Friday, March 18, 2005

Update Coming But First...

I would like to take this post and use it to send all my prayers, good karma, positive vibes and whatever else I can to Felicia. Get well.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Powerful Tool - Blind Play

I am about to reveal the most powerful tool in your poker arsenal. It is a play that, if used correctly and with proper timing, can make you a few bb’s a night that would have gone to someone else’s stack. Just like all tools, position is the most important rule to keep while using this tool and it particular works well in the blinds.

Got your pencil and paper ready? Here it is: Bet. I know obvious right? So many times, lately, I have seen someone limp and check down and some one hit an “x” card on river to win. Then you hear “That hand never wins for me”.

I have paid special attention to some details lately thanks to The Poker Tracker Guide (Get It!) and a comment from Harrington’s book that says pay attention to the perception of the table you are playing at AND the perception the table may have on you. Now, I use Poker Tracker and Gametime+ to help with my perception of the table but honestly have not given the tables perception of me much thought. I am a tight player, weak/tight at times and working on being more aggressive. So with this perception, hopefully, being projected, why not take advantage of it.

Yes, Harrington’s book is NL but I think this principle carry’s over to limit also. If you are playing at the 50+% seeing the flop tables and you couldn’t get someone to fold if you show them your cards, this will probably not work for you. As a matter of fact, betting works better against solid players capable of laying down a hand or a draw. I usually look for a solid player or two before I sit down, but table dynamics is another post all together.

As I alluded to earlier, position plays a big part in the success of a timely bet. I set out to improve my blind winning percentage by a few points or so. So I made a conscious decision to be more aggressive post flop from the blind. So during a session, if I played the blinds in a normal situation (I didn’t go out and try to play every blind) I bet out on the flop, no matter what. I was prepared to abandon this “experiment” if I was losing a lot of money and also folded to any resistant (raises) if I had missed all together. A few times when I bet out from BB and SB, it was folded around. That was the most suprising, to me, results of the experiment. The majority of the other times the bet put me heads up which made the betting on turn and river easier, if I went that far. Then a few times the fold was easy and no doubt I was beat. The blinds are –EV still but not nearly as bad as before.

I ended this experiment early because a couple players caught on to what I was doing, one even slyly commented in the chat one time. (I have played with him some before). I learned something though. I used to only semi-bluff out of the blinds, I either had a hand, a good draw or a piece of it and a good read on my opponent. Now I am going to use a trigger (if both cards are red for example) to decide when I bet out the blinds no matter what.

Like all things, over use can be bad. Even the slightly less astute players will figure out you can’t have a hand in the blind EVERYTIME. The blinds don’t have to be a huge money pit either. According to the Poker Tracker Guide my blind play was on the lower end of the “acceptable” levels, so this is one weak spot that has been reinforced. Now on to the others! (I tend to like AA and KK - A LOT!)

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Almost Heaven

Did you read the title and think "West Virginia"? Any how:

I have a new set up. I had a computer I used for work hanging around and I formated it to use just for and poker! I spent $85 and got a HP 91 20 inch monitor and I most admit....I love it! 3 tabled Interpoker today and started to clear bonus. 3 tables, Poker Tracker and Gametime+ had everything undercontrol. Played for 2 hours and half way done with bonus already. Finished up $1.50! Tables were unusually tight this afternoon. It was wierd seeing all the tables and not having tables pop up eveywhere. Well, enough about my new found paradise!


Scurveydog has set up a possible weekly Omaha 08 tournament. Better yet, it will be freerolls with a big event at the end.

What: Omaha 8 Limit Tournament
When: Friday, March 18 8:00 PM C.S.T
Where: Noble Poker
Cost: $0 ($50 freeroll provided by Noble Poker)
Who's Invited: You (bloggers, readers, whoever)
Tournament Name: Omaha
Tournament Password: hammer

Check out more details:
HERE. He needs at least 15 people!


I spent most of my available writing time getting blogger to open up so I will have to come back later and share the most powerful move in holdem. It will make you a ton of money if used properly and not abused. Until next time, go read all the good posts you can find listed at the left of this blog.

Till Next Time!

Monday, March 14, 2005

My First WPBT Event Part 2

So I am at the break 39th. Feeling pretty good. I am just a little under average stack and I decide to tighten up considerably because the non-holdem rounds are coming and I would like to at least limp to the next holdem round with a decent chance to maybe make the money. 16 got paid. I even say out load "Unless you have a high PP with a low possibility, I am folding."

Level 7(Omaha H/L) - asphnxma has just been moved to the table. I get dealt AhJhAs2d, now I am not sure about Omaha H/L but that looked pretty good to me. I did not right down the flop but I hit set with a possible low. Asphnxma and I see the turn, I 3 bet and he had hit a straight, no low to bail me out and I am down in a heart beat. Went all in with a good low hand next time and got lucky when I two paired and got low hand for the sweep. Ended level at T333 and all the wind knocked out of me. I am 56 out of 57.

Level 8(Razz) - Picked my first 3 cards to a low hand and got all my chips end. So after loosing with a set of aces, I double up twice with two real crappy hands. So is poker and I end the level at T1163 and 41 out of 52. A little hope for a possible revival.

Level 9(7stud) - Uneventful and I play maybe one hand and ante my way down to T400. Eventually I go out in the next level when my 8 low gets beat by a 7 low. I am out 38th but had a blast playing. At least I didn't go out first!

Special thanks to Iggy for setting it up.

My First WPBT Event

Before I begin I would like to think StarLuck Casino for the free $5 that I turned into the Poker Tracker Guide. Believe me it is well worth the $20. GET IT!

I will link the people I know, sorry if I missed you.

Table 12


Level 1(Holdem)
Was hoping for some cards to get up a little but got a SB special, followed by a BB bet in a pot no one wanted and ended up with 1500 going to level 2. Right where I started.

Level 2(Omaha H/L) - First hand QQ and ended up folding on turn to flush board. Won one hand with A82T when I hit the low and unexpectedly won the hi with 2 pair. Now at T1160

Level 3(Razz) - excited about this part because my cards have stunk up the place so far. Held my own, won one pot and left this level at T1310. 53 out of 93.

Level 4(7 Stud) - NEVER played this game before. Folded all but one and saw the turn and that was it. T1085 and 57 of 89. No one at my table has busted yet. Which turned out to be bad. I am moved and one of these players I will see again.

Table 6


Level 5 (7 Stud H/L) - Still not much of a clue here but manage to split one pot and leave with T923. I feel good, made it through the first events and with Holdem coming up next, think I can at least make the break. Saw my first casualties here in ToddCommish and speclj. So that means I get moved again and caught a break. Missed the blinds!

Table 1

gdogg- Eventual winner!
bigpuppy - fhwrdh
peacecorn - Scurveydog - tapin42
scarknight - asphnxma

Level 6 (Holdem) - Saw the first "ouch" of the evening when peacecorn got all in with KK only to see scarknight turn over AA. The AA held and peacecorn was gone. I get 99 late that flop a set and AKs in the CO to a A on flop and end up coming out with T1573 and 39 out of 71. More importantly I made it to the BREAK!

Next report..I get to see another "ouch" but this time it hit home!