Saturday, December 11, 2004

So Far - So Good

First off would like to wish all the bloggers in Vegas a good time, good cards and most importantly, a safe trip home. Enjoy ALL and I look forward to the trip reports.

I have added WPoker to the
calendar and their $55-$400 daily freerolls. That gives us 16 sites on the calendar, a virtual freerollers dream! I have plans to add JetSet soon. (Hopefully first of week)

Also Tour 3 is getting ready to start at Tour 2 was bigger and better than Tour 1 with over 250 people a week! No reason to expect Tour 3 to be any different.

So far this weekend has been good. Up over $20 today in about 2 hours of $1/$2 so that puts me $69 over my UB deposit with $90 worth of bonus to go! Nice being that far ahead.

Instead of moving back to $2/$4 next week I am going to multi table $1/$2. This will be a new venture for me and hopefully the adjustment will not be too painful. I have set up another monitor on the lap top which will make it workable now I just have to get use to the set up. I hope I can work the lower variance of multi tabling in my favor.

Been seeing a lot of posts at the forums I am apart of about "Should I move up limits", "When have I beat a level", ECT. I posted a link in one to
Learning to Smell and Playing the Player Types. In most, if not all, sports you have to have a fundamental understanding of the game before you can progress. Soon the basics you need to succeed become an instinct that you know and trust. The great ones understand the need to never stop practicing the basics and for that dedication, go far beyond what anyone could have ever expected.

I think HDouble hit on that in his post. The betting patterns that he is starting to recognize after years at the tables are his reward for studying and being dedicated. Now the basics are becoming instinct and a new part of his game is emerging.

I think you can apply that to when you should move up. There are standard answers, which I do not disagree with. 10,000 hands at a level and 300bb bankroll for the next. I believe though, that it is more than that and only a player being honest with himself can answer it. Do you fully understand the level you are playing? Do you understand what a check/bet/raise from a certain type of player means at your current level? Do you know the basics?

Making the right plays, knowing the right odds, knowing the outs, ECT., are exponentially more important as you progress up in levels. Then it starts all over again at the new level. Just like going from junior varsity to varsity or college to pros. The game is the same but the players are different, an adjustment time is needed and if your basics are off - then your whole game could crumble, as well as bankroll.

So should you move up? Only you can answer that and to be brutally honest, if you are asking.....I'd say your not ready.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Great Ending to Week

After that horrible $96 plunge at AP first of week, I am back and ahead going into weekend. Got to post this hand. It epitomizes the turn around from 1st of the week. Lucky? Seems like it at the end but at the time I thought I was getting the best of it.

A little set up. According to Game Time +, table as a whole was 17% and only 31% going to showdown. It was TIGHT! Pre flop raises were folded to or called and folded to on flop. After about 12 hands or so I decide to start to take some chances and see if I could hit and this happens:

Ultimate Bet 1/2 Hold'em (9 handed)

Preflop: 4Flush is MP2 with 7s, 7c. MP3 posts a blind of $1. UTG folds, UTG+1 raises, MP1 folds, 4Flush calls, MP3 (poster) folds, CO calls, Button folds, SB folds, BB calls. Decide to take a shot here

Flop: (9.50 SB) 7h, 6s, Qh (4 players) Alright I hit!

BB checks, UTG+1 bets, 4Flush calls, CO calls, BB folds. Lets see if I can make it pay

Turn: (6.25 BB) 6h (3 players)UTG+1 bets, 4Flush calls, CO raises, UTG+1 calls, 4Flush 3-bets, CO calls, UTG+1 caps, 4Flush calls, CO calls. YES! Now I have flush on hook and AA/KK!

River: (18.25 BB) 7d (3 players)UTG+1 bets, 4Flush raises, CO calls, UTG+1 3-bets, 4Flush caps, CO calls, UTG+1 calls. Icing on the cake

Final Pot: 30.25
Results below: UTG+1 has Qs Qd (full house, queens full of sevens). HOLY CRAP! I was behind the whole time!!!!! 4Flush has 7s 7c (four of a kind, sevens). CO has Th 9h (flush, queen high).

Outcome: 4Flush wins 30.25 BB. Breathing harder but Cha Ching!

OK, QQ should have at least came in my head but it didn't. I had him on AA/KK and other of flush. Well, I got one right and looks like I got lucky with 1 outer on the other.

I am now REAL close to $2/$4 bankroll again. I think that I am going to multi table $1/$2 next though. I have an old monitor I hooked up to lap top and working on getting used to having both. I like it. Not just for poker but for web updates and blog updates, nice to have links on one monitor and working on other. Any how....'nuff rambling.

With all that excitement and the cards going good and almost back to were I was before the lap top buy, I still find myself in a bluh mood. I enjoy playing and I'm passionate about playing still, but find myself having to will myself to sit down. Once I do, game on and I'm OK. So going to sit this Friday out. I'll be back for the
Bet365 $5000 freeroll Saturday (2pm EST). Signed up already, hopefully this time I will remember to play!!!!

Looks like all is a go for Full Tilt. I got no comments or emails saying it was a terrible move so that what's in the horizon. I'm not taking the whole roll there, just the $600 to max $600 so it will be $1/$2 while I'm there. Will keep all of you posted how fast the bonus is coming. So stay tuned!

Saturday will be the $5000 tourney then going to play the UB $5 MTT that night. A friend says it is easy so I will give it a try. Hopefully I will have at least 1 monied MTT to post about.

Till then:

Have you hugged a fish today?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Next move?

Well I had a better day to day. Didn't get it all back but got $40 of it. Cashed out $500 to go to UB with for there 50% to $100 reload. When I clear it....I'm thinking of taking the Full Tilt plunge.

Been watching the site and had 2000+ on tonight and 5 $1/$2 tables - 1 $2/$4 table (3 $2/$4 NL) and 1 .50/$1 table. Almost 800 more people than when they started this promo. It will help tremendously if I could pull this off! I have heard all the good and bad about clearing this but the way I figure it you need to play 3333 hands based on their $18 bonus per 100 hands figure.

So it will be UB and hopefully clearing that this week without getting killed and taking that $600 to Full Tilt. If all works out I will be at the $3/$6 tables by first of year!

I am taking the night off after playing some today. The race to meet this goal has me down a little bit, so I think it better to do something else tonight. Pulled up the tables and just wasn't "in the mood" to sit down. Hopefully it will pass soon.

Small victory today, I had $6 left in UB after last cash so I played a $5 SnG. First one I have played in months.....finished Third! After being down to T450 after first 10 hands with AQ and AK getting killed, came back and monied. Made me feel good.

I am going to leave this post up for a while and see if anyone comments about Full Tilt. So next post will be around Friday.

Hope you flop'em good till then.

I will leave you with this sage advice to ponder:

"Never play cards with a man called Doc. Never eat at a place called Mom's. Never sleep with a woman whose troubles are worse than your own."

Nelson Algren

A gun would be easier

What a freakin night! Got mutilated. Couldn't hit anything. I'll give you some examples:

1)AhTh-raised late.

Board Ac 5h 7h Jc Ks

Lost to AQo. Who never raised.

For the record 9 4 flushes on flop and none hit

2) AA BB

Board flops 2 suited...Turn brings third

A fold to tight player raise...he shows flush. Everyone else can hit one!

3) KK 3 bet

Board 72T62 (r)

Lost to TT. Same guy who hit flush earlier.

4) AJo Late

CC EP raise

Board 7JJ 2 suited

Lost when board brough 4 suited. Of Course.

AJs and o 4 times out of 7 hands at one point. Lost 3 - won blinds once.

They whole time there is the "play every hand guy" hitting everything:

a) Raises QTo UTG+1.

Flop K7J(r)

He bets. 3 call.

T is T

BB bets he raises.

R is 9

He wins with straight.

b) Calls in UTG with 95s.

Flop 59K(r)

He wins.

c) Calls in UTG with 64o

Board J6TJ2

He wins. with J's and 6's!

SO not a stellar beginning to by goal this month. -$96.50. Reading
Fools post, seems like he is in same boat this week also. Not worried, it will come around. I don't tilt easy. No need to:
1) I know it will turn
2) I have friends online who play and I can vent to
3) I can vent here, not sure anyones reading anyway.

Its when I start laughing at the computer that I am in trouble. I left last night when I started laughing. I typed "HAHAHA" in chat when I had TPTK against a 2 suited flop and straight draw on turn. Straight draw hit on river. One guy types in "What?". I say "I beat one because his flush draw missed, I just hope the other didn't call me down with crap cards because he just hit his straight" We check the R and sure busted flush with crap suited cards and one made straight with questionable staying hand. I just typed in "Thats how my ***ghts been" Just like that too...AP censors the "nig" LOL.

I left after that.

Well, tonights another night. Hopefully it will turn around.

Monday, December 06, 2004

So Close Yet So Far

Played in first home game tourney last night. 14 played the $10 by in and top 2 paid. Made it to final table and went out 5th. I was shortstacked and went all in with my ATo vs. AQs...he flopped straight. What sucked worst is I was the dealer! Not bad I guess. Haven't played a lot of no-limit lately so I beleive I did well.

Something I found interesting. Played QJo in MP and 4 of 7 people saw flop of AdJdQc...SB bet out about 3x and it was folded to me. I took a few seconds, and no matter what I said to myself or tried to think about, I could not keep my hands from shaking as I said the words "All-In". I would have guessed if I was seating in the WSOP I would have to be on drugs to stay calm but not at a home tourney! Guess I have a little work to do in that area. What a tell! I don't think he noticed but folded anyway.

For those who don't know I cashed and bought a laptop the first week of October which left me $150. I now can report with deposit and bonus in
Absolute Poker today I have topped the $1,000 mark. I have pledged not to play over my bankroll so hopefully I will be able to get to $2/$4 by end of this week or next.

Goals for the month are going to be: $1750. Since I am still mostly playing $1/$2, that equates to 2 bb's an hour/6 hours a day. Moving up to $2/$4 about half way through should help me on the up side. That with $100 reload bonus at UB and the AP 15% again, should be OK.

I have a 17" monitor I am currently not using so I am going to hook it up to laptop, that has 1600x1200 resolution (Goes a little higher) and start multi tabling again. I purposely waited to do this till I thought my bankroll could handle a bad swing.

One last thing.

Thanks to
Party Poker Blog for the recent link and also the first blog I ever read, just about a month ago. It lead me to another a now you see the list on the left. Now I have by no means seen them all and will continue to upgrade my list but the information, advice and the fact you can say, "Damn, that happened to me too!" (Fool and His Money) is priceless. By the way, some are just plain funny! (Bills Blog)

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The best laid plans....

Had a lot I wanted to post about on Sunday BUT:

First I wanted to tell everyone how well I did in the
Bet365 $5000 freeroll. Basicly the only freeroll I still play with any consistantly. With 3000 max entrants, top 300 pay and $950 first prize makes it nice . Add in that only about 1800 show up and makes it really worthwhile. About an hour in and you are down to 300-325.

Registration starts Friday for the Saturday event and I always manage to get registered when I update my
site. Thats the easy part. I was playing with my son on the Playstation 2 when I realized it was a hour past start time and when I checked I was out. Whats funny is that this is the second time this has happened! Oh well, so much for that post.

So that still leaves UB. I do have good news about that. I won over $50 Saturday and have all but $10 of my bonus worked off. I am well ahead of the $100 reload bonus. Planned on knocking the $10 out Sunday and posting the results. Well,
Absolute Poker emailed about the weekly 15% reload was till Midnight Monday. So I cashed UB out Saturday night to make sure I got AP. I was going to reload UB anyway for the December 50% reload bonus so I will get the $10 later. AP offering 15% reload every week had been a fantastic bankroll builder. I bet I have had over $750 in bonuses there since I got the 35% first time bonus about 3 months ago.

For those of you coming over from my site, you will not only notice a better look but the hand histories are gone. I will post the most interesting hands from time to time but they are most likely gone for good as a regular thing. You will also notice a list of blogs on the right. They are full of great reads and information. Visit them often and enjoy, I know I do.

I said I was going to write about the auto ratings for PT and how they help me with my decision making at the table, I read a far better explanation than I could ever do on the types of players and how to play them. You can see that great read by HDouble at The Cards Speaks

I started using the
Game Time Plus for first time this weekend. For anyone using the Game Time Window in Poker Tracker this is a most. Works with Poker Tracker and overlays the stats right there on the table under the players name. Make sure you get version 1.3 and you can pick and choose what stats you want to display. I really enjoyed the extra space on my monitor. I play on a laptop mostly and the extra screen space was great. Especially since I use the IM a lot when I play.

I've got my first "Live" tourney tomorrow. A home game here in town. Expecting about 15 with $10 buy in. Got to go get my hat and sunglasses!! Let you know how that went tomorrow.

What I'm Pondering?

Maybe this world is another planet's hell.
-Aldous Huxley