Wednesday, June 11, 2008’s innovative offering keeps players coming in. continues to grow at record pace and is set to hit 1.75 million registered users this week.

State-of-the-art graphics, deeply engaging gameplay, an advanced community and televised tournaments have all proven irresistible to players. The impressive growth is the fastest in online poker room history and has seen the site rise above major competitors, including Cryptologic and Ladbrokes, in online rankings.

Marketing Director, Simon Prodger said, “At we always strive to produce a better overall online poker experience. We are delighted with our growing user-base and there are more developments on the horizon for our players”, has also stayed completely out of the US and has never accepted cash bets from American players. It is currently ranked 17th on

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Introduction To Mobile Casino Games

If you’ve ever played at an online casino, you’ve probably wondered how they pack all of that information and snazzy graphical interface into the minute screen of a cell phone. The game play simply couldn’t be the same, right? The fact is, mobile casino games are almost exactly the same as online casino games, but with less pizzazz clogging up the screen.

The first step is to find an online casino that also provides mobile casino games. There are plenty of them out there, but as an example, let’s try William Hill, a highly reputable online and mobile casino operator.

The initial process is the same – register an account, login to the account, choose to download the software (a link will be sent to your cell phone, follow it to download), and then agree to the installation process. Of course, the file size is much smaller compared to an online casino, and with wireless connection speed, much faster as well.

Now all you need to do is login to your mobile casino account. Simply scroll through your phone to the William Hill icon (or whichever mobile casino you’ve downloaded) and choose to open it. You will asked to enter your login name and password and press submit. This process is faster on the newer cellular phones with a full keypad, but the older ones will work just fine.

Another alternative would be to visit the online casino, click over to the mobile casino section and enter your phone number in the area provided. The online casino will send a link to your phone to start the process. You can register a username and password over the computer if you wish.

Of course, if the online casino industry has innovated, you can be sure they’re not the only ones. Poker enthusiasts and punters will find a full line-up of Mobile Poker and Mobile Sports Betting operators to suit your needs on-the-go.

If you’re not sure whether your cell phone is compatible with mobile casinos, call your mobile service provider. If the answer is no, it’s usually a quick update process to resolve the issue, rather than the need to trade in your cell few for a more advanced model. Of course, if you win big at the mobile casinos, you just may decide to upgrade to the latest, sleekest version, if only to reward yourself for a job well done!

Virtual Worlds Collide; Online Casinos Meet Mobile Casinos

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Pennsylvania, June 11,, an online resource guide for mobile casino gamers, proudly announces the expansion of its web site. Visitors will now find a comprehensive list of tutorials including an informative Introduction to Mobile Casinos for new users, along with a steadily growing list of mobile casino operators, complete with detailed reviews.

For anyone who has gambled at online casinos, the idea of a mobile casino is, quite simply, logical. A successful business requires constant innovation and expansion into new ideas and forms of technology. That’s exactly what happened when the multi-billion dollar online casino industry sought to find a new avenue of success through advanced modernization; and thus, Mobile Casinos were born.

Mobile phones are much more popular than they were 10 years ago, when everyone was bragging about their new computer, or saving up to buy one. Now both computers and cellular phones are considered ‘the norm’. As the online and mobile casino industries increase in volume, it is only natural that more and more mobile phone owners will want to take a shot at mobile casino games.

The biggest aspect holding us back from entering a mobile casino is the expected difficulties. Is it hard to register? Is it safe to deposit? What are the games like? Do I need special software? It will probably lag on my phone, right? In actuality, it’s not nearly as difficult as one might think. All of these questions and more are answered in the online resource guide to mobile casinos.

Take for example the William Hill mobile casino. The Mobile Casinos web site guides users through the entire process of opening an account, from start to finish. There are only 4 steps involved; register, login, download and install. For anyone who has enjoyed a romp at the William Hill online casino, you’ll find the mobile version to be very familiar and conveniently accommodating, especially since you can play anywhere that your cellular phone can follow.

Of course online casinos aren’t the only gambling businesses seeking out this new form of profiteering entertainment. The mobile gaming industry is global, in both the regional aspect and the broad spectrum of possibilities. In typical follow-the-leader fashion, expanded its own database to encompass all mobile gaming options.

While Mobile Casinos are still the main focus, visitors will find detailed and informative reviews for both Mobile Poker rooms and Mobile Sports Betting operations. is constantly being updated to provide the most current facts and figures, along with new companies entering into the mobile casino and gaming business.

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Making The Most Of Online Casino Bonuses

The online casino industry is a yearly multi-billion dollar business, thus to stay competitive, every reputable online casino offers a full line of promotional features. With the focus being to draw in new customers, the first promotion on each casinos list is going to be new player casino bonuses.

There are many different types of online casino bonuses offered by various operators, ranging from percentage based matching bonuses, to high-roller bonuses, to no deposit casino bonuses. Each is designed to suit the needs and preferences of the online casino itself, as well as individual players.

A percentage-based casino bonus is one that requires the player to make an initial deposit, then matches that player’s deposit by the specified percentage. For example, a 100% deposit bonus would grant the player an exact match of their first deposit (i.e. deposit $100, play with $200). Most of these bonuses are capped at a certain amount, such as 100% up to $500, so be sure to know the maximum bonus allowed before depositing. In the same token, a minimum deposit may be required, though this is commonly low (i.e. $10 - $25).

High-roller bonuses work in much the same way, but require the player to deposit a much larger sum of money to receive the bonus. For example, depositing $300+ may grant a 200% bonus up to $1,000, instead of the typical 100% up to $500.

Perhaps the most popular casino bonus is what is commonly referred to as a ‘No Deposit Casino Bonus’. These are bonuses awarded to new players without having to make a deposit first. Microgaming Casinos are very well known for these types of casino bonuses.

What makes a no deposit casino bonus so popular is that the player has an opportunity to win real money without actually risking anything in the process. There are generally two types of no deposit casino bonuses. The first is a free trial offer with a small bonus amount. The second is a free play time bonus, usually with a much larger bonus attached.

Free trial bonuses award a small amount, typically $5 to $50, to play free casino games. The player has a chance to win real money, while also checking out the software and overall game play at the online casino. The bonus money cannot be withdrawn, but the winnings can, so long as the right conditions are met. Often times, this requires a small initial deposit to confirm the player’s identity, plus play-through of the deposit amount. If the player has already won a nice amount with the free trial bonus, they are still essentially risking nothing to do so.

Free play time bonuses are a quick way to earn free casino cash, packed with fast-paced excitement. The player is given a large bonus, $500 - $1,000, with which to place a certain number of wagers in a given amount of time; 100 wagers in one hour is the most common. There will only be a few games at most to choose from, played out in a separate mini-window. Should the player complete the task and end with a small profit, usually $20, they are allowed to keep the bonus money and winnings.

While veteran online casino gamers are well aware of these lucrative casino bonuses, those new to the online casino community would do well to become educated in the various online casino bonuses on offer. As a golden rule, always be sure to read the fine print before taking advantage of any online casino bonuses.

Online Casino Bonus Mega-Resource At

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Pennsylvania, June 10,, an all-inclusive online casino bonus resource guide, proudly announces its latest update that includes increased navigational ease and a full range of more than 180 online casinos. Launched in 2003, the online gaming database is dedicated to providing Internet gamers with the latest and great bonus offers from online casinos, as well as poker rooms and bingo halls, with a complete user-supplied rating system.

While the main focus of BonusRating is casino bonuses in general, there are many different types of bonus offers up for grabs. The most popular casino bonuses among veterans (and new players who bother to do a little research first) are no deposit casino bonuses.

A no deposit casino bonus is one that grants the player free money to place wagers with, but does not require the player to make a real money deposit first. What makes these no deposit casino bonuses so enormously favored is that with a little luck and good bankroll management, a player has the potential to win a substantial sum of money without ever risking a single cent of their own money.

At BonusRating, users will find nearly 60 online gaming sites with no deposit casino bonuses awarding free casino games. That’s 1/3 of the entire index, resulting in one of the world wide web’s most comprehensive online casino bonus databases.

One of the most unique features of BonusRating is the actual rating system itself. The webmaster of the site does not rate each casino bonus, expecting visitors to trust their opinion. All ratings are based on the actual ratings of the web sites’ visitors, ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Any visitor who uses the web site to find casino bonuses is asked (but not required) to rate the bonus afterwards so that BonusRating can continue to maintain an accurate, unbiased online casino bonus resource.

The web site is well organized, allowing visitors to sort their results by several key categories, as well as sub categories. Users can search all bonuses, or by bonus type - no deposit, monthly bonuses, high-roller bonuses, and percentages (50%, 100%, 150% or 200%). Under the software category, users can sort through Playtech, Cryptologic, RTG (RealTimeGaming), BossMedia and Microgaming Casinos, or proprietary casino (company-owned software brands).

In addition, every online casino on the list depicts a colored circle that attests to the acceptance of USA player deposits. A green circle means US players are accepted, a red circle means US players are not accepted, and a yellow circle means only US players from specific states are accepted. is a free web site open to anyone with access to the Internet. There is no registration or subscription required. Other beneficial aspects of the online casino portal include online poker and bingo bonuses, casinos that accept USA deposits, a section for new additions (for frequent visitors), a fun gambling poll and an informative newsletter.

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Win At Online Casinos Without Risking Real Money

The online casino community can be an exciting thrill ride for gamblers, but it can also be a costly one. In today’s fast-paced, ever growing industry, online casinos strive to offer the most lucrative promotions to draw in more players, and for those who know what to look for, this can be an unlimited source of free casino games with real cash winnings.

The idea is to take advantage of no deposit casino bonuses by using this free money to play and win at online casino games. Many online casinos offer these free casino games bonuses, without requiring the player to download. A deposit may be required in order to cash out any winnings (to confirm identity), but this can wait until the player has already earned a substantial profit, eliminating the risk factor.

No deposit casino bonuses come in two forms; free trials that grant a small bonus amount, and free play time trials that award a very large bonus amount. (Click for a full list of no deposit casinos.)

Free trial no deposit casino bonuses usually range from $5 to $100, allowing the player to get a feel for the software while having a large variety of games to choose from. The actual bonus amount cannot be cashed out, but the winnings can once the player has made a small deposit. Some online casinos may require the player to play-through the initial deposit amount, but with enough money won from the bonus, that can still equal a substantial profit.

A free play time bonus is one that grants the player a very large amount of free casino cash – usually $500 to $1,000 – requiring the player to place a predetermined amount of wagers in a certain amount of time. The player must choose from a small variety of games, played in a separate, mini-view window. If the player completes the mission and finishes with a profit, he keeps the bonus money and the winnings.

As a quick example, I’ll give the typical free play time bonus guidelines. The player is given $500 to play the slots. He must place a minimum of 100 wagers (spin the reels 100+ times) in one hour. If he manages to do so, and finish with a profit of $20 or more, the bonus money is his to keep.

While there are plenty of online gaming sites that offer no deposit casino bonuses, Microgaming Casinos are very well known for these kinds of free casino games. Microgaming is a leading casino software provider with a plethora of online casinos licensing its software.

Veteran players, and especially new players, would do well to take advantage of as many opportunities to play free casino games online via no deposit casino bonuses as possible. There’s nothing to lose, but an unlimited potential for winning real money.

AllGamesCasino Free Casino Games; Play For Free, Win For Real

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Pennsylvania, June 10, 2007 – is an online casino portal that has spent the last two years compiling promotional descriptions of today’s top rated online casinos, with the goal of supplying visitors with free casino games and valuable no deposit casino bonuses. The idea is to help gamers find a place to play free casino games online and win real money, without ever risking real money.

The site supplies a full range of online casinos that offer new players this opportunity, in one form or another. In order to win money without the risk at an online casino, it must supply a no deposit casino bonus, meaning the player can take advantage of a free bonus without ever making a deposit.

AllGamesCasino supplies a full list of no deposit casinos, including 26 reputable online casinos with free bonuses ranging from $7 to $1,000. Smaller no deposit casino bonuses generally allow the player to use the bonus on a multitude of free casino games whenever they wish, while the higher bonuses (usually $500 and up) are played as instant-play bonuses on a small select of free casino games.

These larger no deposit casino bonuses require the player to place so many wagers within a certain amount of time (example: 100 wagers in an hour), finishing with at least a small profit. If accomplished, the player keeps the money.

No matter which no deposit casino bonus a player chooses, the premise is the same. The player uses the free casino games chips to place wagers and win money. In order to withdraw these winnings, a player may be required to make an initial deposit for the purpose of confirming their identity and correct financial information; but not until the player has already won, still eliminating the risk of betting with their own money.

The AllGamesCasino web site was developed to be user-friendly, therefore offers several ways to sort through the list of no deposit casino bonuses. Visitors can search by bonus type, game type – Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud, Craps and Keno (along with a brief description and rules section for each game) – or by software provider.

Supported software brands include Microgaming casinos, Vegas Technologies casinos, PlayTech casinos, RealTimeGaming (RTG) Casinos and WaterLogic casinos. Upon selecting a software provider, the visitor can read an overview of features typically related with that brand’s casino software platform before going on to the full list.

Lastly, AllGamesCasino also supplies an expansive database of normal online casino bonuses; those that do require a deposit, but match it by a certain percentage to give the player more money to wager in the casino.

With frequent updates offering the most current and accurate information, AllGameCasino caters to both new and veteran online casino gamers. In today’s fast-growing online casino industry, it pays to be educated on the subject of no deposit casino bonuses.

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Online Casino Bonuses; To Deposit Or Not To Deposit

If you’ve ever visited the home page of an online casino, much less signed up an account, you are well aware of the term “online casino bonus”. Every online casino with a hint of reputability offers some kind of online casino bonus for new members, but those with less experience may not be aware of how many casino bonus types are truly available.

In particular, I’m referring to the ever-popular No Deposit Casino Bonuses. As the name implies, these are free chips bonuses awarded to new members of an online casino, without requiring the player to make a deposit.

There are two major aspects of no deposit casino bonuses that new players can take advantage of. The first, and most obvious, is the chance to win without depositing any money into an account. The second advantage off no deposit casino bonuses is the ability to give the software and games a risk-free trial run. One of the most irritating things about joining an online casino is finding out the software is buggy, or the game variety isn’t as large as you’d hoped, after making a deposit.

No deposit casino bonuses come in two distinct varieties, the most popular being No Deposit Casino that award free chips to play any games of the players choosing. For example, a player may receive a $10 or $20 free trial bonus with which to play the slots, the card tables or video poker games at their leisure.

The second no deposit online casino bonus, which is becoming more and more popular in the online casino industry, are known as Free Play Time Bonuses. A free play time bonus is a large bonus of free chips that are used immediately upon signing up a real money account. There is no deposit required, of course, but the player has a certain amount of time to play-through the free bonus chips in hopes of keeping them.

Though not all online casinos offer the exact same deal, here is a typical example of a free play time bonus. Upon signing up an account, the new player receives $500 worth of free chips. When the player chooses to start the free play, he/she is given exactly 1 hour to place 100+ bets on the game provided (usually loading in a separate, small window). If the player succeeds, and finishes with a profit of $20 or more, the player gets to keep the bonus and profit derived from the free play time bonus.

ChipsForFree Offers Complete Line-Up Of No Deposit Casino Bonuses

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Pennsylvania, June 10, 2007 - has upped its considerable line-up of online casinos that offer no-deposit casino bonuses - free casino chips awarded to new members of an online casino without requiring an initial deposit. As an online casino data resource guide, ChipsForFree is one of the largest, fastest growing suppliers of information regarding these well-favored bonuses.

Valuable online casino bonuses are the largest draw for new players, but the no-deposit varieties are certainly the most preferred. Not only are new players given the chance to win real money without risking anything, they are also given a risk-free opportunity to test the software and playability of the games.

In order to take advantage of these and other free play time bonuses, online casino fans need only sign up a new real money account with any of the no-deposit online casinos listed on the ChipsForFree web site. The free casinos chips are immediately awarded, with no initial deposit required.

ChipsForFree has been supplying online casino bonus details since 2002, with frequent updates to ensure visitors find only the most accurate and up to date information. ChipsForFree currently provides no deposit casino bonuses for more than 30 online casinos, including those licensing the software of Microgaming, PlayTech, RealTimeGaming (RTG), WaterLogic (by CryptoLogic) and others.

Seeking out no deposit casinos at ChipsForFree is made simple, providing a list of categories to sort by. Categories range from free play time casinos and no deposit casinos to software providers and accepted payment methods.

ChipsForFree also caters to US online casino players, as among the plethora of no deposit casinos described on the casino portal, 23 of them continue to accept US player deposits. Another perk for US players is the ability to search by payment method, as described above.

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