Thursday, March 31, 2005

Different Tune

So I had this post and I was trying to publish it and blogger was messing up. It was all about how not only was I deleting Poker Room from my computer... I was using Norton and wiping it off my computer.

I flopped 5 sets today and lost everyone. I had QQ with a QXX(r) flop and lost to KJ when a TA came runner runer and I'm capping every street between 3 people!

So I decided to 4 table $25 NL and just see if I could stop the bleeding. I doubled up twice and got all the money back I lost plus 75 cents by the time I quit. I guess that means a little longer on the bonus. Got 400 points to go but will stick with $25 NL from here out. Points come slower but the limit tables are killing me.

Hoping I can play longer if needed and still get 100 points a day at least.

Currently plaing in the AP WSOP Challenge Main Event. It just started and best I have seen so far is A5o. Will give you all the details when I finish (Hopefully Late)

Till Next Time!

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