Friday, December 29, 2006


I used to be a poker player that owned a web site. Now it looks like I am a web site(S) owner that plays poker. The sites lately have been taking up my time. Check them out, all have gotten face lifts lately.

Poker Freeroll Tour Forum is now Poker|Casino|Bingo|Sportsbook
Web Affiliate Creators is a forum for Webmasters (currently being re-organized)

5 more none gambling related and two more in the middle of face lifts.

Been playing at and Absolute Poker lately. Doing well in some low buy in SnG's at AP.

I need to get in the swing again, I miss it. Not sure what happened, one day I was playing poker - next day I was learning html. I enjoy the sites as well though...Maybe I will do a little review of them all here to "showcase them" - LOL.

Poker Freeroll Tour Forum is hoping lately. Got some $1 buy ins being scheduled for January at AP and a big prize Freeroll for end of the month. Play in three of 6 buy ins and get password to freeroll. 4 will be Holdem NL and 2 will be Omaha HL PL.

Guess I will need to get some thoughts together and start writing them down again. Maybe one day I can take all this stuff in this blog and actually come out with a decent article.

Till Next Time!