Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Chip and a Chair

Well, not exactly but I did have only 90 chips with 20 left and 18 places paid. It was a PLO8 $2 JetSet tournament. I got in trouble on a draw with a flopped 4 low and straight draw either would have gave me the nuts one way. So now a need a little luck. I'm all in UTG with A2xx and split with the low. All in with Ac3cKdTs in BB next and split again. Now there are 19 left. I fold SB and on the button get A2Kx and flop nut low and I'm all in for split. In the CO I get Ad3d2cJc and get all in again and swoop the pot with low and two pair. I am now 5th with T6550 in chips!

What a rush. I end up making final table in 5th and go out in 7th when a flush sucks out on me with my two pair. Final Table, would need a runner runner for a low, and calls 2/3rds of her stack on a draw. What makes it worst is it wasn't the nut flush she was drawing to and she hit it! You do see some interesting hands in O8 but most of the time you are playing 2 cards and unexpectedly the other two may make a hand. You limp in with A278 hoping for a low and the flop comes 569 or something like that. She called with no way to win unless she hit the draw.

Luck doesn't lends!

I reloaded at Ultimate Bet for their 50% up to $100. Been slowly knocking it out the last couple days. I have Absolute bonus under $100 and will start concentrating on Ultimate Bet and Poker Stars. Have considerable bonuses there to clear. I stayed away from Empire and Party this time. Wasn't planning on staying so I will get next one when I can stay and play for a while.


I will be leaving the 27th to move back home. We had a yard sale last weekend and another this weekend and we are trying to sell everything. We are keeping TV's, computers, surround sound and clothes. Thats about it. What we don't sell will go to Salvation Army. I like yard sales. Usually I am on the other side but I like them either way. We made $400 in 4 hours and even though we had to go about 20 feet to put everything out, I was dragging putting the stuff back we didn't sell. Who knew how draining selling stuff and taking money could be.

Hopefully I will not be off line for any amount of time. I am ordering DSL Monday and I hope to have it timed so it will be there when I get there. Probably will not happen that way because it would be to convenient but can go over my dads and play if I have to. Nice having family close again. Speaking of close, Atlantic City is only ~6 hour drive. I see a few weekend trips coming up!

Till Next Time!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Just Pimpin'

Is this where the sites may be heading? A SITE paying 27% rake back, not an affilliate. Hopefully there will be more following suit.

True Poker has between 5-6ooo players a night. I did the first time deposit bonus there and did real well. Did a write up of it here.

Here is the program:

True Poker now offers THE ONLY legitimate third party rake rebate program that is actually endorsed and paid by a poker room itself.

It is an automaticaly paid, rake rebate that can be legitimately advertised.

This deal even gets sweeter, get your buddy to sign up and play and you earn 5% of his/her rake. Earning part of your rake back can turn a so so session into a postive one very quickly. True Poker is the only site offering the in house rack back Promo.