Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Can you Swim Upstream too?

That has to be the funniest thing I've heard in the chat box in a long time.

Guy goes all in for $9.75 UTG+1 with T7o. Gets called by AA and on the turn hits a gut shot straight draw and on the river....completes it.

4 hands later he was broke and left.

One of my new favorite lines "Luck doesn't give, it lends"


Pet Peeves so far at NL:

1) The minimum raise - Even worst the BB minimum raise. Now if I thought that it was being done to increase pot odds to draw to their hand, OK. I don't think you can give most of these players that much credit.

2) The Over Bet - Betting 3+ times the pot size (Post Flop). This is usually a no win bet no matter what. A bluff - risk/reward is terrible, A semi bluff - if called your usually beat, A nut hand - why you trying to get everyone to fold?

3) The Hit and Run Artists - Play every hand. Hit there miracle hand and poof! Gone!

4) Shortstacks - Not all of them. Just the ones that sit down with $5 or less. I have had a few lately sit with $2.50! Just waiting for the right hand to go all in with and then like above...leave!

5)Talkers - seems to be more in NL than in Limit. What kind a person talks crap at an internet table? Thank goodness for the mute button.

Will be done with Poker Room tomorrow for sure and then on to finish Absolute Poker. Got Empire Poker's email for their April 6th reload today. (Bonus Code:EPMANIA) so I will hit that before they start getting unreal with their requirements too.

Till Next Time!

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