Saturday, July 16, 2005


All of it is gone.

After the brief break in the curse I have been at best break even but that is not the real problem. I am lacking any type of motivation or enthusiasm to play lately. I took two weeks off about a week ago and nothing so I think I will take a few more off.

I can track down why this is happening to two causes. My wife landed a fantastic job with Wachovia bank and I now it is not a "play or go hungary" scenerio. For some reason that has zapped the motivation right out of me. I'm not multi tabling and it just isn't fun anymore. I posted a while back how keeping it fun was to me the most important part. If you are not enjoying yourself, you can't perform at the level needed to be sucessful. I have proven that again to myself recently.

The other cause is I am home. I actually have begun to get a life. (LOL) I have my two kids all day to myself and we go swimming and currently involved in a very serious game of Fantastic 4 on the PS2 with my 7 year old. I am of course running 4Flush and helping my dad get his site going and added a forum for him. Now we are getting ready to lauch a little shop from his site and some other things. Add to that I am racing the remote control cars again and well, I have been distracted.

The one good part in all this is that I haven't lost the desire for poker. I am still refreshing all the WSOP sites and keeping an eye on the big show. I not sure that is good for some though. Rooted for Ivey (out), Raymer (out) and just said a couple nights a go that the jail house to the pen house would make a great movie...Matusow (out). I think I am going to bet a fortune on one of the last 7 guys remaining and root like hell against him so I will win.

I did enjoy playing in UB's new 3 table Sit N Go's and may try a few of those instead of the constant grind of limit play. I still have a few bonus dollars to work off there and at Poker Stars but that will have to wait a little longer.

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Broke the Curse

It started with a $9 winning session and turns into a mini-run. I guess for now the curse is broken. OK, so it wasn't a Red Sox or Cub's curse but it still had an effect.

I was playing Sunday in a $1/$2 kill game on UB. Bought in for $100, wasn't long was down $15 and holding steady. I was chatting with a friend and said if I get back to even I will stop and feel like a victory. Then I realized that I hadn't updated the freeroll calendar on my site and decided I would just play till I was done doing that. Then BAM! JJ goes down to 55 when a 5 hits the river and AK goes down to KT when he straights on the river. Dang, down to $55 and the curse hangs in.

Then I get A8s in the BB during a kill game and flop comes 8 high. 4 people call me down and my pair of 8's win! Up to $94 and three hands later QQ holds up and I leave up $9. Now you can add 2 more winning sessions to that and all is well again.

Even thought he whole time I knew eventually the cards would turn, it is still so frustrating to see moronic play rewarded as you sit and throw away hands they are calling raises with and winning. I think thats what makes the game so interesting, complicated and frustrating. Also why keeping your head during the down swings is so important.

Til Next Time!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Same Old Same Old

I am in a terrible slump. It seems like I can't win and it is driving me crazy. I played today for 4 hours and lost $93 at $2/$4. Thats why this is so frustrating. Not a bad session considering the stakes but if you add it up over 4-5 days, it is starting to get to me.

What makes it worse is that my high pocket pairs are holding up but I can't hit a draw to save my ass. Four flushing on flop...miss, open ended straight...missed, I had OESD and four flushing three times today and missed all three. A set, forgot what that looks like!

I know I'll come out of this but going through it is hard. I see 9To call three bet blind and flop straight, A6 call two blind and calls to river to hit gut shot. Players seeing 60% of the flops no matter what...winning big.

All come out of it..I hope, but there are more important things going on right now......

Lets send all the people in Pensacola, and Mobile all the prayers and well wishes possible.