Sunday, December 05, 2004

The best laid plans....

Had a lot I wanted to post about on Sunday BUT:

First I wanted to tell everyone how well I did in the
Bet365 $5000 freeroll. Basicly the only freeroll I still play with any consistantly. With 3000 max entrants, top 300 pay and $950 first prize makes it nice . Add in that only about 1800 show up and makes it really worthwhile. About an hour in and you are down to 300-325.

Registration starts Friday for the Saturday event and I always manage to get registered when I update my
site. Thats the easy part. I was playing with my son on the Playstation 2 when I realized it was a hour past start time and when I checked I was out. Whats funny is that this is the second time this has happened! Oh well, so much for that post.

So that still leaves UB. I do have good news about that. I won over $50 Saturday and have all but $10 of my bonus worked off. I am well ahead of the $100 reload bonus. Planned on knocking the $10 out Sunday and posting the results. Well,
Absolute Poker emailed about the weekly 15% reload was till Midnight Monday. So I cashed UB out Saturday night to make sure I got AP. I was going to reload UB anyway for the December 50% reload bonus so I will get the $10 later. AP offering 15% reload every week had been a fantastic bankroll builder. I bet I have had over $750 in bonuses there since I got the 35% first time bonus about 3 months ago.

For those of you coming over from my site, you will not only notice a better look but the hand histories are gone. I will post the most interesting hands from time to time but they are most likely gone for good as a regular thing. You will also notice a list of blogs on the right. They are full of great reads and information. Visit them often and enjoy, I know I do.

I said I was going to write about the auto ratings for PT and how they help me with my decision making at the table, I read a far better explanation than I could ever do on the types of players and how to play them. You can see that great read by HDouble at The Cards Speaks

I started using the
Game Time Plus for first time this weekend. For anyone using the Game Time Window in Poker Tracker this is a most. Works with Poker Tracker and overlays the stats right there on the table under the players name. Make sure you get version 1.3 and you can pick and choose what stats you want to display. I really enjoyed the extra space on my monitor. I play on a laptop mostly and the extra screen space was great. Especially since I use the IM a lot when I play.

I've got my first "Live" tourney tomorrow. A home game here in town. Expecting about 15 with $10 buy in. Got to go get my hat and sunglasses!! Let you know how that went tomorrow.

What I'm Pondering?

Maybe this world is another planet's hell.
-Aldous Huxley

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