Monday, April 24, 2006

A Few Things and POKER!

When is enough enough....ethanol anyone? Funny thing is, GM makes an ethanol car and sells it to Brazil who runs almost exclusively on ethanol. I am all for Hybrids but come on, are lobbyist in the US Gov't that strong? Probably, so the next thing will be how high will it go I guess.

Just a small note, been working out in the yard, LOVING IT STILL! Will let you know when it gets old (LOL)

Played in a couple events. A tournament put on by a friends forum, finished 5th! Then last night I played the 72os freerolltour event, skipped a season so been a while, finished 12th! So with some of the rust off I was really considering the Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit N Go at Titan Poker.
Only $2 and win 4 straight you get $2,000. They have higher Jackpot Sit N Go's but hey, have to start somewhere. I am not much of a tournament player, rather sit at a cash game and grind it out for my money but some of these are getting tempting and look fun, so its worth a try!

I got Dan Harrington's second book. I really like it, just as good as the first one. Of course now I am re-reading first one so it all makes sense again. This time reading is a little better. I get a drink, lay out in hammock, read three or four pages, fall asleep, wake up in time to get kids from school, repeat next day. At this rate, be done by Christmas! I LOVE SPRING TIME!

I have a couple new projects on the horizon, non poker related and I am still finding it hard to focus on poker. Last night was fun though, I did find out I missed it. There has been much written about playing online poker for a living. I have even posted a few words on it.

It's a job, and like must jobs it gets boring, tedious and just not fun anymore. There is no sick leave, vacation plan or 401K. If you don't play, you don't get paid. I knew that going in though, and I deal with it mostly.

I think my main problem is "getting back to work". I haven't play for any consistant amount of time in months and I need to. It is a mental hump I need to get over. Something always is coming up but I use to work it around playing, now it is the other way around and I time runs out before I get to play. Maybe I need Theory of Poker under my pillow for support will I sleep. HAHA may try that.

Anyway, I will start seeing you at the tables!

Till Next Time!