Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sun and Done!

Cleared it.

By my calculations it was 12 hours and I only played 1 table at a time mostly. did open up a second when the tables got tight, but less than 2 hours of two tabling.

I'm was impressed by the speed in which it went. My first time playing at Sun Poker and I liked it. It's cryptologic so pretty much the same as all the others so it is probably because I won and cleared bonus that I liked it so much! I will be going to Titan next and get the 100% up to $500 (Bonus code:TEAMPFT500). I haven't played too much there (couple freerolls) so really not sure of the game selection.

Hopefully some PL Omaha H/L, really is a raked hand consumer of a game! Look me up at the tables!

I guess I will now continue to wait for the pin from Ecash for Sun Poker. Thats about the only part I really hate but at least it is a one time deal. Then wait for the calendar month to turn and go at it again.

I will keep eveyone informed about how the Titan bonus clears.

Till Next Time!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Poker Poker Poker

I'm playing regular again. Since Poker Freeroll Tour is having their tournaments at Sun Poker and Titan Poker , I thought I would start clearing the bonus and qualifying for the big freerolls.

Sun Poker won the coin flip and I am clearing bonus there now. Been real easy so far. It is a cryptologic site so it is $40 a month bonus for 200 MPP's and $50 first deposit for $250 MPP's. SO $90 for clearing 250 MPP's on first deposit. I have played this weekend for about 7 hours all together and have 175 MPP's already. Will clear $40 tonight and rest tomorrow I am sure.

Playing mostly $25 PL Omaha H/L. Find that Omaha H/L clears bonuses a lot faster because of the tendency to limp more; it gets more raked hands in. Also good game because no one plays it right but most think they do! Just clearing bonus and making money!!!

The forum has a bonus code for Titan (TEAMPFT500) that will get me 100% up to $500 so I will be there a while longer I am sure. The Titan forum freeroll is in April but this month if you clear 250 raked hands at Sun Poker you qualify to play a $500 freeroll at end of March. I'll be there for that.

It is hard to explain but I feel comfortable again. I'm in the house, everything is settled down and I'm more relaxed. Moving back home was a good move but when we first came back we stayed with my mom in her apartment. It wasn't to cramped but tight all the same. I knew all along we were going to move again as we were all looking for a house. The plan was to find something big enough for all of us and mom would stay with us. So never really felt comfortable at apartment. Just never seemed settled because the "other" move was always looming I guess. Now, everything seems right again. Hopefully this will turn into better playing time.

To be such an easy conceptual game, poker has a lot of idiosyncrasies. (DUH!) Being comfortable in the environment you play in never was at the forefront of my mind playing online. Your home mostly playing poker, pretty relaxed and comfortable environment. Now I realize that even though I didn't consciously experience it, I wasn't really comfortable at the apartment so I never felt like playing. The computer was upstairs, in the bedroom, away from everyone and isolated. Now my wife would say that was the perfect environment for me but that is another story all together. I am in the living room now and the den is next door and everyone is in the same area at night when I play. It makes a difference that I didn't think was possible. I guess it was just more obvious to me playing live that being uncomfortable and nervous in your surroundings could cost you money, just never related it to online. I told you it was hard to explain!

I will be a Sun Poker for next couple days and then off to Titan. Let you know about the Titan bonus when I get there.

Till Next Time!