Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Been a long time since I have had anything to say. Well, not true but has been a while since I have taken the time to write it down. Pretty sure no one is interested in my "other life" besides poker, but I will get to it all in due time.

The new house is great, it is now getting to be warmer and I am beginning to do a little yard work. I know for some it is a dread and by the end of the summer it will be for me also but for now, after apartment living for 6+ months, having a yard is great! This one was vacant for a while before we came so have some (a lot) of raking to do. Just having an excuse for Lowes and Home Depot is good enough for me!

Recently came back from Atlantic City. Played poker mostly at the Sands. Arrived Friday and they had a $20 + $10 tournament. I finished 60ish out of 135 and don't feel I played to badly in my first live tournament. Went card dead BAD and nothing ever came around.

Went to a $1/$2 NL cash game and made a killing. I had a friend who came back from Vegas and said the table play was worst than anything you would see online. If you just sat there till you got THE hand you could make money. I thought that was a bit of an exaggeration but come to find out..NOT! Of course there was exceptions and you saw who they were pretty quick but for the most part, the fish were biting. One weekend doesn't make for a solid scientific defense of this theory I know. If I hadn't made money ALL weekend, maybe I would chalk it up to an anomaly but it was the truth all weekend. If I could have stayed away from the other games, would have brought home a lot more money! As it was I had a great time, and brought home money. Since there are little junkets from here going about every other weekend, think I will make it a habit to keep going up. Besides, if Congress has its way, maybe only way to go real soon!

So to put this in chronological order for those trying to keep up: I moved, went to Atlantic City, got the flu, gave it to the kids, took care of the kids and now everyone is back to school and work. So let’s play poker! I still think I am going to stick to my guns this time and stay with the NL end. With my new forum getting busier, I will start this at Sun Poker and Titan Poker since most of my tournaments will be held there over the next few months.

Funny how time has a way of dulling goals and motivations. It wasn't long ago I was talking about my schedule and sticking to it and the problems I was having staying focused and working all them out. Now, it is getting back into the routine that is the big issue. I am finding it easier to come up with the "Why I can get started tomorrow" excuses than actually doing something. I think once I finally start, i will be OK. Of course I got the estimate on getting the side door fixed on my Van today so that just might be enough to get me motivated again...OUCH!

Not enough to start now though! I am going to hit some golf balls on this first fabulous day of the year here. 70+ degrees! I will do better with the posts from now on that will also help me get going. Can't have a very good poker blog if there is no poker to write about. (As you can see)

Till Next Time!