Friday, April 01, 2005

Not going to Vegas...but not bad

To win a tournament. You have to get lucky. You have to win draws, catch rivers and swim like a shark

- Matt Dean - Ship It Poker

Last night I could do none of those. Finished 92 out of 766. All because of two VERY dry run of cards.

First hour I was at a table of gamblers. I waited and waited. How much did I wait. I played ONE hand. KK and doubled up +. It was easy. Raised 5x pre flop, two callers. All in when no ace fell. One caller who had an ace and a straight draw (If he got runner runner.)

First half of second hour I was stealing a little and stayed above avg. chip stack. Then the cards just went dead. I was moved to a table with a loose big stack two to my left which curtailed my blind stealing and didn't see anything worth playing for about an hour.

Well into third hour with antes and blinds going up I pushed with ATo into a rag flop and took it down to keep my head above water. Then I went dead again. Wanted to make a move before I got low enough not to be respected and push with T2000 in the BB with AJo. 2 callers and the board 2 paired so I though I would at least split. The river was a K and I was out to KJo.

When I got chips the cards went dead. I got low and got QQ and AA to get me back some and then went dead again. Never sustained a run long enought to be able to do anything. 92nd for a guy who's only MTT credits this year are two TPTK Oamha H/L events and the Full Tilt WBPT HORSE event, not to bad.

So long March! I for one will miss you. It would have been nice to tack on a trip to Vegas but it was still a great month. I hope the last few days at Poker Room aren't an omen of things to come in April.

Till Next Time!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Different Tune

So I had this post and I was trying to publish it and blogger was messing up. It was all about how not only was I deleting Poker Room from my computer... I was using Norton and wiping it off my computer.

I flopped 5 sets today and lost everyone. I had QQ with a QXX(r) flop and lost to KJ when a TA came runner runer and I'm capping every street between 3 people!

So I decided to 4 table $25 NL and just see if I could stop the bleeding. I doubled up twice and got all the money back I lost plus 75 cents by the time I quit. I guess that means a little longer on the bonus. Got 400 points to go but will stick with $25 NL from here out. Points come slower but the limit tables are killing me.

Hoping I can play longer if needed and still get 100 points a day at least.

Currently plaing in the AP WSOP Challenge Main Event. It just started and best I have seen so far is A5o. Will give you all the details when I finish (Hopefully Late)

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

If you can't beat'em......

Live vicariously through them!

Congrats to: DoubleAs on getting to Aruba. Great place! I really enjoyed it there. Oh yea, there is a poker tournament also.

AND 50 Outs going to WSOP!

I would love for them to do a piece on the new champion and it be a blogger!

Get the next hottest book coming! Funny also! Bill's Blog (With Felicia's endorsement)

Help Maudie with her poker retirement fund. Great designs and well worth the high mark up. (hehe)

Me? I had a victory of sorts yesterday! 100 points cleared at $1/$2 tables at Poker Room and I didn't lose!!!! I didn't win either but hey, baby steps(hehe)

Decided today we are moving back home. I'm somewhat excited. Guess in all honesty, I like it here BUT like to get back home to. Hadn't spent a lot of time with family the last four years except at Holidays and it will be nice to get back into the "rotation" of family visiting.

Its central Virginia, so good news is I will be only 6 hours from AC!!! I am currently 8 1/2 hours from Tunica so I am getting closer to the live games!!

Kids are back in school today so life is "back to normal". Almost, wife is off today so we are going out. Will get back to poker eventually. A great month of poker and quality time with family....Life is good. Even if the poker gods are trying to taint it with my current run!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Been busy but not with Poker

Took some days "off" from poker for a few reasons. Mostly due to spring break and my kids have been home from school. Been nice being able to spend time with them.

I also used the time to redesign 4Flush

Lastly, Poker Room has been driving me crazy! Will get back to the grind tonight.

Rented the Stu Unger movie so I am going to watch that! Wonder if I could get my kids to watch it with me...........yea right! Just dreaming!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Having fun yet?

Still clearing Poker Room bonus. Slow going and not doing to well. At the $1/$2 tables I have reviewed about 2000 hands and have come to the conclusion that NO ONE will fold at Poker Room. If they have over cards, any draw, or worst....BOTH! They are staying to the end. This weekend, the river has been bailing them out. I'm still ahead of the bonus but just barely. I have 700 more points to get. Will get it knocked out this week for sure, just hope I have money left when it is done.

I haven't seriously hit the Absolute Bonus yet so that will get my full attention next. That will leave Pokerstars, Ultimate Bet and then a coordinated effort to clear Full Tilt. Still have a lot of hands ahead of me.

That doesn't bother me. Iggy has an uber-post and some of it addresses the playing poker for a living debate again. In it he says he may consider a "real" world job again. He, of course, is right. It isn't "all that" but, so far, it is for me. It is not a get rich quick option, nor is it glamorous and at times not even fun. You have to put in the hours just like a real job and it takes some commitment and self control. Sometimes being the only chief AND the only Indian can really cause some problems.

I spent most of my life so far in sales. Commission structure, so if you don't sale, you don't get paid and in essence you could lose money you were used to getting if you had a bad stretch in sales. Same with poker don't play and you don't get paid. Play and you could lose money.

Just like any "real" job, I love/hate playing poker for a living. The best part: My boss is real cool and lets me do anything I want. The worst part: My boss is real cool and lets me do anything I want. So if asked if I would recommend this type of work? I'd have to give the standard answer, "It depends". Just like any move in employment, it takes planning and a back up plan if it doesn't work.

Speaking of a plan, time to get back to mine.

Till Next Time!