Saturday, January 08, 2005

3 for 3

Well, my limit game is in a little slump. Poker Room went ok last night, down 10 bb's for session. Was never up but was down almost 25 bb's at one point. So maybe the turn around is near. Let’s hope so.

Did play a freeroll at a new site last night. Poker Host is a nice site with fast software and some neat extras. About 100 people registered so far and a very enticing 110% first deposit bonus.

Now for the best news of the week. Bet365 $5000 freeroll. 3 weeks ago I backed into 300 for $4.75, last week I finished 253 for $6.00 and this Saturday I finished 158 for $7.50. So that’s $18.25 with a starting bankroll of $0. So I decided I will try the .01/.02 NL tables and see how far I can go. Of course I will keep playing the Saturday Freeroll , since I am 3 for 3 in last 3 weeks. Now I suck at NL so if I can money, anyone can, so check it out next Saturday. Everyone else is: 1800 3 weeks ago, 2200 last week and 2505 this week.

Not playing tonight. Will play my normal schedule on Sunday. I am being patient and waiting for right cards and then playing half of them all wrong. So I am watching football today and relaxing. My aggressiveness is all messed be honest is missing entirely, so I will take this time to straighten up and get back in gear. I know a lot of people think freerolls are a waste of time and a crap shoot, but they are good for getting your game right for no risk. Once you get past the break, they usually end of playing pretty good. So I feel better about my game a little and look forward to a Sunday turn around.

Till then:

Play Well!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Another Day...New Attitude

There are far more greater things in life than poker and far more important things than a good run or bad. If you will, support the events at you favorite site for the Tsunami Relief effort. If you would like to help the American Red Cross directly... here is the link.

Tsunami Aid

The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essense of inhumanity.
George Bernard Shaw (1856 -

Now for poker:

What a bad couple days for me. Empire was what I expected except none of my cards were holding up. Day two was more of the same and add I wasn't getting cards on top of that and it was frustrating.

So out with the old and in with the new. So on to Poker Room with a new attitude and we will get this ship turned around.

I noticed some interesting trends at the Evil Empire. (Part of the horrid play)

1) Call no matter what with any A. They limp in and call any raise with any A. I saw many of showdowns were it was called down with one person holding A high and losing.

2) Any two suited will due. That is a trend I see everywhere.

3) Slow play preflop. I must say that this was more prevalent here than I have seen anywhere else. Many of time I saw people "wake up" on the turn, or must likely river, and flip over AA, KK or something.

4) Check the flop/turn and river and then bet 1 bb into a 1.5bb pot. Either with top pair/a piece of some kind or the nuts. The risk/reward here is a little askew.

5) No draw is too remote to see if you hit. Just keep calling no matter how much it cost for your gut shot, or 2 outer, or miracle card.

These are all trends as a good poker player you want to see, recognize and take advantage of. Now I was on a bad run and was only their two days so I got creamed but in the long run I could have made out for sure. One of the big negatives of bonus chasing is that it is a form of hit and run. If you get hot it can be very profitable and if not, go to the next bonus.

Hopefully a good report after tonights play!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I SURRENDER!Empire 2 4flush 0


First time I ever cashed out with no bonus. Lost it all. The play at Empire was at best horrid and at worst mind dumbing.

I have had every possible combination of cards cracked my the most horrendous play I have ever seen. No need for details.

I know as a poker player I want people 3 betting their gut shot and rivering their 2 outers but in the last two days THEY ALL DID! No long shot I played against missed. I will of course take some time off as my funds are transfered and lets hope Poker Room is better.

I really have nothing else to add. Glad there are no sharp objects close by.

Round 1: Empire1 4Flush 0

Ok round one goes to Empire last night...down 25 bb's. It was crazy! QQ goes down 6 times, KK goes down twice, sets go down to straights and the list goes on. People playing any two cards all night and hitting like crazy. I don't mind the any two cards part but damn, all were hitting. Just one of those nights. Played with first maniac in a loing time. 100 hands before he left: 95% VPIP, 35% PFR and 5+ aggression on all streets. He went from $50-$80-broke. Got two hands against him and he folded on flop both times.

Not much in the way of good news but did play 3 tables all night and did get 1/2 the bonus cleared. I just have to adjust to the loose play and move on. Currently in the middle of round 2 and I am in the lead! So hopefully it will continue to grow.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Both Barrells Loaded!

Best quote so far this year: Poker Penquin...
"idiots have to be lucky, or natural selection would have got rid of them by now"
Sorry about the 1 out beat!

OK, lock and loaded for Empire Poker. Will start this evening clearing this bonus. Now, low and behold...Poker Room has stepped up to the plate with a re-load. 15% up to $150 through Neteller.

So this is the plan. Empire for two days, Poker Room for 3 days and then..Full Tilt. Yep, I'm going. Jsaw, a friend of mind from ITH, who deposited last week, says that the bonus could be clearable in a months time playing at the rate I am playing. So, that being possible, can't pass up a free $600.

I will be using my new found "talent" for 3 tables. My goal is to clear 1/2 of Empire bonus tonight and 1/2 tomorrow during the day. Been a while since I have been to Poker Room but I think the bonus is a little slower there so I will go with 3 days to clear it. Then I will allow 6 weeks to clear Full Tilt just in case. Unless something amazing happens in the next week, I will be breaking a rule I made a few months back and playing at a non-pokertracker site. Guess rules were made to be broken.

I hope that this doesn't happen. Sorry Iggy!

Hopefully, next post will contain a positive experience with the "Evil" Empire.

Till Then,

I wish people who have trouble communicating would just shut up.
Tom Lehrer (1928 - )

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Off to evil Empire

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left.
Oscar Levant (1906 - 1972)

Sometimes I can't believe what I read. Check this out from F Train. Some interesting 15/30 hands.

Also Otis is reporting from the Caribbean. Keep up with all the action.

Well the schedule is working well, so I am taking my first break. Not on purpose though. Cleared InterPoker today and cashed out. Going to Empire Poker for their reload now. If you haven't heard, the Empire reload is in the newletter. You have to play 7x's the bonus in hands and have 14 days to complete it.

A side note here for all you conspiracy theorists: I called InterPoker to see how many more hands I needed to clear. (My morning session was over) They said 39. I cranked up two more tables and NEVER won another hand. Dropped 18 bb's getting those 39 hands. All quality hands, all went down in flames. Including QQ at both tables at the same time! Hmmmmmmm.

I added muti tabling to my arsenal towards the end of last year. Two tabling mostly and found it not only profitable but also as fun as everyone told me. It took me a while to get use to but during the InterPoker bonus I opened three tables and it wasn't that much more to do. With Poker Tracker and Game Time + running, it isn't as ABC poker as some have said. Now, don't misunderstand, it isn't critical analysis but it does allow for a quick peek of the type of players in the hand before you decide to play. I'm looking forward to Empire and auto importing hands and auto updating Game Time +.

With money transferring around, I won't play tonight; InterPoker is usually fast so hopefully will be at Empire tomorrow.

See you at the tables!

Monday, January 03, 2005

All Clear!

Well, all bonuses are cleared so time to start a new. Going to knock out Interpoker today and tomorrow. Crypto's are great monthly bonuses.

On the freeroll calendar you will notice we are up to over 70 a day and 125+ on Saturday. Thanks to every one who has helped this grow above and beyond my expectations.

Since I mentioned freerolls, Saturday I won $6 in the Bet365 $5k freeroll finishing 205 out of 2000. Had an ok stack this time and my all in with flopped two pair got called by 4 flush and he rivered. I've seen a lot of this calling all ins with only a draw, quess in the long run I will not be complaining.

I have set my schedule for Day: 10am to 1pm and then 9pm-1am at night. Now lets see if I can keep it up! That lets me play when the kids are at school and after they go to bed. Also gives me the bulk of the day and evening to spend with them. Its harder than I thought to keep a strict shcedule. Mainly because I know I can play anytime so it's hard not to get distracted. I am really going to concentrate on keeping this one and tracking the results.

Until then:

Go console Iggy on a terrible Pitts sports weekend (Except Steelers)and check out Scurvydog's for a great bonus chase article

See You at the Tables!