Thursday, April 07, 2005

One Last Laugh

As you clear players points at Poker Room, you are offered a chance to get into a few freerolls. There is a turbo, a $3000 guaranteed and a $6000 guaranteed. Well, I signed up for the $3000 guaranteed freeroll last night. 2000 max entrants and top 100 pay out with $20 being the minimum paid.

If you have been reading you have noticed that I have abandoned the limit tables here and have made a very nice comeback into profitability at the NL tables. I would chalk it up to "flukiness" but this is actually the second time that I have gotten way down and came back at the NL tables at this site. Further research needed here but I know the truth is out there. (sorry couldn't resist)

So, I'm awaiting the 9:30pm start time and right before the start only 876 people are signed up. I'm feeling pretty good here. So I am finally sitting and we are off. I decided to open a NL ring game to keep me occupied at the beginning and not paying to much attention. About the 3rd or 4th hand I see AA on the button. I decide to minimum raise as it is folded around to me and the blinds fold, I win. My excitement is tempered because the box with my options in it didn't look right. About that time in the chat box I see "Thought this was NL Tournament?" My heart and draw drop as I regular types "it is but not on Wednesday, Wednesday is LIMIT".

When the shocked look finally wore off, I couldn't help but chuckle. May have even laughed out loud some. I will be clearing this bonus today, the last time I can play in the freeroll tournament and it is limit. Good one Poker Room and to you goes the last laugh. It was a good laugh too, built my stack up to a reasonable amount, card dead the last hour and finished 104th. I was calling out hands to a friend railing me and trust me there was nothing to work with.

Last hand in BB, I hand just under the SB amount so I knew I was going to get a player. The table actually folded to us to give me a chance and I appreciated that. I had the best hand I had seen in a while, 34o, at least IT was connected. As the board unfolded I lost to the SB's K. SB's hand - K high. Fitting end.

Absolute Poker is at it again. 20% Bonus. Up to $200 for each day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All deposit methods. Use code APR20 in the cashier.

Till Next Time!

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