Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A gun would be easier

What a freakin night! Got mutilated. Couldn't hit anything. I'll give you some examples:

1)AhTh-raised late.

Board Ac 5h 7h Jc Ks

Lost to AQo. Who never raised.

For the record 9 4 flushes on flop and none hit

2) AA BB

Board flops 2 suited...Turn brings third

A fold to tight player raise...he shows flush. Everyone else can hit one!

3) KK 3 bet

Board 72T62 (r)

Lost to TT. Same guy who hit flush earlier.

4) AJo Late

CC EP raise

Board 7JJ 2 suited

Lost when board brough 4 suited. Of Course.

AJs and o 4 times out of 7 hands at one point. Lost 3 - won blinds once.

They whole time there is the "play every hand guy" hitting everything:

a) Raises QTo UTG+1.

Flop K7J(r)

He bets. 3 call.

T is T

BB bets he raises.

R is 9

He wins with straight.

b) Calls in UTG with 95s.

Flop 59K(r)

He wins.

c) Calls in UTG with 64o

Board J6TJ2

He wins. with J's and 6's!

SO not a stellar beginning to by goal this month. -$96.50. Reading
Fools post, seems like he is in same boat this week also. Not worried, it will come around. I don't tilt easy. No need to:
1) I know it will turn
2) I have friends online who play and I can vent to
3) I can vent here, not sure anyones reading anyway.

Its when I start laughing at the computer that I am in trouble. I left last night when I started laughing. I typed "HAHAHA" in chat when I had TPTK against a 2 suited flop and straight draw on turn. Straight draw hit on river. One guy types in "What?". I say "I beat one because his flush draw missed, I just hope the other didn't call me down with crap cards because he just hit his straight" We check the R and sure enough...one busted flush with crap suited cards and one made straight with questionable staying hand. I just typed in "Thats how my ***ghts been" Just like that too...AP censors the "nig" LOL.

I left after that.

Well, tonights another night. Hopefully it will turn around.

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