Saturday, December 11, 2004

So Far - So Good

First off would like to wish all the bloggers in Vegas a good time, good cards and most importantly, a safe trip home. Enjoy ALL and I look forward to the trip reports.

I have added WPoker to the
calendar and their $55-$400 daily freerolls. That gives us 16 sites on the calendar, a virtual freerollers dream! I have plans to add JetSet soon. (Hopefully first of week)

Also Tour 3 is getting ready to start at Tour 2 was bigger and better than Tour 1 with over 250 people a week! No reason to expect Tour 3 to be any different.

So far this weekend has been good. Up over $20 today in about 2 hours of $1/$2 so that puts me $69 over my UB deposit with $90 worth of bonus to go! Nice being that far ahead.

Instead of moving back to $2/$4 next week I am going to multi table $1/$2. This will be a new venture for me and hopefully the adjustment will not be too painful. I have set up another monitor on the lap top which will make it workable now I just have to get use to the set up. I hope I can work the lower variance of multi tabling in my favor.

Been seeing a lot of posts at the forums I am apart of about "Should I move up limits", "When have I beat a level", ECT. I posted a link in one to
Learning to Smell and Playing the Player Types. In most, if not all, sports you have to have a fundamental understanding of the game before you can progress. Soon the basics you need to succeed become an instinct that you know and trust. The great ones understand the need to never stop practicing the basics and for that dedication, go far beyond what anyone could have ever expected.

I think HDouble hit on that in his post. The betting patterns that he is starting to recognize after years at the tables are his reward for studying and being dedicated. Now the basics are becoming instinct and a new part of his game is emerging.

I think you can apply that to when you should move up. There are standard answers, which I do not disagree with. 10,000 hands at a level and 300bb bankroll for the next. I believe though, that it is more than that and only a player being honest with himself can answer it. Do you fully understand the level you are playing? Do you understand what a check/bet/raise from a certain type of player means at your current level? Do you know the basics?

Making the right plays, knowing the right odds, knowing the outs, ECT., are exponentially more important as you progress up in levels. Then it starts all over again at the new level. Just like going from junior varsity to varsity or college to pros. The game is the same but the players are different, an adjustment time is needed and if your basics are off - then your whole game could crumble, as well as bankroll.

So should you move up? Only you can answer that and to be brutally honest, if you are asking.....I'd say your not ready.


Iggy! said...

Chasing that UB bonus? I heard it's rough and never bothered with it. Personally, I think anytime you can be up on the weekend it's a good thing so congrats on your success so far this weekend and keep it up if you play on Sunday!

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