Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sun and Done!

Cleared it.

By my calculations it was 12 hours and I only played 1 table at a time mostly. did open up a second when the tables got tight, but less than 2 hours of two tabling.

I'm was impressed by the speed in which it went. My first time playing at Sun Poker and I liked it. It's cryptologic so pretty much the same as all the others so it is probably because I won and cleared bonus that I liked it so much! I will be going to Titan next and get the 100% up to $500 (Bonus code:TEAMPFT500). I haven't played too much there (couple freerolls) so really not sure of the game selection.

Hopefully some PL Omaha H/L, really is a raked hand consumer of a game! Look me up at the tables!

I guess I will now continue to wait for the pin from Ecash for Sun Poker. Thats about the only part I really hate but at least it is a one time deal. Then wait for the calendar month to turn and go at it again.

I will keep eveyone informed about how the Titan bonus clears.

Till Next Time!

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