Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Both Barrells Loaded!

Best quote so far this year: Poker Penquin...
"idiots have to be lucky, or natural selection would have got rid of them by now"
Sorry about the 1 out beat!

OK, lock and loaded for Empire Poker. Will start this evening clearing this bonus. Now, low and behold...Poker Room has stepped up to the plate with a re-load. 15% up to $150 through Neteller.

So this is the plan. Empire for two days, Poker Room for 3 days and then..Full Tilt. Yep, I'm going. Jsaw, a friend of mind from ITH, who deposited last week, says that the bonus could be clearable in a months time playing at the rate I am playing. So, that being possible, can't pass up a free $600.

I will be using my new found "talent" for 3 tables. My goal is to clear 1/2 of Empire bonus tonight and 1/2 tomorrow during the day. Been a while since I have been to Poker Room but I think the bonus is a little slower there so I will go with 3 days to clear it. Then I will allow 6 weeks to clear Full Tilt just in case. Unless something amazing happens in the next week, I will be breaking a rule I made a few months back and playing at a non-pokertracker site. Guess rules were made to be broken.

I hope that this doesn't happen. Sorry Iggy!

Hopefully, next post will contain a positive experience with the "Evil" Empire.

Till Then,

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