Monday, December 06, 2004

So Close Yet So Far

Played in first home game tourney last night. 14 played the $10 by in and top 2 paid. Made it to final table and went out 5th. I was shortstacked and went all in with my ATo vs. AQs...he flopped straight. What sucked worst is I was the dealer! Not bad I guess. Haven't played a lot of no-limit lately so I beleive I did well.

Something I found interesting. Played QJo in MP and 4 of 7 people saw flop of AdJdQc...SB bet out about 3x and it was folded to me. I took a few seconds, and no matter what I said to myself or tried to think about, I could not keep my hands from shaking as I said the words "All-In". I would have guessed if I was seating in the WSOP I would have to be on drugs to stay calm but not at a home tourney! Guess I have a little work to do in that area. What a tell! I don't think he noticed but folded anyway.

For those who don't know I cashed and bought a laptop the first week of October which left me $150. I now can report with deposit and bonus in
Absolute Poker today I have topped the $1,000 mark. I have pledged not to play over my bankroll so hopefully I will be able to get to $2/$4 by end of this week or next.

Goals for the month are going to be: $1750. Since I am still mostly playing $1/$2, that equates to 2 bb's an hour/6 hours a day. Moving up to $2/$4 about half way through should help me on the up side. That with $100 reload bonus at UB and the AP 15% again, should be OK.

I have a 17" monitor I am currently not using so I am going to hook it up to laptop, that has 1600x1200 resolution (Goes a little higher) and start multi tabling again. I purposely waited to do this till I thought my bankroll could handle a bad swing.

One last thing.

Thanks to
Party Poker Blog for the recent link and also the first blog I ever read, just about a month ago. It lead me to another a now you see the list on the left. Now I have by no means seen them all and will continue to upgrade my list but the information, advice and the fact you can say, "Damn, that happened to me too!" (Fool and His Money) is priceless. By the way, some are just plain funny! (Bills Blog)

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