Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I need some blogger help!

OK, it all started with some friends needing help with some forums and ended up as WAC.

We are offering some free services:

Forum Builders
Article submissions for back links
SEO Tools
Link exchanges
and have more ideas coming

Here is were I need someones help here in the blogger community. I you can tell by old posts and lately, lack of posts, I use this media to express ideas, get things off my chess and is mainly for release and some of my poker learnings along the way. Of course with three websites now and managing a 4th and very active in a 5th, time will be dwendling but I beleive that this blog will help me maintain some sane"ness".

Since WAC is not a players forum, I would like for someone to contact me at support@webaffiliatecreators.com about submitting an article about successful marketing and profiting from a blog. I want to be able to offer bloggers a voice in the forum directly to the affiliate programs.

Besides the obvious linking process, how else would a site like mine help bring affiliates and bloggers in the same circle. How can we help? Since I have had this experience here, would a thread in the marketing category for just bloggers be a benefit? Would it get used?

Let me know. WAC had not been officially launched yet but will be this week or beginning of next. Already getting great participation.

Bloggers....let me know IF this is something that might help!

Till Next Time!

P.S. Me - Playing Poker - LOL!