Monday, May 16, 2005

Just Pimpin'

Is this where the sites may be heading? A SITE paying 27% rake back, not an affilliate. Hopefully there will be more following suit.

True Poker has between 5-6ooo players a night. I did the first time deposit bonus there and did real well. Did a write up of it here.

Here is the program:

True Poker now offers THE ONLY legitimate third party rake rebate program that is actually endorsed and paid by a poker room itself.

It is an automaticaly paid, rake rebate that can be legitimately advertised.

This deal even gets sweeter, get your buddy to sign up and play and you earn 5% of his/her rake. Earning part of your rake back can turn a so so session into a postive one very quickly. True Poker is the only site offering the in house rack back Promo.

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