Saturday, June 18, 2005

My Day

I haven't played poker since Wednesday. At first I had to force myself not to play. I knew I needed to take a break, so I successfully didn't play at all. (Spending Thursday at Paramount Kings Dominion helped) I haven't even been chatting with my friends. For that I am truely sorry but I needed a full break from all things poker.

During this time I did manage to screw up/fix/screw up worst and fix . I deleted what turned out to be pretty important html code for my overall layout. Good news is I learned a couple tricks on how to fix it and learned a little more about the Mambo process along the way.

My comeback date is set for Monday. Should be fully rested and ready! Just can't do it any sooner. Sunday is MY DAY. My kids are older now (12 and 7) so I actually look forward to breakfast in bed. So to all those that qualify.........


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Next Time: How About a Warning!

I don't know what happened. Everything was going well, life was good, no worries and then BAM! Everything went dead. All of a sudden I have cornered the market on Ax, Kx and Qx. After 35 minutes today I was wondering if this was a special game with no face cards. Last night I two tabled for 3 hours and won 9 TOTAL HANDS! No bad beats here though, I folded all the rest! I lost $60 in just blinds.

Being cold decked sucks but I will take it over being bad beat to death. Both are frustrating but I think cold deck and NOT being able to play is the worst. I went over my pokertracker stats from last night and I saw 10% of the flops. 10%!! So I looked harder and found maybe 3 hands I could have played that I didn't. Hand after hand of xx. I told some friends in chat it felt like I backed into a ten foot pole and just had it pulled out of my nose.

I have been playng a lot lately and been on a decent run so I think I will just take the a few days off. I'm due for a break anyway. Think I might go to Paramount Kings Dominion for a day with the family. Got some new cool rides and it is only an hour up the street.


Micheal Jackson - Not guilty - all charges.
I will not comment on the specifics because I was not there and don't know the whole story but I just have to wonder if that was me being prosecuted if it wouldn't have taken 30+ days to decide and I would be in a cell with "Bubba" by now. Money may not buy you love but it damn near gets you everything else.

Till Next Time