Thursday, January 06, 2005

Round 1: Empire1 4Flush 0

Ok round one goes to Empire last night...down 25 bb's. It was crazy! QQ goes down 6 times, KK goes down twice, sets go down to straights and the list goes on. People playing any two cards all night and hitting like crazy. I don't mind the any two cards part but damn, all were hitting. Just one of those nights. Played with first maniac in a loing time. 100 hands before he left: 95% VPIP, 35% PFR and 5+ aggression on all streets. He went from $50-$80-broke. Got two hands against him and he folded on flop both times.

Not much in the way of good news but did play 3 tables all night and did get 1/2 the bonus cleared. I just have to adjust to the loose play and move on. Currently in the middle of round 2 and I am in the lead! So hopefully it will continue to grow.

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