Wednesday, March 30, 2005

If you can't beat'em......

Live vicariously through them!

Congrats to: DoubleAs on getting to Aruba. Great place! I really enjoyed it there. Oh yea, there is a poker tournament also.

AND 50 Outs going to WSOP!

I would love for them to do a piece on the new champion and it be a blogger!

Get the next hottest book coming! Funny also! Bill's Blog (With Felicia's endorsement)

Help Maudie with her poker retirement fund. Great designs and well worth the high mark up. (hehe)

Me? I had a victory of sorts yesterday! 100 points cleared at $1/$2 tables at Poker Room and I didn't lose!!!! I didn't win either but hey, baby steps(hehe)

Decided today we are moving back home. I'm somewhat excited. Guess in all honesty, I like it here BUT like to get back home to. Hadn't spent a lot of time with family the last four years except at Holidays and it will be nice to get back into the "rotation" of family visiting.

Its central Virginia, so good news is I will be only 6 hours from AC!!! I am currently 8 1/2 hours from Tunica so I am getting closer to the live games!!

Kids are back in school today so life is "back to normal". Almost, wife is off today so we are going out. Will get back to poker eventually. A great month of poker and quality time with family....Life is good. Even if the poker gods are trying to taint it with my current run!

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