Thursday, February 24, 2005

Poker Poker Poker

Man, from doing hardly anything on the poker front to now having bonuses on 2 sites and getting ready for Party Pokers reload. Played a lot of poker at Absolute today. It's a lot easier clearing the bonuses on NL tables. Blinds are smaller, most pots are raked and I am starting to feel more comfortable there.

I qualified today for the Feb. 28th AP WSOP Challenge Final. It's a chance to win a trip to watch the WSOP. $2000 prize package for winner. Who knows, a little run in a qualifier....and BAM! I'm the next Moneymaker! (HEHEHE) Now all I have to do is remember to play in it.


I started the 4Flush Newsletter. The first edition is posted and a sign up for future editions to be emailed. The hardest thing I have found so far is keeping it reasonably small. A didn't realize all the information I get each'd think I would be smarter than I am.


What: The World Poker Bloggers Tour Aladdin Casino Classic
When: Saturday, June 4th
Where: The Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas, NV

More info HERE


Thats about it for tonight. Poker has been fair for me so far. Down at the $2/$4 table but got to almost even again at the NL. Got about 3 players here chatting away, losing money. Guess I'll try to hang out till at least 2 of them leave.

Till Next Time!

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