Monday, January 03, 2005

All Clear!

Well, all bonuses are cleared so time to start a new. Going to knock out Interpoker today and tomorrow. Crypto's are great monthly bonuses.

On the freeroll calendar you will notice we are up to over 70 a day and 125+ on Saturday. Thanks to every one who has helped this grow above and beyond my expectations.

Since I mentioned freerolls, Saturday I won $6 in the Bet365 $5k freeroll finishing 205 out of 2000. Had an ok stack this time and my all in with flopped two pair got called by 4 flush and he rivered. I've seen a lot of this calling all ins with only a draw, quess in the long run I will not be complaining.

I have set my schedule for Day: 10am to 1pm and then 9pm-1am at night. Now lets see if I can keep it up! That lets me play when the kids are at school and after they go to bed. Also gives me the bulk of the day and evening to spend with them. Its harder than I thought to keep a strict shcedule. Mainly because I know I can play anytime so it's hard not to get distracted. I am really going to concentrate on keeping this one and tracking the results.

Until then:

Go console Iggy on a terrible Pitts sports weekend (Except Steelers)and check out Scurvydog's for a great bonus chase article

See You at the Tables!

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