Friday, July 22, 2005

Getting There

I played a two table SnG at Poker Stars last night and about 20 or so hands in I started wondering about the quality of players there when I realized it was a limit SnG. Oops! In a way this helped though. I am a grinder who had played every SnG I have ever entered as NL. Why not start playing them where my strength lies?

Anyway, I opened a $2/$4 table to play also because I was in for a longer session than I had anticipated. I made the final table of the SnG and left the ring game -2. As you know top 4 pay and I as 4th in chips going in. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I played well and before I new it we were down to three. I was about even chip with second and behind 1st almost 2:1. First place was playing well and I didn't see him blowing that lead but thought I could get heads up with him and it would be fun.

Then I went out in third in two hands. KJs in SB raised the second place player and he calls. Hit J high flop and he calls me down with bottom pair(T7o) to river a gut shot straight. Then he types "Got Lucky" in chat box. Next hand 22 and I get all my money in on a all low RAINBOW flop and he calls me with Qh6h and rivers a queen.

I felt like Hellmuth, if it wasn't for luck I would have won it all. LOL. I enjoyed it though, enough to go play a little $1/$2 PLO8 afterwards. After a small victory there, I quit for the evening. It really felt good to play again.

There is a couple things that I have found I want to purchase for my little race cars and I told myself that poker will pay for it. So I have found a little motivation and maybe I can get back into the full swing of things again.

Since I feel like I should leave you with some meaningful information and I really don't have any, Felicia will save the day with this great site about strategy on all kinds of games. Great read, hope you enjoy it also.

Till Next Time!