Tuesday, February 22, 2005

One Down!

A quote from Scurvydog: (My unofficial mentor of casino bonus chasing)

Assuming you’re new to blackjack and consulting the basic strategy often, you’ll probably only be able to play around 200-300 hands per hour. That puts you at 5-8 hours of playing for an expected profit of $90, for an hourly earn of $11-18/hr.

Though not "new" to blackjack, I played a lot live a couple years ago, and got to be pretty good. I found though that my memory skills had faded and had to consult the chart frequently. It started to come back to me but I digress. The point is I hit close to the top of that scale. Cashing out $190.50 in 6 hours for $15/hr. Varience spread: $175 to $229. I minimum bet the whole time and followed the chart to the letter.

According to plan ,Planet Luck will be next.

Now I have decided to track this bank roll seperate, so I have to wait 3-5 days (according to must) for Starluck withdrawal to hit Neteller. Then I will continue.

So I guess it's back to poker!

EDIT: Thank you Poker Room for coming through!
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Til Next Time!

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