Sunday, July 10, 2005

Same Old Same Old

I am in a terrible slump. It seems like I can't win and it is driving me crazy. I played today for 4 hours and lost $93 at $2/$4. Thats why this is so frustrating. Not a bad session considering the stakes but if you add it up over 4-5 days, it is starting to get to me.

What makes it worse is that my high pocket pairs are holding up but I can't hit a draw to save my ass. Four flushing on flop...miss, open ended straight...missed, I had OESD and four flushing three times today and missed all three. A set, forgot what that looks like!

I know I'll come out of this but going through it is hard. I see 9To call three bet blind and flop straight, A6 call two blind and calls to river to hit gut shot. Players seeing 60% of the flops no matter what...winning big.

All come out of it..I hope, but there are more important things going on right now......

Lets send all the people in Pensacola, and Mobile all the prayers and well wishes possible.

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