Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Online Casino Bonuses; To Deposit Or Not To Deposit

If you’ve ever visited the home page of an online casino, much less signed up an account, you are well aware of the term “online casino bonus”. Every online casino with a hint of reputability offers some kind of online casino bonus for new members, but those with less experience may not be aware of how many casino bonus types are truly available.

In particular, I’m referring to the ever-popular No Deposit Casino Bonuses. As the name implies, these are free chips bonuses awarded to new members of an online casino, without requiring the player to make a deposit.

There are two major aspects of no deposit casino bonuses that new players can take advantage of. The first, and most obvious, is the chance to win without depositing any money into an account. The second advantage off no deposit casino bonuses is the ability to give the software and games a risk-free trial run. One of the most irritating things about joining an online casino is finding out the software is buggy, or the game variety isn’t as large as you’d hoped, after making a deposit.

No deposit casino bonuses come in two distinct varieties, the most popular being No Deposit Casino that award free chips to play any games of the players choosing. For example, a player may receive a $10 or $20 free trial bonus with which to play the slots, the card tables or video poker games at their leisure.

The second no deposit online casino bonus, which is becoming more and more popular in the online casino industry, are known as Free Play Time Bonuses. A free play time bonus is a large bonus of free chips that are used immediately upon signing up a real money account. There is no deposit required, of course, but the player has a certain amount of time to play-through the free bonus chips in hopes of keeping them.

Though not all online casinos offer the exact same deal, here is a typical example of a free play time bonus. Upon signing up an account, the new player receives $500 worth of free chips. When the player chooses to start the free play, he/she is given exactly 1 hour to place 100+ bets on the game provided (usually loading in a separate, small window). If the player succeeds, and finishes with a profit of $20 or more, the player gets to keep the bonus and profit derived from the free play time bonus.

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