Monday, February 21, 2005

Casino Bonuses

I started at the Starluck Casino today and can see why everyone says this can be a more lucrative bonus than poker. I played 250 hands in a little less than an hour. Using the stategey from Scurvydog, I have been down $8 and stopped up $7. I'm looking at ~6 hours to clear the wage requirements and then on to Planet Luck.

This is not full proof of course, it is wagering and you can loose, but the numbers are in your favor as far as risk of ruin is concerned, as long as you don't go crazy with your betting. Boring, YEP! Each hand takes 5-8 secs. and not much thinking going on. See your cards, see dealer up card, look at chart and act accordingly. It's a good break though, I haven't been slowplayed or check/raised on the river but I have beed sucked out a few times! :) (Black Jacks equivalent of AA getting cracked....Push on your BJ....happened 4 times!)

Well, lunch and more hands! Probably will not finish today because I have a sink child home but will get in $750-$1000 of the wage requirement in today. That sounds like a daunting task when you write it out. Deposit $100, get $100 bonus but have to wager $1600 to clear. At first I thought this was a joke! (I'm not to bright sometimes) I get it now. So off I go!

Till Next Time!

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- Colette

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