Friday, February 25, 2005

I Love Technology But

I’m not a numbers guy.

I can tell you pot odds to the “inth” degree and decipher implied odds and even pot equity. Why? I have it all written down right beside me in a chart I can reference anytime it’s needed. That’s one of the advantages of sitting here in my chair, watching the screen. I can have all this information around me.

I have Poker Tracker and Game Time Plus 1.4 and use it to my full advantage. I love it. I get exited when I see "Update Available" and have to get it downloaded even if it is fixes or adds to a site I don't play at. Ok, I'll admit it, I'm an update junkie.

I take time out during the day to take notes on my opponents and check out my play as well. I rely on these notes to make decisions when I play. All that helps tremendously when I am up against a tough decision. I know I can contribute money saved on the notes I have on how people play certain hands.

All that being said, I'm not on my game unless I have a "feel" for it and I am in the flow of the game. Maybe this is because I am not a numbers guy. I need a feel for the way the game is going, the betting patterns, the players chat, ect. I like a chatty table, I don't chat myself but there is a lot of information in a chat if you pay attention. Even if they are not talking about poker. That is for another post though.

I have come to beleive that is what contributes to my poor starts and strong finishes. I have posted before how I inevitably start out in the hole and make my way back. I have tried to work on that and figure out why. I think for me, I have to get comfortable with the table. Once I play for a while and get into the flow, things start to come around. Even with a table where people jump in and out, it usually is just one or two at a time and I seem to quickly adjust to the new people.

I have started to play extremely tight in the first 15-30 minutes and that has helped a lot. I actually will switch tables now if I can't get into the flow. Once I get into the flow at one table I add another. I have played over two tables but haven't really enjoyed it, ABC poker isn't fun for me. Two tables I can get into OK but over that just isn't enjoyable.

Why am I sharing this? One reason is because I can :) the other is that the last 4-6 weeks have been profitable for me. Not every session but every week has come out in the positive. I can't contribute that to better than average cards or good run. It's better play on my part. Not because I have become a better poker player overnight but I beleive because I have found a comfort level at the tables and it has allowed me to use all the tools I have learned both on the technology front and the phycological front.

I don't know if this is another level that my game has reached or if it is something that should have already happened, I missed it along the way and it is now just catching up but it's working and I like it.

Till Next Time!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Poker Poker Poker

Man, from doing hardly anything on the poker front to now having bonuses on 2 sites and getting ready for Party Pokers reload. Played a lot of poker at Absolute today. It's a lot easier clearing the bonuses on NL tables. Blinds are smaller, most pots are raked and I am starting to feel more comfortable there.

I qualified today for the Feb. 28th AP WSOP Challenge Final. It's a chance to win a trip to watch the WSOP. $2000 prize package for winner. Who knows, a little run in a qualifier....and BAM! I'm the next Moneymaker! (HEHEHE) Now all I have to do is remember to play in it.


I started the 4Flush Newsletter. The first edition is posted and a sign up for future editions to be emailed. The hardest thing I have found so far is keeping it reasonably small. A didn't realize all the information I get each'd think I would be smarter than I am.


What: The World Poker Bloggers Tour Aladdin Casino Classic
When: Saturday, June 4th
Where: The Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas, NV

More info HERE


Thats about it for tonight. Poker has been fair for me so far. Down at the $2/$4 table but got to almost even again at the NL. Got about 3 players here chatting away, losing money. Guess I'll try to hang out till at least 2 of them leave.

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Welcome Back Bonuses

If we didn't have bonuses, we wouldn't have had anybody working for us.
-Drexel Burnham Lambert spokesperson

Yesterday, I was wondering where to go to play poker while I wait for my casino bonus cash out. There were no bonuses to be had and I had almost pulled the trigger on going to UB when I get this email from Poker Room with a reload bonus of 30% up to $300. Yahoo! Back in business.

Not an hour later a get an email from Absolute Poker giving a 25% reload on Wednesday (Today) only. So now I have a lot of bonus to work off and 60 days to do it!

Got back to back emails from Starluck Casino saying they are reviewing my cashout and then they are processing, not sure what everyone was saying.....2 hours it was in my Neteller account!

Intertops also has a reload going but haven't signed up the first time yet! Was going to, got side tracked, went to Starluck instead and now to busy!

Have to give props to Ship It Poker that is great stuff that Matt Dean, Lloyd McGuire and Taylor Caby are writting over there. I even peeped in on Taylor playing heads up Limit $3/$6 at Ultimate Bet the other night. Heads up is such a different game! Hyper aggressive!

Guess I have a lot of poker to play and will have to push the next casino bonus back some but will try to get to it next week.

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

One Down!

A quote from Scurvydog: (My unofficial mentor of casino bonus chasing)

Assuming you’re new to blackjack and consulting the basic strategy often, you’ll probably only be able to play around 200-300 hands per hour. That puts you at 5-8 hours of playing for an expected profit of $90, for an hourly earn of $11-18/hr.

Though not "new" to blackjack, I played a lot live a couple years ago, and got to be pretty good. I found though that my memory skills had faded and had to consult the chart frequently. It started to come back to me but I digress. The point is I hit close to the top of that scale. Cashing out $190.50 in 6 hours for $15/hr. Varience spread: $175 to $229. I minimum bet the whole time and followed the chart to the letter.

According to plan ,Planet Luck will be next.

Now I have decided to track this bank roll seperate, so I have to wait 3-5 days (according to must) for Starluck withdrawal to hit Neteller. Then I will continue.

So I guess it's back to poker!

EDIT: Thank you Poker Room for coming through!
Make a deposit by the 27th of February using deposit code MONACO and you’ll receive a 30% bonus up to $300. Valid for a single deposit only. Standard Reload Bonus terms & conditions apply.

Til Next Time!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Casino Update

1045 hands - Been as low as $192 and as high as $229.

Currently at $200.50.

My whole varience came in one 320 hand session. Went from $207-$229 when I just couldn't miss. Then straight to $192 when the dealer couldn't miss. $550 more wagers to make and all is going as expected. I will clear tomorrow and cash out. Anything over $200 I am going to leave so not to look suspicious. (Hopefully there will be a over $200). If not I might play a little over the WR.

I'm done for the night. Gets a little mind numbing :) .

Casino Bonuses

I started at the Starluck Casino today and can see why everyone says this can be a more lucrative bonus than poker. I played 250 hands in a little less than an hour. Using the stategey from Scurvydog, I have been down $8 and stopped up $7. I'm looking at ~6 hours to clear the wage requirements and then on to Planet Luck.

This is not full proof of course, it is wagering and you can loose, but the numbers are in your favor as far as risk of ruin is concerned, as long as you don't go crazy with your betting. Boring, YEP! Each hand takes 5-8 secs. and not much thinking going on. See your cards, see dealer up card, look at chart and act accordingly. It's a good break though, I haven't been slowplayed or check/raised on the river but I have beed sucked out a few times! :) (Black Jacks equivalent of AA getting cracked....Push on your BJ....happened 4 times!)

Well, lunch and more hands! Probably will not finish today because I have a sink child home but will get in $750-$1000 of the wage requirement in today. That sounds like a daunting task when you write it out. Deposit $100, get $100 bonus but have to wager $1600 to clear. At first I thought this was a joke! (I'm not to bright sometimes) I get it now. So off I go!

Till Next Time!

Total absence of humor renders life impossible.
- Colette