms. Not only that, but with RakeVIP, you're getting the largest rakeback % you can possibly get from any provider.

RakeVIP Poker Rakeback Plus

RakeVIP has developed a VIP program called 'Rakeback Plus' that benefits its members more so than any other rakeback poker site. As RakeVIP members play online poker, accumulating their rakeback, they are also accumulating points at RakeVIP. The more points a member collects, the better rewards they can receive, to see the cool reward options, you'll need to register as a member, however, once you've done that. You'll have personal poker coaching, books, electronics, and all that other neat stuff you should be offered by online poker rooms as a VIP poker player at your finger tips.

In fact, if you download and test 4 or 5 rakeback poker offers, you might just have enough points to buy yourself a neat toy! The best thing about this program is that YOU DON'T LOSE MONEY for spending your points.

In short; the more you play - the more you earn - the more your rewards will be. RakeVIP hands out some pretty cool prizes to its VIP members who collect a significant rakeback and points. Poker players can earn electronics, like an MP3 player, iPod, Plasma TV, etc., Poker rules and strategy books, personal coaching to improve skills, cold hard cash, even a seat in the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

RakeVIP Poker Rooms & Rakeback Percentages

RakeVIP works with the most well known, reputable online poker rooms in the industry - online poker rooms that have a clean track record, loyal player base and other qualities that attest to the site's distinguished reputation. The list of online poker rooms associated with RakeVIP, and their respective Rakeback percentages (the percentage of rakeback offered to members of the online poker room and RakeVIP), are as follows:


Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt 27%
Cake Poker Cake Poker 33%
Absolute Poker Absolute 30%
Ultimate Bet Ultimate Bet 30%
Carbon Poker Merge Gaming 30%
PKR Poker PKR Network 30%
Pacific Poker 888 25%
Poker Heaven IPN/Boss Media 30%
Sun Poker Cryptologic 30%
Gonagas Boss Media 30%

From this list, one would automatically be drawn to the Cake Poker site, as it has the highest Rakeback Percentage of 33%. However, more important than the actual rakeback is the overall game play, software performance and game variety at the various online poker rooms. RakeVIP is currently developing an expansive database of online poker room reviews to thoroughly cover these topics, and more.

RakeVIP Rakeback Poker Bonuses

RakeVIP provides visitors and members of the site with details regarding each online poker room's first-time deposit bonus. RakeVIP is associated with 10 online poker rooms, and it is doubtful any one member would actually have the time or desire to participate in raked poker hands at all 10 sites on a regular basis. Therefore, RakeVIP has provided enough information to let poker players pick the online poker room that would best suit their skill level, bankroll size and preferred sign-up bonus.

RakeVIP Rakeback Poker Strategies & Videos

Developed by online poker players, for online poker players, RakeVIP also includes a host of resources to help beginners and novices become veterans and even professionals. Under 'Poker Strategies' in the main menu, visitors will find a extensive list of articles covering all aspects of the game of poker. Starting with the rules of the game, how to play poker cash games, Sit'n'Go tournaments and Multi-Table tournaments, RakeVIP then delves into 'Online Poker' specifics, like how to build a bankroll and the importance of rakeback to maximize profits. A brief section on Poker History, Culture and Etiquette describes the origins of poker, as well as how the World Series of Poker came about, along with how players should conduct themselves in both online poker rooms and land-based casino poker rooms.

RakeVIP also supplies instructional poker videos, along with re-play videos of GSN's "High Stakes Poker" television series. Visitors can watch and learn from the pros, covering every episode of the first four seasons of High Stakes Poker. Instructional videos are another great way to learn the game. While most "rules of poker" are simply textual documents, the ability to visualize what you are learning adds a heightened, if not much faster, aspect to the process.

RakeVIP currently offers instructional poker videos that cover Sit'n'Go Tournaments, Multi-Table Tournaments and a plethora of Poker Strategies.

RakeVIP Customer Support

As a membership based program, RakeVIP provides 24/7 customer support via email. Responses are generally realized within 24 hours, offering friendly, knowledgeable answers to all questions. The FAQ page is well detailed and can be very handy in providing answers to the most common questions.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ePassporte Bows To UIGEA; No More Online Gambling Transfers

In late 2006, the US government passes the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), prohibiting the transfer of monies between US residents and online gambling operations. Since then, US players have had an increasingly difficult time finding a viable method to deposit and withdrawal funds from such facilities.

Originally, ePassporte became the top preferred method for such transactions, stating its continued commitment to accept US player transfers. It would seem those days have come to an abrupt halt, according to email correspondence between the ePassporte Company and online gaming site, Pitbull Poker.

Evidently, ePassporte has bowed to the pressure of the US government, now declining to accept any monetary transactions to/from US residents that involve online gambling sites. There is a letter currently circulating the Internet said to be from ePassporte, to Pitbull Poker. In the letter, Gregory Elias of ePassporte states that it is suspending its accounts with Pitbull Poker, and that their agreement is hereby terminated.

Elias claims that while ePassporte firmly believes that these transactions are completely legal, the company is not willing to chance that the US government may disagree. Elias goes on to comment as to the ongoing investigation led by the U.S. District Attorney's office, based out of New York, set forth to deal with such matters.

Both the US Federal Reserve and US Treasury Department have offered testimony stating that the UIGEA lacks proper definition and is not sufficiently enforceable. Furthermore, several members of US Congress are actively working to halt enforcement of the UIGEA and effectively toss out the bill altogether. Even so, ePassporte has apparently chosen to remove itself from the situation, presumably due to strong-arm tactics by the US government.

US residents who once took advantage of ePassporte as a means of funding their online gambling accounts must once again find a secure, viable method of depositing. The departure of ePassporte from the US related online gambling market is being deemed shameful and premature, as many experts believe the UIGEA to be inappropriate, unenforceable and ultimately disregard-able as it may soon be entirely removed from US legislation.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Private Freerolls (password required) Information Being Spilled Publically.

Ever wondered how to get into those private freerolls held online? Just how do those elite few get the passwords to such events?

Poker Freeroll Tour has taken it upon themselves to uncover these events to the public. Private tournament events, speical member only bonus codes, and other perks once given only to a select few are being published on the site!

In fact, just today two new events were posted. . . A Freeroll, that requires no deposit at all, but lets players that are members of a specific forum or special group win real cash money.

Well enough of that crap. Poker Freeroll Tour is putting those guys on blast!

Check out the site for upcoming poker tournament information, as well as the inside scoop on ALL Sorts of exclusive poker and casino events, including juice added tournaments, exclusive bonus codes and more.

Tournament Number: 42659112
Tournament Name: Poker Strategy Forums
Time And Date: 1pm EST 15th March 2008
Game Type: No-Limit Holdem
Buy In: $5+50c (with $250 Added!!!)


Prize Money $50
Start Date Saturday
Start Time 14:00 (GMT-5:00)
Pitbull Poker Money Added Buy-in
Tournament Name IPM League Buyin
Buy-in $2.00 + $0.25
Prize Money $25 Added + Buy-ins
Start Date Every Sunday
Start Time 14:00 Server Time (GMT-5:00)
Password 25added

Sunday, February 10, 2008

BackGammon Masters ads Signature Link Technology!

BackgammonMasters a popular online gambling destination for poker, online blackjack, and of course Backgammon players implemented signature verification this week. The new system will offer special status to BackGammon masters VIP members by utilizing the companies patent pending Signature Link software into the sign up process.

For the most part Signature Link technology is just primarily by banks, and other online shopping locales, this is the first use of the technology in the gambling world, where Backgammon Masters will be utilizing the information and technology involved to allow online gamers to actually sign terms and conditions virtually and remotely through their computer rather than just ticking off the 'I agree' box.

In the past, BackgammonMasters blackjack players wanting to obtain VIP status would have to fill out tedious forms, this new process gets rid of all that paperwork, both for the staff at BackgammonMasters that was tired of dealing with the piles of paper, and for the online gambler, who didn't much care for the process of filling out the forms,

BackgammonMasters spokesperson said, "With our huge increase in traffic from players around the world we are now processing many VIP applications each day. The Signature Link technology will help both the players and the management team to provide faster and better service. The technology at first will be used to serve the VIP players and in the second phase will be used for the normal transactions. We first have to check the technology and the feedback of our users before adding this to our cashier, but we will take this step by step."

According to the staff at BackgammonMasters the new technology will allow for centralized management of the paperwork process.

For more information, visit 4flushblog sponsors

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Piggs Casino Review

With a welcome bonus of $400, some of the best and most varied promotions around, and a massive selection of games, Piggs Casino is internationally renowned as one of the premier online casinos. Whatever your preferred game might be – slots, blackjack, video poker, craps, keno, baccarat, sicbo, progressive games – they are all here at Piggs Casino, and if you are new to any of these games you can play for free before playing for real. For those looking to win the big jackpots then this is also the place for you too as the casino is home to Major Millions, Cash Splash, Tunzamuni, King Cashalot and many other progressive jackpots that regularly total more than $2,000,000!

Above all, however, Piggs Casino is famed for its loyalty club. There are five different levels of the VIP club membership ranging from Bronze to Diamond, and those that reach the later are entitled to red carpet treatment that cannot be matched at other online casinos. All players also benefit from round the clock support, and the casino has a well earned reputation for dealing with any queries that may arise in a timely and efficient manner.

Players can wager in four different currencies – US Dollars ($), Canadian Dollars ($), British Pounds (£) and Euros (€) – and there are a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. Every single transaction is recorded along with the player’s entire playing history, whilst the payouts are reviewed by an independent auditor every month. The casino is licensed in Kahnawake, Canada, and Proc-Cyber, the leading e-commerce provider, processes all payments in an entirely secure environment to ensure that your money.

Latest Offer - All new players get up to $400 free!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Magic Hold’em Real Time Texas Hold’em Odds Calculator

Magic Hold’em is an odds calculator that can help a player determine what moves they should make when holding certain cards. It was created with the help of professional poker players and statistic experts. To begin using the software you first must download Magic Hold’em.

Magic Hold’em currently has a free trial offer for new customers. Once you click on the offer you begin downloading the software and are then directed to some great offers on how to get the software free. The site will offer you a free lifetime license to use the software and all you have to do is choose the poker room you would like to play at. You can also buy a one year license for $89.95 which is $20 off the original price.

After the installation process you will see the screen for your free trial. When you sit at your poker table, the Magic Hold’em software will automatically detect your game and will be ready to help you determine your odds. The software is designed with different calculation modes for play money, real money and tournament tables. Once you begin playing, the odds calculator is placed on the outside of your tournament table window. It has the odds of you vs. the best, deck card probability, game info, pot odds and outs.

Magichold’em will also rank your hand and display it right over your current table. You can click on any of these categories to receive the appropriate information. I think the coolest feature is a small line of information that sits on the poker table. It is constantly giving you information on your hand compared to what is happening in real time. For example, if you are going to bet, check or raise even updating as your opponent is deciding what to do, the information is constantly changing according to your position.

The MagicHold’em website has a list of all the online poker rooms that can be used to obtain a free license. It also has a list of poker rooms that are supported by the MagicHold’em software. I downloaded the free trial myself and used it on my Full Tilt Poker games. It was really helpful on helping me decide which move I wanted to make. The information that MagicHold’em provides was especially helpful by making my decision easier on hands that I might not normally want to fold or hold. It creates a whole new meaning to the phrase “you got to know when to hold’em, know when fold’em.”

Saturday, January 26, 2008

UltimateBet Gos All-In for American War Vets - Online Poker Tournament

Online poker room UltimateBet and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian are teaming up to support America's war veterans and their families. The popular online poker site today announced that Scott Ian will be representing Ultimate Bet in Operation: All-In, a charity No Limit Hold'em tournament featuring poker players, celebrities, and mixed-martial-arts fighters playing poker together with the aim of raising money to help injured soldiers.

"We're thrilled to be a part of this worthy charity poker tournament," stated spokesperson George MacLean. "And there's no better celebrity poker player to represent us at the tables than Scott Ian."

Scott Ian is no stranger to raises, all-ins, bluffs and everything else Texas Hold'em. Last year, the Anthrax guitarist traded his guitar chips for poker chips to play in VH1's Rockstars of Poker. He finished first in the event, beating out Sully Erna of Godsmack and winning a seat in the 2007 Aruba Poker Classic tournament.

It was in Aruba, while spending a week with 10-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth and legendary world champion Annie Duke, that Ian sharpened his poker skills even further. He plans to use the valuable poker tips and tricks he learned from the two UltimateBet pros to finish first in the charity event.

Operation: All-In takes place at The Joint--located inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino--on Saturday, January 12 at 1pm. The 150-player tournament costs $550 to enter and features a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000. All additional money earned from the event will go straight to the Xtreme Couture GI Foundation.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bonus Codes, a Nintendo Wii and Free Bankrolls! is a resource website that offers online players a huge variety of information on a number of poker topics. The websites main goal is to offer players the most up to date information available on the largest bonuses online. According to the website the creators have negotiated with each poker room and bartered for the best deals.

One of my favorite features on the site is the Sort Poker Rooms By section. It is a collection of links that let me click on exactly the type of bonus I'm looking for, biggest poker bonus.

Other bonus options include:

Easiest Bonuses To Clear
Best Low Stakes Poker Rooms
Best High Stakes Poker Rooms
Best Short Handed Poker
Most Non - Hold'em Games
Best Sit and Go Tournaments
Best Rooms for Beginners
Best Guaranteed Tournaments
Best Heads - Up Tournaments
Best Satellite Tournaments
Best Freeroll Tournaments
Mac Compatible / No Download

tournament, stakes, poker rooms, etc that they are looking for. Such categories include: Biggest Bonus, Easiest Bonus to Clear, Best Sit and Go Tournaments and Best Rooms for Beginners.

There is also a poker video section. The videos feature video blogs from professional poker players such as Daniel Negreanu and David Williams. There are also videos of chip tricks that I must say are very informative and teach the tricks well. I even learned one myself. Also available on the site are Brain Game videos and a poker odds calculator. The creator stated that the types of videos added were for entertainment value as well as their usefulness.

Online poker room reviews are also on the website. There are several types of reviews available for visitors to view. There is a summary review which gives brief synapses of the poker room, a detailed review which of course gives a detailed review of the poker room. The review also details bonus information for each poker room.

Each poker room has been rated in the review and has a table and lobby screen picture to show exactly what the site will look like when you are playing. Each review page has several links that offers information on the poker room site such as promotions, deposit information, poker tournament and loyalty programs. There is also a link to download the software for the poker room or a visitor can browse the poker room to see if they would like to download the software.

This site is also giving away a Nintendo Wii in a promotion that will begin on March 1st. besides a Wii, poker room deposit money and poker gear will be up for grabs. The object of the giveaway will be for visitors to click on a link each day to “Get Today’s Wii Word”. They then must continue getting the Wii word of the day until March 31st. Then email the appropriate information to the site to try and win. More details are available on the website.

The Poker Bonus is a cool new website with a ton of useful information for today’s online poker player. It is easy to navigate and the graphics are interesting as well. The videos are of great quality and entertaining. Overall I can see myself as a regular visitor. The different information they provide on poker rooms and bonuses is an invaluable tool for the online poker player to get the most out of their money and online poker experience.