Thursday, February 02, 2006

And the Journey Begins...

I remember a while back, a long while back, a promised myself a walk on the no limit side. I think that time has come.

Moving on the 6th of February, so until after the dust settles, I am going to read the Harrington book's and SS2. Then I am going to the $25 NL tables and see if I can make it. Of course along with that come the tournaments. I do real well till it comes close to the end and either finish at the bubble or just inside the bubble. I have an apparent flaw and I am bound to find it.

So, I am off to learn and then try the NL side of the game. I have dabbled before but this will be my first real attempt to play more than just a few sessions. I hope it doesn't turn into a painful lesson.

Let's 1

Till Next Time!