Monday, April 04, 2005

Stats Glitch?

I think I have found a statistical glitch:

Poker Room:
$2/$4 - +.49bb
$1/$2 - +.23bb
$25NL - +13.44bb

LOL....I'm a grinder. I'm not suppose to be a NL player. Everything about this session at Poker Room has been upside down.

The betting is soooo predictable. No one at $25NL will bet their own hand.

So you raise preflop with a premium hand, bet pot on the flop and get called...if you missed, check the turn because when they call you they have a monster and will let you see the river cheap most of the time trying to check/raise you. I saw someone flop the nuts and check it to the river then bet $3 into a $1 pot and try to get paid off.

If, in the same scenerio, you get reraised, go all in they are bluffing. OK, maybe not all the time but most of the time. Never seen so much over betting.

Obviously these rules aren't concrete but they will get you through more often than not. Why? As alluded to before, everyone slowplays and trys to get paid big on everyhand. So when they just call your bet, watch out! One more example. I am in BB with 82os. Flop is 22Tr. I bet 50 cents and get 5 callers. Turn is a 5 completing the rainbow. I bet $1 and get 2 callers. River is a K. I bet $2 and one player goes ALL IN! The second player folds and I call. He slowplayed AA. I laughed out load at that one.

If I can figure this stuff out, any one can. The only draw back is that I am not clearing the bonus to fast at this level. Got it under 300 points so may stick it out.


Whats the deal with these bonuses now. Seems like the sites are figuring out ways to make them harder to do. I know they are making money off the reloads so why are the srewing around with them.


Jsaw has set up a Q&A with Josh Arieh and if you have a question, get it over to him. Should be an interesting article.

I know, lacking in the quality post department. Playing more to clear this bonus is getting into my creative side. (hehe)

Till Next Time!

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