Friday, April 08, 2005

What a finish!

Well, the bonus chase at Poker Room has come to an interesting end. What a wild ride it was. As you have read it started with me getting torn up at the limit tables and at one point I was $210 down (Only $180 bonus).

So I switched to no limit in hopes of at least coming out with a little money ahead and just chalk this one up to variance. I have had some success at the $25 NL tables before so off I went. So today I cashed out -$24 not including bonus. In about 3 days I have made $175 in profit at the NL tables. Not bad considering all have not been winning sessions.

I can now add another chapter of knowledge to my NL education. I am still making some big mistakes looking back at poker tracker stats, like calling big bets and/or raises when I should be laying them down. Reading the flush draw is easy but that straight draw gives me problems sometimes. Just hard to believe with a 2468T rainbow board and you with 44 and you get re-raised that he was sitting on 53o but he was calling you down with something. Back to what I posted before, they call with a monster and re-raise with anything else. Lessoned learned and it only cost me $18. Got a little studing to do before I move to the $50 NL games. At least plug the big leaks!

I have about 6000 hands I can go study now. Biggest winner was AA which I got 34 times and won 91%! Biggest loser was 44(see above) which I got 20 times and won 5%. They were also my biggest winner/loser avg. per hand. Just because it is here…..The “Most Likely to Look Down and See in the Blind Award” goes to – 32o (23 times). Top 5 winning hands were pocket pairs, top 5 losing hands were pocket pairs and interestingly enough…about the same groupings of pairs. So time for a night off before I start the quest over at Absolute Poker and do the Empire reload. (Bonus Code: EPMANIA)


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Congrats to Pauly for his new Vegas assignment covering the upcoming WSOP.

Maudie draws a line in the sand! (According to my wife, she found my first grey hair yesterday. Yea Right!)

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

One Last Laugh

As you clear players points at Poker Room, you are offered a chance to get into a few freerolls. There is a turbo, a $3000 guaranteed and a $6000 guaranteed. Well, I signed up for the $3000 guaranteed freeroll last night. 2000 max entrants and top 100 pay out with $20 being the minimum paid.

If you have been reading you have noticed that I have abandoned the limit tables here and have made a very nice comeback into profitability at the NL tables. I would chalk it up to "flukiness" but this is actually the second time that I have gotten way down and came back at the NL tables at this site. Further research needed here but I know the truth is out there. (sorry couldn't resist)

So, I'm awaiting the 9:30pm start time and right before the start only 876 people are signed up. I'm feeling pretty good here. So I am finally sitting and we are off. I decided to open a NL ring game to keep me occupied at the beginning and not paying to much attention. About the 3rd or 4th hand I see AA on the button. I decide to minimum raise as it is folded around to me and the blinds fold, I win. My excitement is tempered because the box with my options in it didn't look right. About that time in the chat box I see "Thought this was NL Tournament?" My heart and draw drop as I regular types "it is but not on Wednesday, Wednesday is LIMIT".

When the shocked look finally wore off, I couldn't help but chuckle. May have even laughed out loud some. I will be clearing this bonus today, the last time I can play in the freeroll tournament and it is limit. Good one Poker Room and to you goes the last laugh. It was a good laugh too, built my stack up to a reasonable amount, card dead the last hour and finished 104th. I was calling out hands to a friend railing me and trust me there was nothing to work with.

Last hand in BB, I hand just under the SB amount so I knew I was going to get a player. The table actually folded to us to give me a chance and I appreciated that. I had the best hand I had seen in a while, 34o, at least IT was connected. As the board unfolded I lost to the SB's K. SB's hand - K high. Fitting end.

Absolute Poker is at it again. 20% Bonus. Up to $200 for each day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All deposit methods. Use code APR20 in the cashier.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Can you Swim Upstream too?

That has to be the funniest thing I've heard in the chat box in a long time.

Guy goes all in for $9.75 UTG+1 with T7o. Gets called by AA and on the turn hits a gut shot straight draw and on the river....completes it.

4 hands later he was broke and left.

One of my new favorite lines "Luck doesn't give, it lends"


Pet Peeves so far at NL:

1) The minimum raise - Even worst the BB minimum raise. Now if I thought that it was being done to increase pot odds to draw to their hand, OK. I don't think you can give most of these players that much credit.

2) The Over Bet - Betting 3+ times the pot size (Post Flop). This is usually a no win bet no matter what. A bluff - risk/reward is terrible, A semi bluff - if called your usually beat, A nut hand - why you trying to get everyone to fold?

3) The Hit and Run Artists - Play every hand. Hit there miracle hand and poof! Gone!

4) Shortstacks - Not all of them. Just the ones that sit down with $5 or less. I have had a few lately sit with $2.50! Just waiting for the right hand to go all in with and then like above...leave!

5)Talkers - seems to be more in NL than in Limit. What kind a person talks crap at an internet table? Thank goodness for the mute button.

Will be done with Poker Room tomorrow for sure and then on to finish Absolute Poker. Got Empire Poker's email for their April 6th reload today. (Bonus Code:EPMANIA) so I will hit that before they start getting unreal with their requirements too.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Stats Glitch?

I think I have found a statistical glitch:

Poker Room:
$2/$4 - +.49bb
$1/$2 - +.23bb
$25NL - +13.44bb

LOL....I'm a grinder. I'm not suppose to be a NL player. Everything about this session at Poker Room has been upside down.

The betting is soooo predictable. No one at $25NL will bet their own hand.

So you raise preflop with a premium hand, bet pot on the flop and get called...if you missed, check the turn because when they call you they have a monster and will let you see the river cheap most of the time trying to check/raise you. I saw someone flop the nuts and check it to the river then bet $3 into a $1 pot and try to get paid off.

If, in the same scenerio, you get reraised, go all in they are bluffing. OK, maybe not all the time but most of the time. Never seen so much over betting.

Obviously these rules aren't concrete but they will get you through more often than not. Why? As alluded to before, everyone slowplays and trys to get paid big on everyhand. So when they just call your bet, watch out! One more example. I am in BB with 82os. Flop is 22Tr. I bet 50 cents and get 5 callers. Turn is a 5 completing the rainbow. I bet $1 and get 2 callers. River is a K. I bet $2 and one player goes ALL IN! The second player folds and I call. He slowplayed AA. I laughed out load at that one.

If I can figure this stuff out, any one can. The only draw back is that I am not clearing the bonus to fast at this level. Got it under 300 points so may stick it out.


Whats the deal with these bonuses now. Seems like the sites are figuring out ways to make them harder to do. I know they are making money off the reloads so why are the srewing around with them.


Jsaw has set up a Q&A with Josh Arieh and if you have a question, get it over to him. Should be an interesting article.

I know, lacking in the quality post department. Playing more to clear this bonus is getting into my creative side. (hehe)

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